Saturday, June 28, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Saturday pre-dawn - June 28

Caleb feels out who wants whom out

Hey, there hamster-watchers! I'm still feeling out this group and have no clue what I think of a few of them. But, others have made an impression on me. Of course, the biggest NEWS is that Donny won PoV and is sure to use it to save himself from eviction. Before I get into the feeds report, I'd like to share some of my thoughts on what I've seen so far. (Please let me know what you think in the comments!) --
  • On the whole, everyone gets along fairly well ... which can be boring.
  • Frankie has an excellent social game. He's worked his way into every hamster's heart. Unlike Andy of last year who did that, he's not nervous or jumpy about things. He has confidence. And, he's not coming across as sneaky.
  • Zach thinks he's in with Frankie so his game is as good as Frankie's game. It ain't. He's coming across as some kind of spoiled frat dude to me.
  • Cody wears Rutgers hoodies. Don't I see enough of them around here?
  • Everybody is dismissing PauPau as no threat whatsoever. Chances are whoever goes on the block against her will go home. She had a lot of big talk going into the game.
  • Donny is golden when he's there. I like him. I want him in the game. But he definitely needs to mingle and hang out with the others more. He's already an odd man out just due to being an odd man in the game. He NEEDS to get out there with the crowd and hang!
  • It seems like the guys think that Cody's a bit of a wild card. Hmm.
  • The girls are already mocking Victoria's not going to get sexual moves.
  • Derrick is playing his park and recs dude ploy pretty well. He's also getting along with all. I actually wouldn't mind if he won it all.
  • I do NOT LIKE them running the Jeff pre-show interviews instead of trivia during comps. With the theme music and trivia, I could take a nap with it playing and depend on the voices to awaken me when the feeds returned. With the Jeff interviews, it's all voices and I can't nap. Plus, there's too little fodder for the length of time the feeds are blocked!
Frankie is in with the in crowd

Here's the latest skinny from inside that Big Brother House of Silly Saps:
  • Donny won the spelling/water and suds involved PoV comp with the word "splitters."
  • Victoria almost won the PoV and has come away with a week of safety. She cannot be put on the block as a replacement due to her Battle of the Block win.
  • Caleb went around talking to everybody asking for one guy and one girl's name they would want him to put on the block.
  • Many were a bit iffy -- people are still getting along well in the house and any rifts have been quite minor.
  • It seems the consensus is still against Joey. People are irked that she not only outed the girls alliance, but took credit for forming it.
  • Devin's name came up as some people think he's too strong and he can be moody.
  • Brittany thinks it's best to keep weak players around.
  • Yeah, right. Send home all the good hamsters, Brit! Sheesh! (My own thoughts on that.)
  • PauPau told Donny she was happy he won. He told her he's on her side. Aw ... sweet, but far from a showmance!
  • Now, that would be interesting -- a PauPauDonny showmance! :)
  • PauPau can rival Adam for the love of bacon.
  • On a side note -- have you bought bacon recently? The price skyrocketed! 
  • Some are worried that Christine and Nicole have too much game knowledge and might ally.
  • Hmmm ... something happened on Day Two (before the feeds went live) that they're not allowed to talk about. Hmm.
  • After nearly two weeks in the house, Donny hasn't got all their names down. I tell you ... he needs to get more involved with the others!
  • I still don't have all them down, but if I think about it, I get the names right.
  • I'm better at remembering the guys more than girls. I wonder why.
  • When the backyard finally opened, they all made the escape. There were cartwheels, headstands, pool playing, hammock rocking and lounging about.
  • Not much game talk with all outside.
  • It sounds like most are willing to let Joey go on the block and then vote her out instead of PauPau.
  • You go, Team America, huh!
  • Joey seems to know her future is murky and is already working on votes to stay.
  • Caleb is getting a bit smitten with Amber. His bromance boys (Frankie, Cody and Zach) tell him she's playing him.
  • Caleb isn't coming off as obnoxious as he seems like he might be in real life.
  • Victoria (in a tear-filled moment) told Frankie she lost all her hair suddenly a few years back. Her hair is her pride and joy. Her real hair now is only up to shoulder-length, not the big long braid we see.
  • Joey thinks she's going to go up as a pawn.
  • Sheesh ... Donny! Get your butt out here and mingle with these child hamsters!
  • Frankie pledges to feed the fish all summer no matter who is HoH. He's even named them. Hopefully not as many will die this season as in the past.
  • Devin's "Double D" alliance with Donny is but a joke he shared with Derrick, Cody and Caleb.
  • Sigh.
  • So ... it seems that Joey will go up as Donny's replacement and it will probably be her going home, not PaoPao.
  • Notice I spell her name differently almost every time I write it. 
  • Heehee.
PauPau has a pow-wow


Disembodied head? Eek!

The tall and the short in gray hoodies

Victoria is safe for the week


David said...

I think caleb is obsessed with Amber. Almost to the stalker point. Saying things like did you see how she looked at me? She must really like me. And always discussing her with everyone.

