Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Tuesday evening - August 12

I spend 6-7 hours awake alone

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Solitary Man:
  • I know this is getting posted late and I haven't posted since early this morning.
  • I call boredom.
  • I wish I could call shenanigans, but that's not the case.
  • BB woke them up around 9:30am their time. Most stayed up for less than an hour, then headed back to bed.
  • Donny stayed up and did his usual morning exercise routine.
  • Later on, when he was joined by Nicole, he told her every day he spends about seven hours awake while the rest of the house sleeps.
  • I'd go bonkers doing that without a good book, music, television, movies, the internet ... something to do other than think of the predicament I'm in!
  • Most of the others didn't come out of bed until afternoon.
  • Caleb was his earliest companion (so to speak), but went back to bed later and didn't re-emerge until around 5pm.
  • Nicole and Donny had a long talk while most of the others slept.
  • She's pretty sure she's going home this week.
  • Well, to jury.
  • She says the positive part of it will be that she'll be with people she likes -- Jocasta and Hayden. She hates trying to be nice to people she really doesn't like at all.
  • They mused about Christine hanging all over Cody and how sickening it is for a married woman to behave like that.
  • Donny told her that the "Four Horsemen" of this season are Derrick, Cody, Christine and Frankie. He thinks they use Caleb as a target.
  • Heck, they use Zach, too!
  • Donny mentioned that Caleb's so dumb (how dumb is he?) that he doesn't even know how to throw a comp! You have to sabotage the comp, not just sit it out!
  • Christine got her HoH camera. She and Cody took photos, then asked Donny to take some photos of them.
  • @@
  • Donny claimed that Frankie has lived in the HoH room every week except when he (Donny) was HoH. Nicole pointed out he only slept once in her HoH room.
  • But, other than that ...
  • Both Donny and Nicole think that Zach has a likable sensitive side.
  • But neither trusts him.
  • As it should be.
  • I honestly think Zach doesn't trust himself.
  • As it should be.
  • Donny thinks Cody has been manipulated.
  • You don't say!
  • Nicole said she only trusted Cody because Hayden told her to trust him. Then Cody ran and told Christine everything she said.
  • She stopped trusting Cody.
  • BB gave them a badminton set without a net and a Jenga game.
  • They all had fun with the badminton.
  • For a while, they seemed to forget they're but hamsters in a Habitrail.
  • Christine has this thing for Dan Gheesling. He better run. And, she just better not EVER think she's in the same BB league as he is!
  • Victoria and Cody both want Donny out next week.
  • They don't know for sure why it's Nicole targeted instead of Donny this week.
  • We know why.
  • Nicole campaigned for herself and even a bit for Donny to stay as long as possible if she leaves this week.
  • Christine said she can't stand Donny.
  • Well, Christine, I don't speak for the entire world, but I haven't seen not one real "fan" of yours here on the blog or out and about on the internet.
  • Donny has many. No, he's not going to win it all. But he's already a winner in many ways.
  • The three Team America members actually were able to talk for a bit. They're hoping their next mission will be more along the lines of the first one. The last few Mission Impossibles have been ones which could jeopardize their own games.
  • Christine is trying to talk Derrick et al into voting out Donny and keeping Nicole.
  • I don't think it will happen.

I walk the yard alone

I sit alone

And now they want me to take pictures

I do have one friend, but not for long


Joanie said...
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Joanie said...

Other than Donny being smarter than Christine, I've never understood her irrational hatred of him.

monty924 said...

Me neither. It has to be that she fears him as a competitor or someone that would beat her and she's right. She's been on the get Donny out train since the feeds started week one. I don't get it.

Sharon N said...

Joanie, they all think someone like Donny is dangerous. After all, he has to be a doctor, professor or prior military. @@ Which makes him far to dangerous because he's intelligent and scheming.

Donny knows what they think about his employment, so I had to laugh right out loud when they were talking about Frankie's big reveal and all their 'real' jobs... and Donny smoothly remarked that he's an architect! LMAO

Sharon N said...

Maybe it's because Christine only likes the young 'hunky' men... like Cody.
This is her only opportunity to have hunks pay attention to her... because you know she wouldn't get so much as a fast glance from any one of them out of the house.
Cold, but true.

monty924 said...

