Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday night into Tuesday - August 5

Shh ... secret Derrick/Cody meeting

Here's the latest from the late night hours in that Big Brother House of Insomniacs by Night, Sleepers by Day:
  • Sigh. 
  • Now Derrick and Cody are back to working with Frankie and Christine (although not as much the latter).
  • They decided that Zach is the one who's been playing them against each other.
  • Frankie claims he never wanted to target Cody next. It was a Zach lie.
  • It's back to looking like Zach is the definite one to go this week.
  • We'll see how long that lasts.
  • Derrick is still working his magic throughout the house.
  • If the game ended right now, I feel I'd have to declare him the winner.
  • But it's not ending right now.
  • The finale is set for September 24.
  • The hamsters don't know that.
  • Victoria was just saying earlier that she has to fly home by September 23 for Rosh Hashanah.
  • Did I spell that right?

Sigh, they're back on the same page

Hands down, best player in the house


Witt said...

Yes, definitely the best player in the house!

JimmyB said...

Although I don't have much sympathy for Victoria having to go home on the 23rd; shame on CBS for not owning a calendar & planning just a little.

Buzzmaam said...

Why should CBS change their programing for any houseguests? I'm sure they were told the date, or approximate date, of the finale. They know if they make it to jury they will not go home until the finale. Should they start planning their schedule around 16 people?

uncartie said...

The thought of the CBS TV network altering their fall programming line-up for the sake of one insignificant hamster on a reality show is ludicrous.

Hundreds of millions in advertising revenue are at stake at a time when every network is premiering and promoting their new fall line-up.

I doubt they would even do it for Letterman.

~~Silk said...

I do hope that the DR has made it clear to Victora that she has a choice to make. If she makes it to jury, she misses her flight. If being home by a certain date is more important to her, then she can self-evict. To not give her that choice is unconscionable.

Chacha said...

The high holiday services are important for any jewish person to attend. In my opinion it is more important to be in services for Yom Kippour than Rosh Hashanah.
This is coming from a jewish girl.
I am not orthodox like she is but that is how I feel.
On to who would/should be the winner? Derrick is doing the best. I think this could be his downfall.
I hope he does win but we never know.

JimmyB said...

Buzzmaam: When did they decide this? It sounds like CBS just arrived at this date.

JimmyB said...

Also to uncartie...same question. This was JUST announced.

ORKMommy said...

Life moves on when the hamsters are in the house. They have to make the decision to play the game and give up life outside the house for X weeks or just not play the game. The producers & network are shelling out tons of money for these people to play the game and entertain us so they're not under any obligation to schedule around any of the hamsters. Derrick's daughter had surgery at the beginning and he chose to play the game. His and Frankie's grandfathers died a couple weeks ago and they both chose to stay and play. Changing scheduling, rules or anything else to cater to any of the hamsters is just plain ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Derrick is an amazing puppetmaster, but Hayden's low-key, off-the-block, under-the-radar, insulated style could be the most effective in the house. The interesting players to watch are Derrick, Frankie, Donny, Hayden, and Nicole. The others are, at best, deadwood; at worst, useless and annoying.

Anonymous said...

For a show they claim to be planned to the nth degree before the first episode airs, contestants should have been informed of the finale date before they entered the house. With a stay so open-ended, CBS risks any number of jurors wanting/needing to bail.

uncartie said...

Jimmy B,I stand by what I said. Victoria had to have known that when she signed her contract CBS had not made a decision as to when the show would end.

Rachel Reilly interviews Amber
Amber Talks Creepy Caleb and Cuddling with Cody!

Marybeth said...

Am I the only one who can't stand the sound of Christine's giggles? I had to turn of BBAD last night because she just wouldn't stop!

Sharon N said...

Apparently Donny agrees with you Marybeth! LOL
Donny said he can't stand her piercing cackle. It drives him nuts. He could be on his way to sit outside and hear "that cackle" and turn around and head back inside... and that the production people working on the other end of the microphones must have quit at least 5 times from having to listen to Christine laugh all day... saying, "it ain't worth it."

Anonymous said...

All these HG knew what was up and that they were coming to do a game show for the summer. If they had concerns about anything they should have checked it out themselves. Food, tragedy, or holidays. Its not up to CBS.

uncartie said...

According to Buddy TV this will be the longest BB season ever.

With an extra week perhaps an evicted hamster may get back in.

Sharon N said...

A very good possibility uncartie.
Just a question of who would come back. :)
I'm thinking BB may wait for a couple more evictions after Thursday and then have a 'play-off' like they did with Brendan and the black guy (can't remember his name... played the preacher for the Brenchal BB wedding). It would really be funny if the face-off ended up between Zack and BMC.
I don't want Frankie getting a 2nd crack a coming back!

uncartie said...

Sharon,In a perfect world I'd like to see Amber come back and knock out Caleb.

Anonymous said...

Has Zach been playing them against each other?


Sharon N said...

Oh, that would be perfect uncartie.
Love the Amber vs Caleb idea... too bad it won't happen. :(

Zack is a bit twitchy about Thursday, but my impression is that he doesn't think his 'friends' will vote him out.
The playing each other thing has been mostly Derrick and Cody (and Christine) turning Frankie against Zack, and they've been pretty successful.

I still haven't figured out if Christine actually wants Zack gone, or if she wants there to be a split vote for the finger-pointing.

Nina said...

I would also like to see Amber come back in but in that she's been interviewed I don't think she can. Am I correct on this?

Sharon N said...

I don't it would behoove BB to bring back someone who was evicted prior to Jury. Amber (or anyone else) would now have a huge advantage now because she is aware of everything that's going on in the house. Unlike the rest of the "guests."

Anonymous said...

Its a very real possibility that someone will come back, just as Judd did last year. They go to the jury house and do not know any more than when they left.

Zack should be the one, and I agree that Frankie should not.
The Frankie Show is old news and annoying news!

Sharon N said...

Exactly right. When someone goes to Jury, they don't receive any information regarding what's going on in the house.

However, bringing back someone who was evicted prior to Jury would be totally unfair because that person would have access to the feeds and know everyone's "game" moves.

monty924 said...

They wouldn't bring back any of the first five. They've all been "spoiled" and know everything that's went on in the house and all the hamsters' secrets. If they do revive a hamster it would be from the first few jurors, like Brendan and Lewan (sp?) or last season when Judd, Helen and Candice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharon N. I thought Derrick was scheming. He's good.

Nina said...

Thank you all for the input on this. That's what I thought, but was hoping different.

Stormy said...

For anyone that wants a BIG laugh and has a little time go to this web site and take a look at all of Caleb's lies this seasons. TOO FUNNY. www.reddit.com/bigbrother/comments/2cc7hn/list-of-calebs-lies.com