Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 28

Praying for the mission's success ... NO!

Although the results haven't been announced, the Internet buzz is a huge NO on the success of the mission. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Flip-flopping All Day and Night:
  • Nicole packed. Donny probably just stayed packed for the most part as he's up on the block every week.
  • They went on indoor lockdown for the comp prep in the yard about noon their time yesterday.
  • Donny has started campaigning. He went to Frankie making a plea as a Team America mate. Frankie told him he would have to "vote with the house" and that if he could get one more vote, maybe.
  • Frankie suggested he get Caleb's vote rather than Christine.
  • Well, DUH. Christine has been saying since the first week that she wants him out!
  • She claims she "hates" him.
  • Hmm. Before fish cut him off, Frankie was singing about getting drugs from the Diary Room. I wonder what meds he's on? Why are there always so many hamsters on drugs in the house? Can't they get people who don't need medications other than the occasional Advil or over the counter pain reliever? Hmm.
  • Frankie warned Caleb that Donny was going to approach him. He told Caleb that Donny has a way of making him feel weird (and bad) about voting him out. Caleb told Frankie that Donny deserved to stay longer than Victoria because he's had to fight every week to stay in the house. Frankie shrugged (screen cap below) as Caleb left the room.
  • Caleb really doesn't need to be convinced to keep Donny over Nicole. He's voiced it before even though he thinks Donny is a super spy or something.
  • Frankie claimed that the DR told him that Julie will ask one of them (on the live show) what they'd like for an extra if a have not for the week. They're to answer "apple pie." If she says their wish is granted, that would mean the Team America mission was a success, it it's denied -- failure.
  • We'll see about that.
  • Derrick and Frankie think/hope it will be a pass. They claim they had no other option and saving Donny wasn't doable before the veto meeting. Perhaps AT the veto meeting if they convinced Cody to save Donny, but not before as the instructions indicated.
  • Semantics, I say. Had they done it, America would have ruled it a win, methinks.
  • Want to know how disgusting Frankie is?
  • I'm sure you want to know.
  • You need to know.
  • At one point Victoria was standing in a room when Frankie entered (screen cap below, but I refuse to screen cap what he did). When he saw her standing there, he took his um ... privates ... out of his pants (thankfully still covered in underwear) and let them hang out over top his pants. When no one noticed, he tucked them back in after walking in back of her.
  • What is wrong with him?
  • Derrick told Donny that he's willing to consider keeping him (and three more Team America missions), but it's Frankie on the fence about it.
  • Yeah, right, Derrick. I like ya, dude. But you're just going for his jury vote on that one!
  • Derrick claims to be torn and, at times, he honestly seems to be. If the others (Frankie, Caleb) decide to keep Donny, he'd go for it rather than be odd man out. But he honestly wants to keep Nicole over Donny as Nicole is better for his personal game. Donny has him made; Nicole via Victoria has fallen into his web.
  • Caleb pushed Derrick for a keep Donny vote.
  • And, so it went ... flip-flopping throughout the evening into the night.
  • Derrick told us (the camera, alone in the room) that he could flip the house (keep Donny) if he wanted to.
  • We know he could.
  • So, do it, kiddo!
  • But I doubt he will.
  • Frankie wants Nicole to go because she'd put him up on the block if she wins HoH.
  • Derrick told Nicole that she needs to put Frankie on the block if she wins HoH.
  • Now Nicole only likes Victoria. Well, Donny, too. But Donny will be gone (as far as she can tell).
  • Nicole told us (and Derrick separately) that she deliberately folded on the veto because she knew what Cody was doing and knew Donny was their target, not her. She couldn't risk Donny winning.
  • She told us she has to play strong now.
  • Talking with Donny, Caleb told him that he's only one vote and can't make it happen. 
  • So, although hope was up for a Donny save, it still looks like a Donny go.
  • Derrick has done it again.
  • Puppetmaster.

Bonding gals in the bathroom

Second-thinking himself

What do I do now?

Victoria concocts wax to remove hair

Caleb talks the pros of keeping Donny

Just before Frankie was lewd

Cody will snuggle anybody, Christine even


Caleb proves he can jump high


Anonymous said...

I CANNOT wait to see Frankie & Derrick's face when they hear they didn't win the $ in this weeks America's choice!

Anonymous said...

Reminder: even if you voted on TA last night, you can vote again today up until 1pm east coast/10am PT.

Help America "Just Say NO to FJG". :)

David said...

If what Frankie says is true about the TA task, I hope Julie words it very harshly. For her to say "that's an overwhelmingly big fat NO" response from her would make my day. And I hope cuts Frankie down quite a few notches.

I noticed Donny talking about the foods he wants to eat when he gets out on BBAD. Big juicy hamburgers, Burger King, greasy fries, foot-long hot dogs, corn-dogs. A man after my own heart. =) I bet eating fish day in and day out just because Frankie won't eat red meat would get old fast. I am surprised they have not grown gills.