Very true, Sharon!

RBennie said...

At this point I'm just hoping that Donny can win HOH on Thursday. I think he would put up Christine, but not sure who his second nom would be.

Lynn4016 said...

Well this is an odd comment just posted on Jokers...
Derrick & Cody "Caleb DID try to get up during that challenge".. >> FISH (speaking of the BOB Frankie won) NT
6:41 AM 6:39 Derrick says to Cody that BB stopped Caleb from rejoining BotB when he noticed Frankie was winning NT

BB stopped Caleb????

Sharon N said...

Interesting little tidnit:
Derrick was talking to Cody (6:40AM) and said when Caleb saw Frankie was winning BoB, he tried to rejoin the comp and BB wouldn't let him!!

Dawn Scott said...

does anyone know where Nichole got that beautiful elephant head pendant she wears? sorry to see her and Donny on the block.....

Anonymous said...

If this is indeed the case...that BB is interfering on Freakie's behalf... they better start making plans on how to trick BB and do the opposite of what BB thinks they will be doing!!
Put and end to this fiasco!

Terry is a Texan! said...

I would so wish Donny would win HOH and put up Christine and Derrick.....then let the chips fall where they may
Please Donny, win and do something HUGE

Anonymous said...

Its very sad that as time goes on we hear more and more about BB and production. It just doesn't end and the way they manipulate this game is really not fair to the viewers.
I heard Michael Fleiss is a producer that runs his shows with much manipulation and it looks like he is on board with this show now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope Christine reads all the internet juice when she gets out.She is at the very bottom of the barrell, along with Frankie. I am shocked to say I like Caleb better than the two of them.

lynn1 said...

Christine is a skank. It disgusts me to see her wallow all over Cody. It is also sad that Nicole pours her heart out to Christine and then Christine laughs behind Nicole's back calling her sketchy and a liar. You can always tell when Christine is lying because she is moving her lips.
It is a real toss up of who I dislike the most Frankie or Christine.

Ed in Ohio said...

If Caleb had 'sat out' on other BOTB comps like the swings & champagne BOTB comp or Donny & Ambers puzzle BOTB comp or the eggs & chicken wire BOTB comp. Frankie would NOT have been able win any of these comps by himself. No way!

Conveniently the one comp where Caleb did sit out Frankie was able to do it without a partner.

If Caleb would have been allowed to get up & re-enter the comp he surely could have ensured Frankie losing by pulling on the chain at the wrong times.

Guess Frankie was just 'lucky' he got a comp where he didn't need a partner & lucky Caleb was told he couln't re-enter.

Sharon N said...

Why doesn't BB go ahead and tell all the HGs they are playing for 2nd place? Just stop the game now and award Frankie the money? After all, he's won it legitimately.

After the comp was over, several of the HGs were talking about that how it was worked in Frankie's favor. Ok, so maybe they couldn't "fix" the comp so it was obvious to the viewing audience, but it WAS fixed by not letting Caleb rejoin.

We can say or guess all we want to about the Production interference for Frankie's benefit, but when something like that comes from the horse's mouth (Derrick), we KNOW it's fixed!

Anonymous said...

I hope CBS hears from viewers one way or another how they know the show is fixed. I hope they are flooded with emails and phone calls.
Its just so convenient that all this is happening as his sisters album is being released.
Maybe Julie's husband has stock in her recording company.
I will never feel the same way about this show again and Frankie J Grande will continue to be the most irritating person on earth.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 11:05:

Production can sit behind closed doors 24/7 to devise ways to manipulate the game, while cameras and microphones constantly cover everything the houseguests' say and do. Therefore, there's no way HGs can effectively scheme against Production. Further, HGs are "not allowed to talk about Production."

Also, I wonder just how Production prevented Caleb from rejoining the BOB comp. Was BB himself out there to physically restrain Caleb? (That wouldn't be a job I'd relish.)

Watch for one of the "numb-skulls" (or Frankie) to win HOH soon and open a Frankie-friendly Pandora's Box.

Anonymous said...

