Sunday, August 17, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into the evening - August 17

Looking for the missing items

Thank Otev (or whoever) for the Team America mission! If not for that mission, today would have been total doldrums in that Big Brother House of Mysterious Missing Stuff:
  • Photo booth time (Sunday Photo Funday) came several hours earlier than usual.
  • Ho-hum.
  • Donny is trying to be more sociable after the ZingBot's zing about his social game (or lack thereof).
  • Derrick told Donny of the plan to backdoor Zach this week.
  • Donny's probably just happy to survive another week!
  • Derrick is worried that Zach might actually attack when he finds out he's the renom.
  • Frankie told Derrick he's the only one in the house he trusts completely.
  • He shouldn't. Derrick doesn't trust him and is only playing the game and trying to extend the TA missions.
  • Caleb wants Donny out and really sincerely does not like Zach. He likes Donny okay; just wants him out of the run for the money.
  • Frankie thinks they should set up Zach as the thief.
  • They got his gator shirt, Caleb's ($500) cowboy boots, Cody's hat, Donny's hat, Christine's stuffed animal (doubt that will count), Victoria's robe, Derrick's hat.
  • All heck let loose as people noticed stuff missing.
  • Caleb kept screaming at Victoria who just laughed and said it wasn't her.
  • Everybody is accusing each other.
  • But, with the exception of Caleb whining about how expensive his boots are, all seemed to be having lots of fun with it.
  • Frankie and Derrick suggested a neighborhood patrol and others got all on it.
  • They have helmets with flashlights attached from one of the comps and will take shifts.
  • The fingers keep pointing at Victoria and Zach.
  • How wrong they are!
  • Zach admitted to stealing all the stuff -- told them he gets $2000 an item and will collect the money if it stays gone until 10:30.
  • Oh, that Zach!
  • With all the uproar, now Derrick, Donny and Frankie have to keep the patrols going for 24 hours (with participation of others).
  • At least we had some activity tonight.

Caleb is freaking about his cowboy boots

Zach accusing Victoria of the thefts

Cody going berserk

The first neighborhood patrol

Why didn't they take the bunny slippers?


Sharon S said...

Caleb probably doesn't take off the bunny slippers long enough for anyone to steal them!

JOKATS said...

Oh Jackie, THANK YOU sooo much for the photo of Zack & Derrick w/ the helmets on I LMAO the second I saw it..... >^,,^<

Sharon N said...

It would be almost impossible to get those Bunny slippers away from Caleb.
He has those dang bunnies on his feet almost 24/7.
Even when he's in bed, they're sitting available to slip on asap.
Will they lose the challenge because of getting Crusty's bear, or will they be able to hide an article of of her clothing before it's over?

monty924 said...

That first picture is "sick" as the hamsters would say. Jackie, it really looks like flames around Derrick. So funny.

The entire TA thing tonight has been a riot. I loved it. I wonder if they will give it to them or not for not taking clothing from Christine. I know Derrick got the rules from them and I'm sure that they would have corrected them at some point otherwise.

Hope they get it this week.

Sharon N said...

I didn't read the actual TA mission.
Was it to hide 'something' from everyone... or did it merely say the articles were to be something more specific, like clothing?

Laura said...

It looks like Zach Morris (Saved by the Bell) sitting with Derrick.

Sharon N said...

With our luck, when Zack is evicted, he will beat Hayden/Nicole for returning to the house.
Everyone will give Zack the BIG welcome back to the fold with hugs, etc.
Frankie and Derrick with do a soft-shoe to try and trick him into believing they were so sorry they evicted him, saying it was such a HUGE mistake and they are very glad he's back.
Would Zack be smarter than JU-dubble D?

Anonymous said...

From the Team America vote on the CBS website: "Create a distraction by hiding a favorite piece of clothing from each Houseguest then organize a neighborhood watch program to keep it from happening again."

They may have modified the mission, as this version doesn't say anything about 24 hours, and I think Team America was told they could take Christine's glasses, which isn't clothing.

Sharon N said...

Thanks Anon.
Sounds like there might have been some "adjustments" to the challenge.
Guess we'll see during the show!

Nick said...

Everyone on Twitter is freaking out about the "renom rule"...aka you are not allowed to tell someone that they are going up as the replacement nominee. Frankie flat out told Zach he is going up and going home. Not sure if there is anything to this or if anything will come of it...but interesting to see it trending nationally lol.