Frankie is really starting to get on my nerves. He seems to be one of those people that if they are not the center of attention they explode to bring the attention back to them. And BBAD last night was all him for the first hour.

Zach thinks he knows everything and is pulling all the strings. He doesn't. He needs to be knocked down a few pegs and I wouldn't mind seeing him out the door.

Donny really does need to get out there and inject himself in things and conversations. Just sitting near the group is not going to cut it.

meb said...

Good Morning Jackie. I agree with you that Donny needs to get to know these kids or his POV has simply bought him another week and then he'll be gone. Unless he wins the next HOH of course. Looking forward to what's coming next.

Petals said...

Yes, bacon is around $5/lb here. But I buy it on sale & freeze it.

Re the Caleb Crush - I think it is adorable but sad. Amber has said that her "type" is tall, (kinda) dark and handsome. Caleb is already picking out china patterns, tho. It will be sad for him when he realizes that Amber is crushing on Devin, not him. :(

lynn1 said...

I hope Donny can come up with some kind of strategy to make himself fit in better with the group. I wondered if he could be laying low trying to make himself appear as no threat to anyone.
I will say as much as I do like Donny but if he made a frequent habit of chirping like a cricket I would find that annoying.
As for Joey being voted out,someone mentioned on the first night that she was the first one through the door of the BB house and this would put the jinks on her. It will also throw a big monkey wrench into America's team which for some perverse reason amuses me. HEY CBS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! LOL

I am a bacon lover and the prices are going through the roof. I am very picky about the type of bacon I will buy. It must be thick cut and lean. When it is on sale here I buy several packs. There is nothing to compare with a BLT in the summer when we can get fresh vine ripened tomatoes. I could eat them every day.

Chacha said...

I also wonder how CBS will deal with the america's team vote.
I also wonder how Joey really won the team america.
I missed the voting but wouldn't have voted her.
Caleb is so stalkerish to me.
When the hamsters were meditating last night i almost meditated to to a deep slumber.
So far this group is a real snooze..

Chacha said...

On the Bacon front, I love bacon but yes its very expensive these days. I didn't know there was a pig shortage.

Shannon said...

The one thing that baffles me in these live feeds is the cattiness in the chat. So many mean things. OY!

Shannon said...

David I agree Caleb is starting to come off stalkerish. EW. Frankie has gotten on my nerves, but is it that he bugs me or is it because the producers are making it the Frankie show? Zach's cockiness from day one rubbed me wrong but ultimately Devin is driving me nuts with his constant game paranoia talk.

I like Joey, I would be happier seeing Paola ...Caleb put her up for a reason so why not just let her be the first out. ;-)

Now I like Frankie, I just don't see why the producers are following him everywhere. There are 16 house-guests I would like them to follow all of them around not just him. Devin is hot I just wish he would chill and zip it for a while. Zach is quieter than I expected, thank goodness because he comes across to me that he's trying to duplicate Evil Dr Will's game ...the first one not the awesome talk to the cameras one. ;-)

I know Donny is trying to win hearts by being the goofy sound guy but it will probably alienate him more. Less crickets Donny more get to know your younglings!

Chacha said...

Shannon- I don't think that its the producers doing this with frankie making it the "frankie Show".
Most of these hamsters are boring so far, he is actually making this watchable on the feeds.

Petals said...

Shannon, I noticed it too. There is a group I've found, Backyard Chat. Most are normal, but there are a few immature people, whom you can block.

The pig shortage is a result of the 2011-2012 drought in the farm states. Many acres of corn died, so no feed for pigs, cattle or chickens.

JimmyB said...

Hi Jackie. Question:

I didn't understand what this meant:

"The girls are already mocking Victoria's not going to get sexual moves"

Susan in MA said...

With Caleb it's "me, me, me'. He's already spoken with (at length) Pau Pau, and last night with Derrick. To the point of embarrassment. They change the subject and he (Caleb) brings it right back ("so what were you saying she said?") David, I agree: Stalker-ish.

Sharon N said...

Donny is nice enough, but like everyone says, he won't get far unless he puts himself out there for everyone to get to know and like.

Go ahead and call me wrong, but I also think Donny set himself up as "the old guy" by keeping his shaggy beard. Sorry folks, don't mean to offend anyone, but that thing is all kinds of ugly. If he wants to fit in with a bunch of college-age kids, it would behoove him to try and at least look younger and more with-it.

Caleb is creepy...
Zack is a know-it-all snob.

JonMD1267 said...

Spot on with the Bacon Jackie, I always try and get mine at bj's they have a 3 pack. Every time I see Victoria I just flash on SNL doing a Kardashian skit. I like Donny allot as well, hope he can last it out.

Jackie said...

JimmyB - I worded that poorly. Victoria doesn't want any touch which comes across as sexual. The girls were mocking her (without her being there) about it.

JimmyB said...

--Thanks Jackie!

Appreciate the explanation. I'm finding Victoria to be an interesting; or potentially entertaining; house guest.