Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Wednesday into the evening - August 13

What has Cody done lately?

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! I'm glad that you could attend, step inside, step inside. (My apologies to Emerson, Lake and Palmer). Here's what's happened since I last reported on the happenings inside that Big Brother House of Brain Salad Surgery:
  • Why the old Brain Salad Surgery song stuff? It's Derrick. It's like he's performing said surgery on his fellow hamsters.
  • Either that or his minions are just zombies acting on his will.
  • Zach has done his best to try to get the others to change their minds on Nicole. He knows she hasn't been lying.
  • But Derrick wants her out and Donny safe.
  • So be it, minions! Do not question divine intervention!
  • Even his buddy Cody questions the logic of getting Nicole out first.
  • Derrick smooth talks his best buds, telling them that Nicole is an HoH beast and, if she won the next one, they'd be on the block. With two of them up, it's very possible one would go home.
  • Zach doesn't want to work with Christine and Frankie (or Caleb because he's now hooked to Frankie -- after all, he might meet Justin Bieber!) anymore.
  • Derrick convinces him it's in his best interest to work with them for now.
  • Caleb told Nicole that he doesn't think she's a liar.
  • She's very upset that they're using that angle to get her evicted when she's only been guilty of "telling the truth to the wrong people."
  • But Caleb, mindless puppet of power that he is, will go with the house vote.
  • Nicole tried fruitlessly to campaign. She doesn't want to say anything really bad about Donny, but feels she's being railroaded.
  • She is.
  • Frankie seems to want to keep Donny in the house longer than Derrick does.
  • But I imagine both Frankie and Donny will go within a week or two of each other.
  • Caleb, er, Beast Mode Cowboy, thinks he will be approached in airports and Wal-Mart for autographs.
  • @@
  • Remember, he also thought he'd get a tux for the red carpet on the finale night.
  • @@
  • Nicole started packing up her stuff.
  • They're in a lockdown while tomorrow night's comp is being built in the yard.
  • Derrick consoled Victoria more and told her that she'll be around for weeks to come -- there are bigger targets.
  • When Caleb voiced concerns about Nicole going, Derrick convinced him that had Hayden won HoH, they'd be doing it to them.
  • It's Big Brother, after all.
  • That's how they roll.
  • As I get this posted, it's still looking like a unanimous vote to evict Nicole and she knows it.

Who needs to go next?

You're probably going, Nicole.

Zankie does Jenga

Yeah, I'm a big shot NOW!

Zach pleads for a Nicole save

The bunny slippers need to go


monty924 said...
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Sharon N said...

Besides looking older than when Frankie entered the house, has anyone else noticed his facial expression has changed too?

Maybe I'm influenced by feeling such total disgust for him, but I really think he has a nasty/mean and desperate expression now. Certainly doesn't have the smiling "eyes" he had... before things started going downhill for him. Weirdly enough, he still doesn't seem to get that NObody really likes him. Well, other than Caleb, but that's because he thinks Frankie will introduce him to (disgusting) Justin Bieber. @@ (barf).

monty924 said...

Donny mocking Cody's whining is making me rofl... Really!

David said...

Why do I find everyone in the HOH right now now irritating. lol Well, happens every year it seems.
Someone should tell Caleb he can't meet Justin because they deported him because of all the trouble he was causing.

My captcha is just a picture of a bowl of cereal. lol no numbers or words.

David said...

LMAO I just typed in cereal and it took it.

David said...

Meant to add to that just to see Calebs face but got distracted by the captcha picture. LOL I kinda wish they would deport Justin.

Sharon N said...

David, it's hard to believe anyone (even in their 20s) could be so enthralled with Justin Bieber.
Good grief, he only grew chin hairs a 1 or 2 years ago!
(Besides being a rat-punk little sh#t.)

Anonymous said...

Skeeviously, on Big Brother...heh. After reading your take on her, I keep waiting for that with her photo. :)

David said...

BB keeps showing Christines face in the mirrors and it is scaring the crap out of everyone. =)) They say it may go on all night.