Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into Monday - September 15

I'm all that, daggummit!

Another day and evening of the doldrums in that Big Brother House of Waiting For the Next Big Thing:
  • The most excitement, other than them tossing fake limes and lemons into a bowl, was Victoria holding the (plastic?) knife to Derrick's throat in the photo booth.
  • BB Voice yelled at her to "Stop that!"
  • She obviously doesn't know the history of Justin Sebik and Kristy.
  • Derrick also had a huge long talk with Victoria later in the evening about not talking game with anyone until after Wednesday. She's sitting pretty with Frankie as the target now. But her loose lips fueled by alcohol just might sink ships.
  • Of course, Derrick doesn't drink at all.
  • He observes those who do, though.
  • Yes, he's protecting her game.
  • But he's protecting his as well.
  • Caleb still thinks that Frankie going home is the right move and he was justified putting him on the block because Frankie has betrayed his trust.
  • Cody wants Frankie to go.
  • Cody will not be using the PoV to save anyone.
  • And on it goes ...

Tossing fake limes and lemons in a bowl

Four, three, two, ONE

Hoboken has its bad sections

Keeping Victoria's head in the game

Think with your head, please


Ed in Ohio said...

Victoria to Derrick.....

....Bottle of Wine ♫

....Fruit of the Vine ♫♪

..When You Gonna Let Me Get Sober!♫♪

monty924 said...

Vicky is also a crying drunk. UGH

Chacha said...

I still believe Derrick deserves to win this game, but with that being said.....he caused the stress onto himself.
Today they will be taping tonights BBAD. the feeds will go down at some point this afternoon until tomorrow after the show.
Hopefully BB doesn't edit too much of if/when they tell Frankie he is going to Jury.
Derrick for the HOH win!! I wonder if he can get Cody to throw it to him

Anonymous said...

I thought last nights show was really good. I giggled and laughed through most of it. It may just be the giddiness of knowing that Frankie is finally walking out that door. I just wish they had a regular audience so that he would get booed like Christine.

Sharon N said...

I must be getting old. Hate to say it, but I am old!! LMAO
Why don't I remember BB doing the BBAD 24-hr shut-down this soon... when there's still 5 left in the house? I thought it was when there was only 3 or 4.

Derrick is clearly frustrated with Victoria's clingy behavior, and her alcohol-induced loose lips. Yes, the 'hate each other' plan was his, but I think a part of that plan was also because he was concerned about how their relationship would 'appear' (after the Christine Zings) and wanted to put a little distance between them.

Victoria is upset that she can't be friends with him openly... she doesn't feel close to the others.
Although she IS a nice girl, I can't say that I'm surprised with her reaction right now. She strikes me as those people (in real life) who picks ONE close friend, and then hangs on for dear life.

Chacha said...

Sharon N-
Derrick wants to keep her segregated from everyone. Its really not fair but she put her in this situation. Although I don't think she would be here if not for Derrick.
Whether she is drinking or not, he doesn't want her talking to Caleb.
If Caleb makes final three he will certainly take her.
Caleb was saying to Derrick Saturday night that they should cut Cody at final four.

Chacha said...

Sharon N-
if memory serves me correct, last year BBAD was pre taped the morning when Amanda was still in the house. Mccrae and Amanda were pissed they had to be awake.

on another note- I have to wonder if BB will not give much booze now that Derrick has said something to Victoria.

Sharon N said...

All true ChaCha... but I also think his plan had a dual purpose.
It does help them both to get further in the game... IF she can keep her mouth SHUT.
But I also think he wanted to separate her from himself a bit.
How their friendship "appears" to his wife and the outside world has been weighing on his mind ever since the Christine Zing. It didn't help when DR questioned if Victoria was "coming in for a kiss) one night.

monty924 said...

I say the answer is all of the above. The end game is starting to wear on Derrick. I've heard him say multiple times to himself, 'people don't know how to keep their mouths shut in this game' and everytime it has been in response to either Victoria or Caleb. Both of them have loose lips.

David said...