Chacha said...

I am so hoping that Caleb can convince Derrick today.
I want Donny there really bad...
On the other hand, I loved listening to Nicole last night talking by herself in the fire room. The only person she likes in the house is Victoria....
Caleb thinking he can control Nicole is very funny. This was there reasoning in the HOH to keep her instead of Donny. Nic/Don as the new HOH would make there own mind up. I do believe that Donny would put up Cody and Christine. Nicole would put up Frakie/Christine.

Anonymous said...

I think the Team America vote would have been better if we got to vote on which of the two missions we wanted them to complete.

Chacha said...

I voted my twenty votes again today!
This is now 40 votes for NO.....
I think that this mission told CBS we dont like Frankie and they need to come up with the missions.
Derrick and Frankie will be very sorry after tonight if Donny is gone and Nicole wins HOH

lynn1 said...

If Frankie and Derrick find out that the mission failed before they vote for eviction, maybe just maybe they will rethink voting Donny out. Actually what difference would it make if they kept Donny for another week they still have the numbers to send him packing.

Ed in Ohio said...

I voted my 40 x NO!

uncartie said...

Just finished getting my 40 NO votes in. :)

Chacha said...


i was thinking the same thing but how will they give caleb the heads up to change the vote?

Maybe a tap or an ear pull?

I think they need to get their mind changed before the show goes live.
Last night Frankie and Caleb said they would sleep on it.

Not that I want Donny to go but I still think it would be funny for Nicole to win HOH and put up Cody/Derrick as Noms

Chacha said...

I was just thinking that I miss the days of shocking evictions where we really didn't know who was staying and going...

David said...

I saw somewhere that they mentioned to each other in the DR hallway between the two doors who they were voting for during the double eviction vote. So depending on the order they vote they could do it then. I don't know this but I think they have the voting order set during rehearsal while on lockdown.

I am torn also. I like both Donny and Nichole and don't want either one to go. If I was in there I would be looking in all the nooks and crannies for a special power. There sure are a lot of holes to hide stuff in those bird houses. Especially in the HOH room.

Robin said...

Why does Christine hate Donny? I can see just generally not liking someone, but hate is usually a reaction to some incident or provocation. Was there something that set her off?

David said...

Nothing I have ever seen Robin. I think she knows that he has her pegged and doesn't like it.

I wish Donny would point out to these guys that they are only getting rid of him because Christine wants him gone. They should ask themselves why since they don't trust her either. I think that would swing the vote.

Chacha said...


they can maybe say in the DR hallway but if they aren't back to back to back then it wont be able to get done.

As far as the hatred from Christine, I think she believes that Donny was coming between her and other players, but the other players are gone now. Maybe it can be that Donny didn't give up his game plan to her in the beginning.

Chacha said...


Cody wants Donny gone as well since Donny said he would target Cody.

IMO- Cody doesn't really want Christine gone like he is telling the other "bombsquad" members.
I believe that cody feels he rides with Christine/Nicole/Derrick he will make final two.

David said...

True Chacha, Cody does want him out bad also. I think that is Christine's doing. Reinforcing a belief he already had. He really only needs to say that to Derrick as Frankie and Caleb whould rather keep Donny than Nichole.

Chacha said...

On another note, After last nights hopeful fail of TA mission, I hope America will vote for the tougher task and they don't succeed in many more.
It will be great in the finale when they find out that one of them wasn't originally picked for TA.
I am assuming it was Derrick who wasn't on the original list

Chacha said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing there is anyone still watching the FJG Show.
I quit watching and just check in to read Jackie's Blog.
I imagine they edit the show to make FJG some huge favorite. Makes me ill.
I turn off any show that has his sister on. She looks exactly like him and the same size.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Ariana Grande has gotten a big head:

LynnE said...

Jokers posting that Donny is sitting in the eviction chair with tears streaming down his face.....As much as I want him to stay, it may be best for him to leave tonight and get away from the dumb people who "hate" him for no reason

Nick said...

Fitting for this season, but looks like it is all coming down to Derrick. Frankie wants to keep Donny, so of course Caleb is on board with that. Christine obviously wants Donny gone, and Victoria has really bonded with Nicole this week. Derrick would be better off keeping Nicole (I think) because Nicole wouldn't necessarily be after him right away...I see her putting up Frankie and Christine/Caleb if she won HOH. I think Derrick/Cody/Nicole/Vic could work together to get out Frankie/Christine/Caleb. Might be an interesting eviction night finally...

David said...

Here is a funny short of Christine, Nichole, and Cody. If looks could kill Nichole would be dead. =) Is Christine trying to copy Nicole with the hair bun? lol

Chacha said...

For Donny;s well being he should go to Jury.
I have a feeling tonight will be the sliding and fill up a bucket comp.
I think Nicole will smoke that comp and then Cody will definetly have to worry.

