Sunday, December 07, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - December 7, 2014

Vincent says hi

It really wasn't much of a week. I didn't take any good photos. I went nowhere. It rained a lot. My mind is fuzzy.


monique said...

This does not sound good.
I hope you are OK and stay in touch with your doctor.
Take care,

Becky said...

Hey back at 'cha, Vincent". Oh, and to you too, Jackie.

Jackie, we miss your photographs, but the important thing now is your health. Vincent needs to set you down and have a nice chat with you about taking care of yourself, a "Come to Jesus Meeting" as we say in the south. (That is not meant as a blasphemy. It means a very serious discussion.) A concussion is serious business.

We miss your photographs and we miss your reports. We want you well!! So, as Vincent would say, Kick back, chill out and try the cat nip. LYM

lynn1 said...

Jackie, wishing you a complete recovery. Sometimes it takes longer than we want to feel 100%. Just keep on taking it easy and let your body heal at it's own pace. ((Hugs))

Marybeth said...

Hoping you feel better soon!

Sharon N said...

Concussions are tricky business and it sometimes takes several weeks to heal. So frustrating, but you're smart and I know you are following doctor's orders as best you can... which is not always easy! I assume the doctor is still seeing you regularly... to follow your progress?