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Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - February 15, 2014

Good morning! Is everybody warm enough on this frigid winter day? This is my weekly off television topic post in which I reflect on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. Between my real job and not feeling well, I didn't get around to posting more on the cast of the upcoming Amazing Race season during the week last week. I swear I will get it done before the premiere on February 25! Really!

I haven't received the new camera from Amazon as of yet. So, the photos this week were taken with an old point and shoot that has little zoom to it. I like zoom. I also forgot that, unless you turn it either on or off, the camera itself decides to flash or not on its own. The camera I broke had a flash you flip up if you want to use it -- as will the new one. That sounds a bit more unwieldy, but it's better than having the flash go off when you're not expecting it or wanting it.

My return to work has been really rough. I haven't had a good day yet. If it were a few years from now, I'd seriously consider an early retirement. Sigh.

While we haven't had the snow of the Boston area this winter and it's not as bad here as it was last winter, it hasn't been all that pleasant. We have had periods of bitter cold, then warm-ups just about in synch with snowstorms thus resulting in a lot of ice. I would personally prefer a few inches of snow rather than a quarter inch of ice!

Last night there wasn't any ice. But it looks like we might have only about three inches of snow out there. Not bad at all. That is, until you consider the temperatures and the fact that we're due for hurricane force winds. That will take the teens (F) expected today down into the negative digits. When I went down to get my paper this morning it was almost shocking to the body cold.

My new neighbors are due to move in today. I've met the husband in the family. I can only hope that they're considerate. He doesn't look the type to go for surround sound systems and the bedroom for the children is on the far end away from me. I don't know how old the "two small children" are. I'm hoping infant and toddler! In this building, once they're five or six, the parents often feel it's okay to use the long common hallway as a playground. My other neighbors and I will nip that in the bud if it happens. I'm hoping for the best.

Welp, that's just about it. I hope for a better week next week.

Livin' for the city

A truck obviously not from MY neighborhood waits at the traffic light at Berckman and East Second Street in Plainfield. Now, I'm not saying Plainfield doesn't have its issues, but undecipherable graffiti on box trucks isn't one of them. This has to be a truck from either Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Aw, ain't that sweet

Get your nasty feet off the seat, buddy! Flowers, candy and a Teddy Bear balloon accompanied by leather pants on the train on Valentine's Day. Alas, when he stood up to leave, his leather pants were drooping below the butt and ruined the whole effect. On the other hand, his braids were almost as long as my hair. But the droopy pants blew it all. Tsk, tsk.


Fresh snow on the berries

Thankfully not ice, nor the amount of snow which has been hitting north-west of us.

New toilets? I want one!

Despite the fact that I thought the apartment vacated next door looked gorgeous, they've been rehabbing the whole place for the new tenant anyway. Kitchen cabinets just put in six years ago replaced. Sitting near the elevator, there were two new toilets for the two bathrooms in that apartment. Lots of thunking and thumping going on over there all week.

Keep in mind, I have kitchen cabinets with a sticker in one dated 1982 claiming the apartment is approved for up to two persons. My cabinets were probably old when that sticker was placed there. My toilet could use replacement as well. My bathtub most definitely needs replacement! My apartment wasn't renovated before I moved in and I know the one next door was just renovated six years back. Wah.

Shrinking very slowly

In a normal winter around here, this snowman built a few weeks ago should have assimilated into the snow by now. Or, barring that, someone would knock him over. Yet he hangs on with his tiny head. Plus, because we've had so much ice this season, he can't be knocked over! He's the Iceman!

Encased in ice

Had it been real and not ripped, I probably would have chipped away at the ice covering it on the sidewalk Monday morning.

They're BACK!

The all very huge black Lady Liberty dudes are back on the streets of Plainfield.

Texas We

This has been bugging me for a while now. The canopy at the Texas Weiner on Watchung Avenue in Plainfield has been mysteriously missing its INER for weeks on end. No trace of the missing letters. But I know there were there! Police! FBI! Help!

I know how he feels

Unfortunately (or, maybe fortunately), I could never fall asleep in a public place no matter how tired I am. Nor can I fall asleep in moving vehicles, trains or airplanes. I have a good deal of trouble falling asleep in a hotel room or sleeping on a strange bed the first night, as well. But I know if I go over to the sofa right now, I could easily nap! I took this shot at the Plainfield Train Station.

Christmas is over, Bound Brook

Not only is the holiday season long gone, but that tree is really unattractive. Make it stop. This shot was taken through the train window at the NJ Transit Bound Brook Train Station.

Sun enhanced

These berries are usually dull. But when I saw them lighted up in the sun's rays one day, I had to shoot them. 

Colder than it looks

The Plainfield Train Station with a wind chill of -14 degrees. Yep, warm and inviting and the station itself is locked up tight.

Okay, I'm napping now.

Vincent is doing something new and unusual.
But he's a real love anyway.

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