Sunday, November 16, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - November 16, 2014

Good morning! It's Sunday, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. My next post will be about television -- stay tuned!

Gah, What a week. I had banged my head at work last Saturday. Throughout the day Sunday and into Monday morning, I was having nausea and bad headaches, ringing in my ears and more. So I went off to the doctor's office approved by our workers compensation insurance carrier. That office was in the middle of nowhere. I was diagnosed with a concussion there and had a follow-up reevaluation on Thursday. I was still having issues, so now I've been trying to get an appointment (as referred by the doctor) with a neurologist on the WC carrier insurance list. So far, I've striked out. I can't go back to work without clearance from one and I'm still having problems.

Enough about that.

The Plainfield Library Photo Competition was yesterday. I won first place and felt honored to receive that with all the talent out there. This year was their largest amount of entries, lots of new photographers and some very amazing shots. I'm going to have to step up my game!

Onto this week's photos. Due to the doctor's visit, I took many shots in Somerville where the train stops (and then took a taxi to Hillsborough where the doctor's office is). I also took shots around Library Park in Plainfield yesterday and, when my friend Barbara gave me a ride home, we took a scenic leaf and house-ogling ride through the mansions and expensive homes on winding roads in Plainfield. 

 photo IMG_7184a_zpse8137d10.jpg
Autumn Library Park Lamp

The trees are in that odd stage of many barren, some still brilliant reds and yellows and even a few greens. Thankfully a colorful tree was near this lamp! Library Park, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_7087a_zps00c55e9c.jpg
Stylin' in da 'hood

Okaaay ... skinny jeans and leather while bearing a red-tipped squared-off flat-top 'fro. Yep, that's my Plainfield neighborhood!

 photo IMG_7216a_zpsc57d4de5.jpg
Ex-Governor McGreevey's mansion

Jim McGreevey, the Governor of NJ prior to the Chris Christie regime, the one of "I am a gay American" fame and controversial resignation bought and lives in this ivy-covered mansion in Plainfield. While this mansion isn't all that far from my apartment building, it's definitely not in my 'hood.

This week's flowers and foliage slideshow features one of my favorites -- ornamental kale! I found flowers and kale growing in planters when I was in Somerville this week. The foliage shots are from Plainfield, Somerville and Hillsborough.


 photo IMG_7167a_zpsd051d7ce.jpg
It's beginning to look like ...

Oh noes! Too early! Too early! Watchung Avenue in Plainfield.

 photo IMG_7162a_zps49a9f616.jpg
Fun with flowers

I played with the colors of this flower shot and liked the result.

 photo IMG_7131a_zps5ea9be00.jpg
Bank gone Sushi Palace

You can see where this building originally was the Somerville Savings Bank. It's now Sushi Palace in Somerville.

 photo IMG_7149a_zps7fa14c06.jpg

Why bother buying a Cool Rider Porta-Bike if you aren't going to fold it up and bring it with you on the train? Somerville Train Station.

 photo IMG_7122a_zps7c528f32.jpg
The historical church in Somerville

I served jury duty inside this historical church back about 16 years or so ago. I was living in North Plainfield, part of Somerset County and Somerville is the county seat. They were building a new courthouse (or maybe rehabbing the old, I can't really recall) and all the jury selection stuff took place within this cool old church.

 photo IMG_7117a_zps150f251a.jpg
Music with scattered flags

Just a scene on Main Street in Somerville. I edited it to leave just the flags in color. I loved the Music sign!

 photo IMG_7103a_zpsb6b374b8.jpg
Oh my

The rules on this head shop, er ... smoking accessory shop, in Somerville are kinda unwelcoming, don't ya think? No, marijuana is not legal here. NJ has very strict medical marijuana laws, but this is all supposedly for hookah stuff and tobacco. Yeah, right.

 photo IMG_7096a_zps07d88a0a.jpg
Somerville pedestrian plaza

Lined with restaurants, vintage clothing stores, a head shop and even more, this is really nice! I was by early one cold morning, so none of the shops were really opened at the time.

 photo IMG_7093a_zps18d43e5a.jpg
Somerville Train Station

They rebuilt the Somerville Train Station a few years ago, taking it from desolate nowhere to modern with a high platform so you don't have to climb up and down steps for the train. Very nice.

 photo IMG_7090a_zps59fdfa81.jpg
Their tunnel was always cooler

Even before the rebuilding of the station, they always had a cooler tunnel than Plainfield. Not as cool as Westfield, but ...!

 photo IMG_7056a_zps5cf4c040.jpg
Pink cloud sunrise

The Plainfield Train Station in the background, this was very early Monday morning.

 photo IMG_7199a_zps376e6d9b.jpg
1951 Studebaker, I assume

This was parked by a home as Barbara and I drove around ogling the houses of those much wealthier than us. Plainfield, NJ.

 photo IMG_7179a_zpsb18abace.jpg
4-armed tree!

Something or someone must have lopped off the top of this tree at some time. I thought it was cool. Library Park, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_7168a_zps996c180e.jpg

 photo IMG_7192a_zpsee1f037b.jpg
Neglected garage

Plainfield, New Jersey

 photo IMG_7198a_zps7c0aebe1.jpg
Maybe they shouldn't play in the street?

There are no signs like this in my neighborhood. The kids know that they can't play in the street! Sleepy Hollow section, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_7186a_zps10bd0ace.jpg
Library Photo Contest

Yes, that blue ribbon for first place is by my photo. The one on the lower right is also one of mine. I find the third place winner, bottom left, is very intriguing!

 photo IMG_7187a_zps273196e1.jpg
Cool poster printer blow-up

Jeff, from the library, shows me a blown-up poster size print of my photograph. It will be displayed on the main floor. The Plainfield Public Library has purchased this fancy-schmancy printer which can do this. Although you can't tell really from this photo, the detail is amazing and it's glossy photo paper. With my memory a bit off, I can't recall whether patrons will be able to use this printer or not. Gah. A mind is a terrible thing to lose! If we can, I can see me going wild with it.

 photo IMG_6590_zpsb410928d.jpg
Vincent is happy

He thinks I've been home a lot just for him.


Delee said...

My favs of the flower/tree crawl are 24 and 25. They really stand out.

Hope you are feeling a tad better and you find a neuro soon.

Trying to snow here and overnights Mon and Tues in the teens. Too soon for me!

Congrats again on your win and how cool that you got to see your winner blown up.

~~Silk said...

I'm sitting here being frustrated for you. When your head is bonging, it's very difficult for you to make phone calls and argue for your rights. I swear insurance companies know this, and make it difficult hoping that many people will give up, and many do. You need an advocate!

Becky said...

Jackie, hope this finds you and Vincent improving and warm.

Congratulations on the photography win. You are very talented.

Hugs to you and scratches under Vincent's chin.

David said...

Congrats on your win. You deserve it. =)

I hope you get better soon and can find someone to release you back to work when better.

I woke up to almost a foot of snow on the ground this morning and it is still snowing! The weather people said it was just supposed to be cold today. Boy, did they mess this forecast up.

Palmaltas said...

Again--what beautiful photos! Hope you get help soon and start to feel better--and that the ringing in the ears stops.