Monday, August 11, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Monday/Power of Veto Meeting - August 11

A thrill a minute

Sigh. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boy's Toys:
  • Yep, that seems what the women are in the house this year -- toys to be played with by the boys then discarded.
  • As expected from last night, Christine put Nicole on the block when Zach saved himself with the veto.
  • Now, to defend her actions a bit after she promised Nicole she wouldn't put her up, Caleb told her that if she didn't nominate Nicole, she (Christine) would be out next week.
  • Ah, the toys of boys!
  • The plan is to evict Nicole unanimously.
  • Donny and Frankie want to keep Donny this week for the next mission.
  • In haphazard two team member talks because they couldn't all get together, they decided this week is Mission Impossible.
  • There's no way they can all three convince someone to go on the block as a volunteer when Donny is already on the block. It would cast suspicion on all of them and it would be an outright ridiculous request from Donny.
  • Both Derrick and Frankie have told Donny he's safe with Nicole on the block.
  • Nicole, of course, was hurt by the decision. She told Christine she only said she'd backdoor her when she was pressured by the others.
  • Christine was also pressured (although I still think she's a snake in the grass) to put Nicole up.
  • Toys, toys.
  • It also irked me that once again, while talking to Nicole, Christine played with her toes, then bit her nails without washing her hands.
  • Man, she skeeves me out.
  • She also kept giggling while poor Nicole was crying. I think it was a nervous giggle, but that didn't keep it from annoying me.
  • Derrick admitted to Victoria that he's the one who planted the seed with Frankie and Caleb that Christine needs to put up Nicole.
  • Hmm. As time goes on, I'm wondering if a Victoria/Derrick final two is his real plan over the Hitmen (Derrick/Cody).
  • Derrick almost never confides things like that to anyone, except perhaps Cody.
  • Curiouser and curiouser.
  • He's also been speaking up to the guys that Victoria is "one of them" now.
  • Hmm.
  • Nicole warned Victoria that it's Donny, then her (Victoria) next.
  • I don't think so. I hear the rumble of Donny, Zach, Frankie and Christine before Victoria even hits the map. Perhaps Caleb in there before her, too.
  • I guess we'll see ...

This is not your bed, Frankie!

Donny and Derrick talk Team America

At least she can smile amidst tears

Christine plays with her toes again


monty924 said...

Derrick absolutely wants to take Victoria to the F2. That's a guaranteed win because most in the jury won't want to give it to Victoria, but we could have a Jordan situation if that occurs. Depends on how bitter the jury is at that point.

Terry is a Texan! said...

I say Christine is not pretty, not clean nor tidy or attractive, but skeevy to the max sheesh I wish she would go to the end with Derrick, to spare all the others her presence in the jury house

Anonymous said...

Derrick has always wanted Victoria in the end, thats why he has nurtured her the way he has. His emotional control at work.
He must win to feed his child.

Christine is the nastiest HG since whomever it was that never washed his hands.

I look around and see Cody with the Raid right next to him so I know they are spaying that everywhere and that not safe and a very bad product to use inside a house. BB better be careful. They might be looking at a law suit at some point. When I saw the Raid next to the bed...I felt sorry for all those HG. Not Christine.
Poor Nicole having to watch and listen to Christine and her constant laugh. I like Nicole.

lynn1 said...

I am not happy to see Nicole on the block. One thing I am having trouble with is that Caleb and Frankie who were on the block were not eligible to replace Zach because they won BOB. However, even though Nicole was dethroned she still won HOH. I don't see why she was eligible to be put on the block. Seems weird to me but I like Nicole and didn't want to see her on the block so maybe that is why it seems like an unfair rule to me.

Lili said...

My hopes and expectations are low at this point....

1) I soooo want Donny to win just one HOH, and put up Cody and Derrick. Force the remaining cowboys to pick which one they like better and they save that one with the POV, Donny renoms Caleb or Frankie and finally, finally, one of those five guys goes home. Donny of course will be out next, but he will be out next anyway. But it would be soul satisfying for Donny to have the opportunity and stones to get one of those guys out that no one else could. I mean seriously, Derrick has not been on the block once!

2) That anyone, including Victoria, wins instead of...

3) That we get to see the look on Christine's face when she realizes she is the Brittany of this season and the guys will discard her without a second thought when the time suits them and that she has helped them get this far, she refused a girl alliance, she turned on Nicole, and she ratted out Amber over and over.


lynn1 said...

I swear if I was in the audience when Christine gets evicted I would boo her when she walked out the door. I would do the same for Frankie too but I don't know if he will ever be evicted.

Lynn4016 said...

It looks like Christine's husband is getting a lot of flack on twitter and is like "what do you want me to do?" lol.....Googled Cody's modeling pics.....yeh, if I could cuddle with that, i'm in lol.....I do feel bad for her hubby =(

Anonymous said...

off topic:
so so devastated to hear about Robin Williams.
comic legend!

monty924 said...

Yes, Anon. A comic legend and such a talent gone too soon. I've been going through all of my favorite movies tonight and there are just too many to name. I grew up in the 70's and actually watched Robin Williams grow into the star that he became. Very sad and very tragic. RIP funny man :(((

Nickelpeed said...

If the girls were smart, they would all vote for a woman, except Christine, if there is one woman at the end.

Christine is a snake. She really thinks she's playing the game. She's a rat who can't play on her own. I'd rather see Victoria win $50,000 than Christine or any of the men.

I do not dislike Victoria, but I DO dislike Christine.

Nickelpeed said...

I was shocked about Robin Williams. It just amazes me someone with so much, was so tormented. Such a great loss. I really liked him. Such a talented man.

Marybeth said...

How hilarious, someone outside called out to them about loving Big Brother and a girl said she loved Zach. Derrick came in and told Zack and you can see the look in Frankie's eyes. He is so upset that it wasn't him they called out. Boy what an ego on that guy.

monty924 said...

Thank the BB gods for BBAD because the feeds are stuck on fish. That has to be so frustrating for people who don't have TVGN.

I know Penny. I guess we will never know the torment that some souls go through. A lot of the great comedians have had a tortured inner soul. I'm just so sad that Robin Williams did and he couldn't come out of it. Great loss!!!

Sharon N said...

Tonight, Frankie made the statement that it drives him nuts when people don't like him.
I say, ya better get used to it little man!

He has so many insecurities running amok aided by the fact that his sister is a "star" and he's not... and THAT is what drives him crazy!

Anonymous said...

I googled Frankie and it says he is worth $1.5 million. The site I went to seems fairly accurate because I know someone to compare it to.
Then you have his sister who is worth much more than that.
What is he doing on this show?
Is Scotter Braun (sp) the producer now?
I guess from what Frankie is promising everyone, Justin Beiber's tattoo artist will be giving them all a free tattoo because FRANKIE J GRANDE YOUTUBE MOGUL SAID SO.