Sunday, October 12, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - October 12, 2014

Good morning! It's Sunday, time for my weekly off television topic reflection of the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. My next post will be all about television, I swear!

Not much has been going on here this past week. Work, work and more work. The temperatures are turning fall-like and we've had some rain, too. I guess we need the rain. But I do wish it would confine itself to the overnight so I don't have to walk in it. However, it's not so bad unless it's pouring and the wind is blowing. Thankfully that kind of weather happened in the overnight hours this past week.

I really don't have a lot to say this week. So, I guess it's onto the photos ...

 photo IMG_6345a_zps95c6da1d.jpg
Home at last

After a long day at work, being home is always welcome. Not that I live at the Plainfield Train Station, mind you.

 photo IMG_6363a_zpsd61d6c98.jpg
It's a marvelous night for a moondance

The day after the Hunter Moon, the skies were lit up through the clouds as I walked to the train station. This scenario set up one of the most beautiful sunrises I've seen in years.

 photo IMG_6377a_zps6908b959.jpg
Just before sunrise

The same morning of the Hunter Moon, the skies looked like this when I arrived at my destination. This shot and other sunrise shots from the very same day and earlier in the week are in the slideshow below. It's amazing how fleeting the beauty is -- just a few minutes and it's gone. Clicking on the diagonal at the bottom of the slideshow will make it full screen.

My second slideshow this week is of the flowers and fall foliage. We're still a few weeks from peak foliage, but we have bright colors popping here and there.


 photo IMG_6349a_zpse3ca8dbd.jpg
Yes, it's a squirrel

And, yes. He's posing for the camera.

 photo IMG_6348a_zpsd3566e7a.jpg
Looking from the eastbound platform

Checking out the view of North Avenue from the Newark/New York platform at the Plainfield Train Station.

 photo IMG_6307a_zps88783278.jpg
It's DARK!

A very dark East Front Street in Plainfield as I head to the train station for my work commute.

 photo IMG_6301a_zps663ad5bf.jpg
It all starts with a little blossom

Last week I showed you some melons and tomatoes growing in the garden of the home abutting the back of my building. Now, these have usurped the fence. First, there's a blossom.

 photo IMG_6300a_zps0544cc20.jpg
Then a fuzzy yellow thing

 photo IMG_6297a_zps59946cd6.jpg
Then, THIS!

This Italian squash (cucuzza) is much longer than my arm. The slimmer one to the right of it is about 18" long. There was one on the ground in their garden that was over three feet long but I couldn't get a good shot of it. I was going to harvest this one myself and experiment cooking with it. But someone got it before me. I'm watching a few of the others and will probably snag one before frosts do them in. These are growing over our back fence, so I won't be stealing from their garden!

 photo IMG_6304a_zps7e292b81.jpg
They also have ...

... whatever these curly squash looking things are growing in their garden. I see berries, plums, cabbage and okra growing as well. They even have some sort of watering tank hooked up alongside their garage for the garden. And, to think I mocked the garden when I first saw them planting it! The house you see in the background of this shot is the place which hosts the parties with the Mexican Polka bands.

 photo IMG_6414a_zps85830006.jpg
Plainfield National Bank

Turned nightclub. I've never been in there and probably never will be inside. But I do love the looks outside! East Front Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6365a_zps059f2d77.jpg
Hunter Moon through golden leaves

While it was indeed a marvelous night for a moondance 'neath the cover of October skies, I was heading to work.

 photo IMG_6367a_zpscbc9105f.jpg
Church Street

By the time I get to Church Street, the skies are lightening a bit. If not for the cloud cover, you could see it!

 photo IMG_6357a_zpse6353d51.jpg
Hi, first floor cat!

Vincent would probably get mad if he knew I say hello to the first floor cat in my building every time I see him (her?).

 photo IMG_6286a_zpsbce5d602.jpg
On the other hand ...

... Vincent might not be aware at all that I've talked to another cat. Yes, he's under the influence of and rolling in catnip.


lynn1 said...

Jackie, Your sunrise photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them.

Palmaltas said...

The floral, autumn leaves and sunrise photos plus all the others are phenomenal. I truly enjoy looking at them.

RSchnoop said...

I like your "Hunter Moon through golden leaves" shot best this time. It invites you to pass through a portal to another dimension. I think I would like to go there...

Becky said...

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite (other than the "under the influence" kitty) this week. The fall foliage pictures are always favorites of mine. In south Texas we go from green to dead. I was enthralled with the squash pictures. I have never seen a cucuzza one. I had to smile when you mentioned mocking the garden. How nice that some of the fruit of the vine is growing over the fence.... and no, it is not stealing if it is over the fence. I would suggest "making friends" with the occupants. That might earn you a lot of fresh veggies next year.