Sunday, June 29, 2014

Big Brother 16: PoV Meeting Bulletin - June 29

No hard feelings

Although the actual ceremony is blocked to the live feeds, we always find out. This time it was the moment the feeds returned.

As expected, Donny removed himself from the block with his PoV and, in his place, Caleb put Joey on the block.

She says she understands and that it's just a game. Uh-huh.

A full report will be filed later tonight!


Witt said...

I hope on the show they'll show some of Caleb's preoccupation with Amber. Are the other houseguests noticing? When others become uncomfortable, the creepiness factor expands exponentially.

Jackie, thank you so much! I'm off Survivor, so I'm only around during the summer, but it's like I just left yesterday (which is a great thing).

Witt :)

Jackie said...

Frankie talks about the Amber situation a lot with Caleb and tries to talk him down. It's the guys Caleb keeps talking to about his obsession.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking Devin is a bit creepy too. His ego made its appearance in a big way.....much too early.

Frankie has the social game DOWN. Right from the start he knows how to play this game.

Jackie said...

That he does, Anon. I didn't want to like him because I'm not keen on the built-in fan base. But, he's playing the game fantastic so far!

meb said...

Jackie... is Amber aware Caleb is doing this... is she ok with it or is she talking to the girls about it being creepy?