If what you all are saying is true, then I am guessing that the feeds will be down until tomorrow night. They have already been down for 2 hours. They might just be filming tonights BBAD episode though for now.
I know how Derrick feels about Victoria drinking and getting irritated with her. Since I don't drink I get the same way with drunks. He has more on the line with a drunk Victoria though, I just get irritated. =)

I watch some Utopia in the mornings because there is nothing happening in BB in the AM and those kids are nuts. Has not one person in there ever had to plan for more than a days meal in advance or had to live on a budget? They make daily grocery orders and always for small amounts. They also order stupid stuff like candy, cookies, donuts, and chips. They are running out of money fast and looking to sell a cow, but they seem oblivious to what happens when they run out of money.

Sharon N said...

I must be in a TV-downer mood today. LOL
As planned, the feeds are all down now.
I really don't understand BB's theory or reasoning for doing the shut-down thing every year.
I've got it!!!! They are trying to keep us all on pins & needles.
Yeah, right. @@

re Utopia.
The upside is: the faster they run out of money, the faster Fox can shut the loser down.
None of the people are likable, so that's ok by me.

uncartie said...

David,The fact that these 15 people chose to give up a year of their lives to be on a reality show would be the first clue that they make poor life decisions.

Like Sharon said,Fox will run out of money and pull the plug before they'll run out.

Chacha said...

they do this every year.
The actual houseguest will be evicted today.
I also believe they do this to keep somethings exciting for us.

Sharon N said...

David and uncartie....
I couldn't help think about the people on Utopia.
Imagine getting out of there after Fox pulls the plug... and being told it was because "you were extremely dull and dimwitted."
How mortifying!!! LMAO

Chacha said...

I haven't even watched any of Utopia.
Should I just nix watching any of it?
Sounds like it wont make it.
According to Jun(bb4) she is obsessed with this show.

Sharon N said...

There are a few people here that seem to like the show.
Personally, I don't get the fascination, but 'to each his own.'
I didn't like ANY of the individuals participating and decided to never watch again.

David said...

I also have not found anyone on that show (Utopia) to like. I actually had not watched any of it for a few days and didn't feel like I missed anything. I know when that happens that it is doomed as far as I am concerned. Only checked it out this morning because I was bored and they were doing the same thing as always. Felt like I missed nothing.

LMAO @ Sharon " Fox pulls the plug... and being told it was because "you were extremely dull and dimwitted."

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday to our Jackie!!

uncartie said...

Cha Cha,Utopia's debut was luke warm ratings. The next show they lost 50% of their viewers,even more bailed the next episode and they had only 2 million viewers. Keep in mind that this all occurred with reruns and summer shows. Once the new Tv season starts next week,it'll be lights out for sure. The only question now is how low will ratings go.
Considering how much money Fox spent they might keep it until MLB post-season baseball starts in early Oct but afterwards it will just disappear.

David said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!!!!!

So that is why BB turned off the feeds, so you can have all day to do whatever you want. I should have known. =)) Have fun on your staycation and Birthday. =))

uncartie said...

Tickler on the top of feeds says they will being showing highlights until Tuesday evening.

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie!! Hope it's a great one. Ditto what David THAT'S why BB turned off the feeds ;)

Chacha said...

Thanks for the Utopia info. I saw they were going to do a show but even the print articles didn't keep me interested.
Glad I didn't start watching.


monty924 said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Jackie! Have a good one... CHEERS

Chacha said...

SO I am having a total brain fart right now...after watching for years I can't believe i am not remembering this...

Tomorrow night we will see the POV(which we know Cody won) and the eviction. Do we see the HOH comp? thats where I am fuzzy(on the HOH)

I know wednesday we will see the POV live and eviction. we should also see the beginning of the part one final HOH

Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie. Go out and havew some fun. Nice of them to shut down the feeds in your honor.

Sharon N said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!!
Enjoy your relatively BB-free day. :)

monty924 said...

Chacha, that's what I'm thinking.

Sharon N said...

Here's something for us to do mental gymnastics over this evening... since nothing else is happening! :)

monty924 said...

There will without a doubt be a lot of Twitter chatter (leaks) and leaks over at Jokers tonight, but as always I will rely on the only two sources who I know only post if it is a reliable source. Jackie's and Dingo's.

Nina said...

Happy Birthday Jackie.

PDX Granny said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie!! I'm imagining your new refrigerator with a couple of icy cold bottles of beer for you, and a nice thick steak, seasoned to perfection, sizzling on your stove. And of course, Vincent being the bestest cat, bringing you no special presents.

Ed in Ohio said...

Happy Birthday Jackie!

All the Best!!

Chacha said...


Of course I have and will check jokers tonight and tomorrow morning.

I love the thought of being surprised.....But can't take and wait for it.....

Cheryl in NC said...

I only trust Jackie and for true information...until they speak it ..I don't believe it:-)

Happy Birthday Jackie..I hope you got to enjoy the day with a lot of deserve it !!

Sharon N said...

BBAD from this morning is on now.

Sharon N said...

The lack of Tie-Dye enthusiasm from the guys is ... expected. LOL

Nickelpeed said...

Happy Birthday, Jackie!!!

I really hope the guys stuck to their guns and evicted Frankie; and I really hope they boo him.

Tried to get in to Utopia. A good concept, but it is a little ho uhm. It's a year project. To me, it's just not interesting enough.

I like DWTS. I'm disappointed that Maks is not there. However, Juliana Hough and he do not get a long at all. So, since they decided to take her on as a judge, Maks decided to not dance this year. I'm bummed.

Can't wait until tomorrow night! So hoping, Frankie is gone!


Petals said...

Caleb is convinced that the tie-dye is some sort of twist. He keeps looking for some "star" to come in the house & sweep him off his feet in to stardom. (seriously, he is waiting for it).

In other Land of Delusion news: Caleb has practically spent the America Fave money. Even if Frankie hadn't already gotten it locked-up (thanks to his sister), Caleb doesn't realize how unpopular he is. What a rude awakening he has in store. He is only a step or 2 above the Crust...

Glad you had a good birthday, Ms J!

monty924 said...

LOL, why would my boy (ex) be any other way with the Tie-dye? He thinks everything is a luxury that never really occurs. What's that definition of insanity? *wink*

Sharon N said...

I doubt there's anything Frankie could have said or done at this point to stay. Especially since it was no longer up to Caleb. However, Victoria is pushing her luck. The guys are starting to get more vocal about her constantly following them around from room to room. Derrick HAS to get Frankie outta there before Victoria pushes Cody/Caleb too far!

I watch DWTS too... don't know about you, but I was shocked at how incredibly bad the majority of "stars" were tonight!!! blech
I'll watch tomorrow night, but at this time, with the lack of quality, I don't think I'll be inclined to watch.

Re Maks:
Maks and Val are quite well off financially and don't really need to appear on DWTS. They own a number of very successful dancing studios, and he's also said he wouldn't mind getting into acting at this point in his life. Busy man!!

My understanding is that before the last show even began, he had said that he would only be back that one season and would not return again. Then he capped it off by finally winning the Mirror Ball, and doesn't feel he has anything more to prove on DWTS. All things considered, I somehow doubt Juliana Hough being a judge on the show had an effect on his decision not to return.

Nick said...

This is just too hilarious not to share!

Petals said...

Wow, Nick. Thanks for that link. I am surprised someone went to such lengths for it.
IMO, infamy for Frankie is still a win. He just wants to be paid for being himself.

I guess I am not on the "hate Frankie" wagon. See, for me, he's always been a lovable weasel. He is an filthy-minded, elitist little brat who will want to forget this show the minute filming wraps, but we KNEW that. We knew this was a stepping stone - and ONLY a stepping stone - for him. He made no bones about it.

He won't get booed, because he shouldn't. He played a good game, and was just as integral as Derrick at orchestrating the evictions.
He was never EVER as mean as Crusty, either.

Petals said...

PS - I wonder if the true creators/owners of Not of This World clothing will send a cease and desist letter to Caleb, because he has been claiming that HE created that brand.

Also, Crayola may need to contact him regarding the color blue. I'm sure he is claiming to have invented that, as well.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what Victoria was upset about last night. Was talking about redness and dryness

Jackie said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I did poke around for eviction spoilers but we know it was a CBS crowd for eviction last night. We also know it was a done deed. It's not any mystery who got evicted.