Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Thursday into Friday - September 19

I think I'm here for a reason

Good morning, hamster watchers! Before I get started with the latest oh-so exciting live feeds coverage (yeah, that's sarcasm), I'd like to direct anyone who wants to be in the Survivor blog pool over to this post here to sign up. Please do not sign up on this post. That post linked is the only place Lifeguard Laurie will be looking for pool requests!

Okay. Onto the hamsters:
  • We thought it was boring before.
  • That was nuthin'!
  • I'd like to know what's going on with the word "crush" this season. They don't eat a bag of chips; they CRUSH it. They can't win a comp; they CRUSH it. It's not a popular expression around here, but I've heard it all season on the show. What's up with that?
  • Time for me to CRUSH this live feeds report!
  • Yawn.
  • The feeds were blocked for a good part of their morning for the final three's reminiscing party, complete with champagne, orange juice and brunch.
  • Derrick, who hasn't had alcohol all season (until they gave them champagne on Wednesday night for final three) drank some. Then his tummy hurt.
  • I dunno. If it were me, I'd rather frozen strawberry margaritas rather than champagne. But, of course, they don't ask me. Nor am I there.
  • They talked about their families coming for the finale. Victoria is worried because finale night is Rosh Hashana.
  • They napped.
  • They shot baskets with the fake limes again.
  • BB gave them cards.
  • They played cards.
  • They played hide and seek.
  • They napped.
  • They studied for the memory comps and rehashed the season.
  • They talked about what the jury might think of them.
  • They snacked.
  • Today should be predictable. Victoria will either lose the comp against Derrick on her own or throw it to him so he goes against Cody in the last part.
  • Derrick has told told her that he understands her situation and cares about her. He has told her he'd take her to the final two.
  • I think he understands his own situation and cares about himself in the game ... and winning it all.
  • As it should be.

A boy and his rolling pin

Yep, I'm still here!


Witt said...

Will Derrick actually honor his agreement with Cody to go to the final 2? Will Cody actually honor HIS agreement with Derrick to go to the final 2? I change my mind every minute.

I've been reading the discussion over whether Derrick really deserves this because the other houseguests were lower tier players. His mist was just as potent as Dan's. His social game was the best in the business. He was never nominated, won when he had to, and didn't ruffle feathers. He made people believe they were calling the shots, when he really was. It was so subtle I hope they even recognize he deserves the win.

JimmyB said...

I can't believe there even is a discussion as to whether or not Derrick deserves to win.

He was the only one playing the game to win.

Winning competitions has little to do with winning the game.

Anonymous said...

Im a little concerned for Derrick. It's very possible for Cody to win and take Vic to the end. I like CCcccody but Derrik has played a masterful ame and should win.

JimmyB said...

That's definitely a concern. Cody might not feel as obligated as he should. He owes Derrick. He's competed very well, but Derrick got him where he is.

I think Cody's much more likely to turn on Derrick than the other way around.

Chacha said...

I don't think Cody will turn on Derrick.

I think Derrick would turn on him. Last night asking Victoria if she thought he lost a jury vote with Caleb. Its all about the bottom line for him.
I don't think Caleb has any pull with the jury so Derrick would still win with either Cody or Victoria.

JimmyB said...

I really think Caleb was just about to cry eviction night.

lynn1 said...

If Cody or Victoria turn on Derrick, it will be one of the few unexpected twists and turns of the entire season. I am personally cheering for Derrick to win.
I really have no idea who Derrick would take to the end if it was his decision. It would be a coin toss because there are pros and cons for taking Cody or Victoria.

JimmyB said...

Taking Victoria would be the sure bet; however:

1. I expect Derrick to stick to his pact with Cody

2. He'd beat Cody regardless; even though some jurors are unhappy with him

Chauncey said...

Cody would be an idiot if he wins and chooses Derrick over Vic. He has to know its an automatic win against Vic and not so much with Derrick. Derrick wins regardless who he picks Vic cant win anything so she wont have a choice in the matter.

Becky said...

Witt, I am with you on this. I have cast my 20 votes for Donny this morning.

Jackie, I probably will not be here tonight. Our daughter came down yesterday and I hate to tell her, "Excuse me, I will see you in an hour".

JimmyB said...

I guess we'll see if Cody has any character; should it be his option. Up until now, it's game-play. Now, it's a matter of something a little more that stays with you.

It's certainly possible a 23 year old would put the cash before everything else...and his family will pat him on the head & tell him how wonderful he is.

RBennie said...

I don't think it would be a mark on Cody's character if he won and took Victoria instead of Derrick. It would be smart gameplay. Why would he just hand the win to Derrick? Then again, Cody has been a wuss all summer, so I would certainly not be shocked if he picked Derrick.

monty924 said...

I wonder who is the original owner of the Rutgers hoodie! Seems like everyone has worn it at one time or another.

Anonymous said...

I hope Cody takes Victoria. Taking Derrick will just make this show end up just like the rest of this entire season.
Ho hum!
Then on to the Franke J Grande Finale. You watch. It will be all about HIM.

David said...

I do hope it is Cody and Victoria in the final 2 even though Derrick deserves the win. I really don't know who anyone but Victoria would take to the final 2. They have a full week to think about it and no one left to bounce senarios off of so they won't be vocalizing their thoughts about it.

The jury is going to destroy her in questioning if she doesn't win out to get to the final 2. I will feel sorry for her if/when that happens. Just because she is clueless and they are not going to give her the win there would be no reason to do that.

I still think it would be funny to watch Victoria try to do interviews if she won not knowing what she is talking about. The interviewers would be lost for questions to ask her as she did nothing. lol

Anonymous said...

sSaying that Derrick deserves to win and be ok to see someone like Victoria get even $50 is disgusting to me. And not even be able to answer any questions in an interview funny to hear and watch, again disgusting. All she did was sit on her butt and EAT for the most part. She gave floaters a new crown to reach for now.

Yes, Derrick deserves to win.............and I pray he does. To watch him PLAY this game from START TO FINISH has been short of amazing!!! It will be sad if he loses, but if so, he still will have my thanks for the skill in his game play.



Anonymous said...

Whoever wins between Derrick and Cody should take Victoria. The point of the game is to win a half mil. Not "honor" some pact you made with a complete stranger 90 days ago. They need to "honor" the pact they made with themselves and their families before entering the house.

Dave in San Diego~

Anonymous said...

Derrick for the win, Cody for the 50K. He played, but wussed out on his previous HOH's.

Houseguests are so worried about "getting blood on their hands." Blech!

monty924 said...

We all know both Cody and Derrick "should" take Victoria to the Final 2, but I really doubt either will. I think Derrick is hoping that Cody does win Part 3 and evicts Vic so he doesn't have to. I can't see Cody not taking Derrick. jmo

Anonymous said...

JIMMY B said:

"Winning competitions has little to do with winning the game."

Do Frankie and/or Caleb know this? ;-)