Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Amazing Race 26 - Casting the Singles, Part 2

Finally I'm on to the remaining singles headed for the blind date of their lives on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race ...


Jackie Ibarra is 27 years old, a Las Vegas showgirl. (She quite obviously differs from Jackie, your loyal blogger.) In her video, she talks about needing respect and how she'll "keep him in his place." Oh my. That wouldn't necessarily be my own first thoughts about a possible relationship. She might have some issues, methinks. In her online bio, she's listed as a "professional dancer" instead of a Las Vegas showgirl. Hmm. She seems to enjoy traveling and trying new things. I'm a bit hesitant about her due to her also mentioning either "respect" or "disrespect" more than a few times in the bio in addition to what she said in the video. I'm wondering if things are going to be her way or the highway.

She's teamed up with:


Jeffrey Weldon is 26 and works as a sales account executive in Tampa, Florida. In his video he says he has no filter and will probably say things without thinking first, but he's determined to make it work. He's looking for someone with a sense of humor and hopefully good at building things because he's not. In his bio, he mentions (amongst other things) that he's looking for someone with a great-looking face. Sigh. I'm not sure how this couple will mesh. I get the feeling there might be some fireworks.



Laura Pierson is a 29 year old talent booker living in Los Angeles. In her video she says she needs to feel loved and cherished in a relationship and that she can be bossy. Uh-oh. I think I see a few red flags! It could be just me, but I'm not getting a heck of a lot from her online bio despite the fact she "talked" a lot. I have no clue how she'll do on the race. But I do know she enjoys cooking and doesn't want to be with someone who doesn't like her friends. She's teamed up with ...


Tyler Adams is 26 and living in Santa Monica, California. In his video, he says he's looking for a partner to help him win and doesn't care for whiners. In his bio, it sounds like he develops those games which annoy me so much on Facebook! Yikes! He doesn't like a girl with a negative or pessimistic attitude. I wonder how he does with bossy? After reading his bio, I'm much more impressed with him than I am with his blind date. He sounds a bit like a dream guy and I like that he mentions attributes other than looks in what he's looking for in a romantic partner.

There you go. I'll delve into the actual couples in my next TAR post!

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