Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Tuesday Daytime - June 30

And, laying a finger aside his nose

As I was trying to wrap up this morning's live feeds report, an enhanced kerfuffle was going down. It didn't quite get to the point of a brouhaha. Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Nobody Likes You:
  • Jace decided to call out Audrey in front of Jason, Da'Vonne and a few assorted others.
  • "You're a manipulator! You planned the backdoor!"
  • "No, everyone is scared of you!"
  • "No, they don't like you! No one likes you, Audrey!"
  • "You need your head examined! You have no self-awareness!"
  • And on and on.
  • No fisticuffs, though.
  • Now, WE know that Audrey's "allies" are now onto her playing everyone and being the source of information leaks.
  • But Jace and Audrey don't know.
  • And, it's gotten to the point in the house that just about everybody is skeptical of everyone else.
  • I personally doubt they'll let Audrey rule from her roost as long as Amanda did in BB15. At least Audrey occasionally gets out and mingles.
  • Jeff and James would like to get her out next week.
  • I'm not sure it's going to be all that easy.
  • Jace still wants to have a house meeting.
  • Yeah, like that will solve everything.
  • It's all but set in stone that Jace will go this week. Anything that comes up from a house meeting might be used against Audrey (or others) in the future, but can't save Jace's butt this week.
  • Austin and Jeff know that Clay is telling Audrey everything she might miss otherwise.
  • That probably won't bode well for Clay's game in the long run.
  • Liz told Austin that they're probably better off in their own games without Jace in the house. She also said that they can't be the only two who vote for him to stay or they'll be the next targets.
  • Jace told Steve that Audrey is a lunatic and he should avoid her.
  • Hey, at least all this drama takes the photo off my little buddy, Steve!
  • Then came the second wave of drama. This one came almost to the point of a brouhaha.
  • Da'Vonne pretty much got everyone going calling out Audrey.
  • Shout!
  • Roar!
  • You started all the rumors!
  • Jason joined in ... you started all the distrust!
  • And then Audrey cried.
  • Well, they did gang up on her.
  • She told Shelli that Vanessa was the mole, not her.
  • But she didn't defend herself until after Da'Vonne left the room.
  • Hey ... wasn't there something about a girls alliance this year?
  • Oh.
  • Never mind. Cancel that alliance.
  • Shelli and Clay seem to be the only ones willing to still work with Audrey.
  • Hmm.
  • