Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds - PoV Winner Update - August 16

Look who's wearing the PoV necklace

Yep, Frankie won with Caleb on his tail.

The ZingBot visited. Kathy Griffin was also there. The ZingBot joked about Christine (the married woman) hanging all over Cody. ZING! Yes! Christine is all upset, so she hung onto Cody. Frankie wants to put Victoria on the block.

More much much later.


Lili said...

This is really bad news. This means Victoria will be going home and the five frat boys will live on another week!


monty924 said...

Hoping something changes between now and Monday, and then if not then Monday and the vote on Thursday. If Zach goes out, he has a good chance of coming back in on the HOH.

Nick said...

I have a feeling Zach could be in trouble on this one. Let's be honest...everyone did want him out when Jocasta got evicted. They only kept him because he was "a number for them." Well, now you don't really need numbers anymore, and I certainly don't think he is back in tight with the Detonators + Caleb.

Sharon N said...

Agree Nick. Frankie has already switched from Victoria to Zack, with BMC encouraging.
They think everyone will agree about evicting Zack.
Frankie is starting to look at Victoria as the sure thing for winning now too.

Meanwhile, Derrick is already putting his focus on getting Donny out... again.
Of course, evicting Donny isn't possible this week. LOL

David said...

I just wish they would think past this week like Derrick does. Frankie should be seriously thinking of getting rid of Derrick if he really wants to win. I know it has to be in the back of their minds somewhere.
They just need someone, maybe Donny, to point out the obvious to them. I saw him working on Zach with that point subtlety, not coming right out and saying it.

Sharon N said...

Good thing Donny was being subtle with Zack.
Zack will to spill everyone's guts if/when he's put OTB.

Nick said...

Sharon, that didn't take long lol. But it was kind of obvious. At the end of the day (to borrow BMC's phrase), nobody wants Victoria going home on their HOH since it would be viewed as a wasted HOH. Sure would be a whirlwind of events if they evicted Zach only to have him come right back.

monty924 said...

Anything can happen in the BB house. Heck, Howie took out James because Maggie and the sheeple suggested it. Just sayin'

monty924 said...

And Frankie isn't that bright when it comes to BB. He said, "Janelle never made it to the halfway point, either season" and Caleb said, "Boogie never won". Just goes to show how much they know about BB. They don't know anything before S10 because BB only gives them so many seasons to watch in sequester. Yeah, huge Super Fans! @@