Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Tuesday - and then there was a dog - September 9

Ding dong, Izzy calling

Yes. As I mentioned this morning they're grasping straws to bring some sort of entertainment on the live feeds.

So we got a dog for the day. Her name is Izzy. She's only there for the day visit. She has treats, toys and instructions. BB takes her out to do her bidness. The backyard is all artificial turf, so she can't do it there! She's not allowed in the pool or on the stairs.

I think she had sensory overload. All of the hamsters are declaring love.

I say Izzy for the win!

Other than that news, same old, same old. Tomorrow better shake things up!

Loving the attention

Derrick has dog treats!

HoH camera doggy style

Typical BB16 houseguest - asleep


Anonymous said...

This is Izzy the dog's resumé. It is better than Ariana's half-brother's.

Even with the dog, things are so boring it is sick. How did our favorite TV show turn into such a pitiful summer show? They need to cancel it for all time before another repeat of the last two years.

Anonymous said...

Its almost like suffering through the death of an old friend.

monty924 said...

TEAM IZZY all the way.

Want to send a shout out to Zach Attack in the jury house. Happy Birthday to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Gripes about this year's show:

1. No conflicts. Votes go all one way. No interesting scheming. No flare-ups. No brouhahas within shouting distance.

2. Dense and unlikable houseguests.

3. No game. What little does happen won't even count.

Others may add to the gripes.

Why not take this back to classic cheap TV? Let's see Victoria body-slam Frankie. Just have them tag-team wrestle for the prize and get it over with.

Becky said...

1881If it were not for Jackie's blog and everyone who comes on game night I would have bailed a long time ago.

David said...

I heard Izzy tried to self evict when some guy kept going on about some famous sister no one has ever heard of. Scratching and begging at the door to let her out. =))

Lili said...

This is not the first house pet, I believe one year they had a chicken.

I liked it better in previous seasons when the Have Not concept was giving the whole house a limited selection of foods based on a comp. I think allowing the HOH most weeks to pick HNs is just mean. It was more fun when after the HN comp they ended up with just vegetables, dairy and candy for example.

I think it would be great if one day a week they would bring in a selection of shelter animals, with a link on the CBS site for people willing to adopt. It would give the HGS a bit of fun, and liven up the feeds. I have seen shelter pets displayed in dept store windows to encourage adoption, why not BB?


Jackie said...

The first year they had Pugita (the pug dog) and a chicken coop full of chickens. Instead of the current fish cam, the previous Front of the House cam ... they used Chicken Cam the first season.

Dr_Celine said...

Everyone was complaining last year about all the racism and awful comments saying THAT year had the worst houseguests ever. While it may be a tad boring at times. I am liking these people SO MUCH MORE than those racists from last year. Donny, Derrick, Hayden, and Nicole were all very nice and likeable people. I am happy that there are no AWFUL houseguests this year and am happy there aren't any major brouhahahs thus far. I'll take this bunch of people over last year's hamsters ANY DAY!