Sunday, August 17, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 17, 2014

Good Sunday morning to you all! Welcome to my weekly off television topic post in which I reflect on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. If you're looking for Big Brother live feeds (or show) content, you can find all of that right here at this link. No television content in this weekly post that I make year 'round -- you've been warned!

That said, it's basically been just another week of hectic stuff between the blog and my "real" job. Nothing earth-shattering happened in my personal life. I didn't win the lottery, nor did I have much time to do much other than work and blog. I felt like I was running late all week and didn't seem all that inspired to take photos. Sigh.

This week's random ramblings:
  • They're demolishing that building by the Bound Brook Train Station with the structural cracks and caved-in roof I've been photographing for a few years now. I think they're just taking down that rear addition with the issues, not the whole building. It's about time. I couldn't get any decent shots of the demolition from the train, though.
  • OCD Guy has been missing from the train for a good three weeks now. 
  • That's how trains go -- people ride them for a while, then lose their jobs, change their work hours, perhaps decide to drive, etc. But I remain.
  • I expect NJ Transit to give me flowers when I retire!
  • My new upstairs neighbor is even more quiet than the last one although I have yet another person who's up late and up again early above me -- kind of like my own hours. I hear footsteps, not in shoes, above me and nothing else. I think I heard music coming from there one evening, but I couldn't tell. It was faint -- could have been from a car in the parking lot or next door. It didn't bother me, mind you. I could just hear it.
  • Speaking of music from cars -- there needs to be a law outlawing those ridiculous sound systems they're putting ATOP cars these days! OMG, who came up with that? It's bad enough the huge systems IN cars! 
  • And, while I'm fussing, they definitely need to crack down on bicyclists on the sidewalks here in Plainfield. I stand my ground on the sidewalk. I figure if they hit me, it's the bicyclist who will fall, not me. I'm rather solid.
  • One of the Plainfield Narcotics/Gang cops bought me a cold bottle of water when he saw me waiting for the bus. Aw, how sweet of him! I really like those guys!
  • A month from now I'll be on staycation. I can't wait! I need the sleep.
  • My latest rent increase for the new yearly lease is $7. I guess I can afford that even though there are cheaper places to live. I do like this location and these landlords now are the best yet -- new windows, they maintain the elevator, new machines in the laundry room, new drainpipes, quasi-landscaping (mulch, hedge trimming and such), things fixed quickly, no regular $50 yearly increases like the past criminal landlord, good neighbors on my wing (most there for years although the apartment above has turned over about four or five times in my years here), location is good for public transportation and walking places.
  • Moving would also be a huge hassle. So, I'm staying. Now it's going to be on 14 years. Oy.
Onto the photos for the week. Clicking on an image will bring it up in a Photobucket page. From there, you can increase the size twice by clicking on the magnifying glass. Just X out of that page to return to the blog.

 photo IMG_5359a_zps2e844033.jpg
The Plainfield Train Station groundhog

He thinks he's hiding from me. But I see him. Alas, I had no bread for him. He doesn't look like he's starving to me!

 photo IMG_5340a_zps653c8e56.jpg
Spiderweb in the morning sun

No spider, though. This is on the railing alongside the parking lot of the Bridgewater Train Station. It's HUGE!

 photo IMG_5339a_zps61a2d10d.jpg
Chicory blossom, Plainfield Train Station

The blossoms close up overnight and open in the morning. They're usually unfurling their petals on my early work commutes. This and more in this week's flowers slideshow after the jump!


This week's flower slideshow isn't all that exciting. I've known something's been missing this year and saw mention on the news -- no hydrangeas! The "polar vortex" extended winter did them and the magnolias in this summer. I'd imagine some more are amongst the numbers, too. These shots were taken mainly in Plainfield -- in yards, planters and hanging outside of Hugo's Bar on the corner of East Front and Church Streets. To see the slideshow fullscreen, click on the diagonal arrow bottom right.

 photo IMG_5356a_zps66b4d566.jpg
Near the groundhog

This squirrel in still laying about discarded Hurricane Sandy brush is what first drew my attention to the elusive groundhog in the previous photo. I saw movement, took a shot of the squirrel and then noticed the groundhog hiding in the background. I shot him then, too! (Only with my camera, only with my camera ...)

 photo IMG_5376a_zps282008a2.jpg
Waiting for it to open?