Sharon N said...

Cody is an educated idiot.
He helped FJG study for a Before-After comp, and went over everything at least twice!
After beefing up FJG's knowledge, he said to himself (paraphrasing), "I probably shouldn't have done that." well duh

Chacha said...

Frankie is trying to sway Cody and is doing a pretty good job.

Chacha said...

I can't really tell if Derrick is lying to Christine or not right now but he is still saying he wants Donny gone.

Deep down I think he does want Donny gone...

Anonymous said...

I really hope if they keep Nicole she wins HOH and puts Derrick and Cody on the block. I don't understand why Derrick is so afraid of keeping Donny. Nicole stands a better chance of winning HOH than Donny. I'm sure Derrick would have another opportunity to get Donny out.

Chacha said...

After watching all the drama today, The reason Nicole is staying in my opinion is Derrick.

He is for himself like he is accusing Donny of.

I hope Nicole wins HOH although she will probably throw it so she doesn't have to choose a winner.

Petals said...

Robin -

The DR has taken to calling Crustie "Crabby Christine". Why? Because she HATES everyone. She spews venom & hatred all day. Crustie,on various, random & multiple occasions, has stated,"I literally HATE Amber"; "I truly HATE Victoria"; "I really HATE Brittany. And she was ugly. Brittany's face looks like a leather sofa"

I could go on, but you get the idea. Crustie is one of those rare people that are truly as ugly inside as they are out.

It isn't just me, either. The viewing public feels the same way about Crustie. She has been at the bottom of the polls for weeks & weeks.

Witt said...

I'll say it again. When Donny leaves, I predict an ear-piercing approval shout from the audience and perhaps a standing ovation. I think he needs to leave to be out of that house. There's only so many weeks you could take all that treatment and having people ignore you.

Petals said...

hey everyone,

We'll still have the tonight's party in Donny's honor.

If he stays, then it will be a Victory party.
If he is evicted, it will be a Liberation party.

David - you're on to something with Donny's fave foods. That can be our theme: Gastro-Pub !


Petals said...

Witt - that would be GREAT! *fingers crossed*

Sharon N said...

Indeed Petals.
Can you imagine when Crusty sees the polls and realizes she was at the bottom of the barrel throughout the summer?
She has even stayed below FJG... and all the evicted houseguests that she hated!!!

Actually, I think it will be a huge shock to FJG (his ego knows no bounds), BMC, Derrick, and Cody (maybe even Victoria) that they have have been, and remain, below ALL of the evicted HGs.

Anonymous said...

I love Donny. He's just a fantastic guy!!! Other than him it's been a tedious season of predictable nothingness. Nicole and Hayden are adorable. I hope Derrick takes it all for running the place from the start, although I don't want him to win. He's a manipulator who hasn't done much actual "gaming" (like winning comps, putting his butt on the line). But he's better than all the other vapid nothings left after they get rid of Donny tonight. Oh, well, better luck next year.

Petals said...

Anon 6:33- well, we have Survivor coming up!

monty924 said...

It's going to be a bittersweet pool party later tonight. I hope Nicole hasn't fallen into a trap that will make her think Cody and Derrick saved her and stick with what Hayden said to her last week.


monty924 said...

I'll bring the Foot Long Hot Dogs (with chili, cheese, onions and the other fixin's) and Corn Dogs to the pool tonight.

Delee said...

Football on here again. Grrrr. Not sure when it is on to TiVo it.

Anonymous said...

Jokers said the TA mission failed, wonder if its true.
Hope so.

Petals said...

I'm bringing Mac & Cheese, veggie tray & spinach/artichoke dip
I have football, too. I'll be watching online, tho.

anonymouse said...

Nichole will put up Frankie and Caleb, especially when they tell then that they voted her out. If Derrick was really smart, he tell them ok and then vote Donny out anyway.

Becky said...

I will bring French fries and onion rings, plus som limeade to go with those chili cheese dogs.

It is going to be bitter sweet tonight. Can't wait until they find our TA failed.

Becky said...

I guess I won't be watching tonight. FB is on CBS here. I won't wait for the game to be over. DH has an early dr. appointment tomorrow.

I will drop the goodies off at Jackie's.

Petals said...

Becky, I have football, too.:(

Anonymous said...

Almost everyone has football. Makes u wonder why CBS didn't move evictions to Wednesday's.

Anonymous said...


Especially since they obviously knew there was going to be Thursday night football every week after the Frankie/Caleb BOB that promoted it!

Anonymous said...

I am so with the folks on here that want to see Julie harshly reject Frankie and Derrick's mission!!! No guts no glory for them. They took the very easy, low pickins road. They get nothing....I HOPE!
I hope everyone enjoys the show and Jackie's party tonight.
Patty Q

monty924 said...

Lucky here to have two CBS channels. One has football and the other has BB. Whew

Kathy said...
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Kathy said...
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