Anon~~12:31 YOU are so right.
I swear if this show keeps up thier protection of Frankie and serving him up everything on a silver platter>>>I am going to go crazy. I am not enjoying this season at all because I would never tune into a Frankie J Grande Show. I did not intend to invest my time on some goof ball like him.
I hope you did not give BB any bright idea's regarding Pandora's Box!! LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know will never watch this show again. So true that every single BOTB had to be done with 2 people. Shame on BB and CBS. Knowing Derrick and the others realize this sucks big time. What in the hec is going on with this show. Caleb should have had a big fit and fought to get back in the game. OMG.
Makes me hate Frankie even more.

Anonymous said...

CBS has ALWAYS had their favorite players and tried to help in their favor. Nothing new. They seem to like the ones that everyone else dislikes. Frankie is so bad I hate to watch it live. Usually record it so I can fast forward when it get on him and his craziness . He is just a ham. Sleeping in HOH bed while the HOH has to sleep else where. Shame on CBS and BB for allowing him to rule the whole house like that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 4:48 for confirming what I already knew.
I too will only watch anything to do with BB on my DVR so I can FF whenever Frankie is on. I refuse to watch anything to do with him.
Sleeping in the HOH room from the time he entered the house is just the frosting on the cake regarding BB. Obviously BB does not care about thier viewers because I know of no one who likes Frankie or will even watch him.

Sharon N said...

There's a reason Frankie hasn't been able to do anything with his acting/singing career.
Could it possibly be that his pushy self turns off the majority of people he comes in contact with... all the over-the-top entitled, self-centered, self-aggrandizing, not to mention all the whining when he doesn't get his way?

David said...

I love a good conspiracy theory just to have something to talk about with this season, but I don't think they could have stopped Caleb if he really wanted to throw it.
The HG's already mentioned that Donny and Zach were about to win when something broke preventing them from doing so. So they probably had to restart a part of it and asked Caleb to sit back for continuity of the challenge/filming. It sucks but I don't think it was intentional on BB's part to throw it to Frankie.

On another note, everyone got their barf buckets ready for tonights Frankie, I mean BB show? Having already seen it once on BBAD I don't know if I can stand to see it again.

Sharon N said...

Donny's sense of humor is so subtle that it goes over most of the HGs heads! LOL

Caleb tells Donny he might be asked for an autograph in the airport on his trip home.
Donny: I'll do it.

monty924 said...

Yeah, I'm not buying this conspiracy anymore than most of the ones for many, many years now. It's the same thing every year. Someone reads into a comment a HG makes and people out here blow it up. That is a trademark of BB and having live feeds. Janie cheated in the BB7 Otev, Evel Dick cheated on the ball drop during double eviction and disqualified Jameka (sp?), Natalie (Nastily) cheated in the F3 HOH with a rubber band holding onto her key, and the list goes on and on.

They one thing that remains constant is that you will have people all over, not just here, saying that they want to email CBS and start petitions, and they will never watch the show again because it is rigged. The same folks show up every season and go through the loop again.

David, you bring the barf buckets for tonight and make sure you bring plenty of them. We'll be hurling at the Fakie Show.

Can't wait for the party to begin. :)))

monty924 said...

Sharon, Donny has been the one thing this season that makes it all worth it. I agree his humor is so dry and Caleb doesn't even know when he's totally zinging him. hehehe

uncartie said...

Monty,You won't see me anymore after this season. I'm canceling my feed subscription when my month is up.

I'm experiencing the exact same feeling that I had many years ago when my father proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that wrestling was fixed and was nothing more than a scripted show.

I don't believe BB is totally fixed but it's clear to me that certain people are being recruited to be the stars of the show.

There was no reason to cast Frankie,a professional showman. There are more than enough of ordinary,amateur,attention seeking loons out there,that they could have chosen from.

Sharon N said...

Poor poor Derrick.
I think he's so tired of Victoria hanging on his every word, constant insecurities, and paranoia questioning him on everything.
But for now, he's stuck with trying to keep his "sure thing for the win" person.

Anonymous said...

Uncartie~~I am going to join you.
Something very fishy has been happening this season, more so than any other. I do believe there has been rigging going on and I totally agree they cast certain people to be the star and stand out. This time they went way over the top because I cannot think of one single person that likes Frankie. Not one. When they get normal people that really want to be on the show and know whats going on, as in super fans, then thats another story.
Enough girl models, guy models, and whatever you call Frankie, which I know but won't say because its vulgar.