A bicyclist rests on a bench on East Front Street (Plainfield) in the early morning hours. I personally don't like those benches that face the businesses. I'd rather face the street if sitting. Then again, I'd rather my back up against the building so no one can sneak up behind me. No, I'm not paranoid! I just like to know who's coming up on me.

 photo IMG_5332a_zps05c0d0dd.jpg
Is it autumn? Is it autumn?

Nope, not even close. But the different angle of the sun as of late has some leaves starting to turn. Bridgewater Train Station.

 photo IMG_5321a_zps497353a6.jpg
Plan Atlantic route? I'm confused!

Why would I swing by Atlanta while walking to the Plainfield Train Station? Oh. Alternate route. That makes a difference. I refuse to plan ahead. I doubt they're paving the sidewalk. If they ever do, I can give them a list of sidewalks in town which need it! East Second and Church Streets, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_5350a_zps87f05371.jpg

I love the hardwoods in the overhangs at the Plainfield Train Station. I only wish my apartment's hardwood floors looked that good!

 photo IMG_5334a_zpsdce279e8.jpg
Not a Plainfield truck

Another graffiti-laden truck from out of Chinatown, Manhattan, seen on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield. It was coming from the lot behind the Chinese restaurant near the corner of Watchung Avenue and East Second St. I think that one's Goody's -- they keep changing the name. I'm not quite sure I want food from there if that's the truck that delivers the stuff to make the dishes!

In other Chinese food news, I came home last night to find a new Chinese delivery place menu under my door. It's in South Plainfield, just over the city border. Why am I thinking that this one's Grand Opening is just a re-opening of one of the restaurants that's been putting fliers under my door for years? Yummy Kitchen. Why does every local Chinese food restaurant have a "chef with 30 experience years cooking" in the business? Ah, well. They do have decent prices and good coupons in the menu. I stuck in on my refrigerator for future ordering. (Although I'm sure that it's the same place I've ordered from on and off for years now!)

 photo IMG_5291a_zps980096ed.jpg
Isn't Vincent just so dainty?


Palmaltas said...

Always enjoy the photos, Jackie. I'm with you regarding the sound systems of cars. There should be a law...

meb said...

Oh Jackie... you can't call Vincent 'dainty'... He 'da Man!

Love the pictures.. that groundhog is huge. And I agree... would rather the seats face the street if I were sitting in one of them. Need me some action... how many times can you read a window sign?

Jayne said...

now I know why my hydrangea plant barely survived this winter. Most of it was just dead branches, so I cut it back almost to the ground. It has since sprouted new growth but of course no blooms this year.

Becky said...

Jackie, it is wonderful to have time to sit back and enjoy your pictures rather than running about getting ready to go to the hospital and/or nursing home.

Loved all the flower pictures -- and of course Sir Vincent's.

Hopefully I will see you tonight.

RSchnoop said...

Yes, but you didn't catch the "For Sale" sign on the spider web... Spidey Real Estate is holding open house today between 12 and 2...

Delee said...

We were across the border into NY above Bradford PA last weekend. I commented to my dad to look at the mountains. You could see a faint color change from green. Dull yellow coloring. Made me sad as summer has not been the best. I also read an article that leaves are rushing to fall in parts of the country. Grrrr.

Not a horrible rent increase and now that you have better maintenance, I agree why move!

Take the groundhog some lettuce or a carrot.

Sharon N said...

As you've said, you're comfy where you are and have sensible landlords who aren't greedy. :)
No easy task to find a rental landlords who actually do upkeep too!

How do you spot little critters that blend in so well with their surroundings? You must have some really sharp eyes!!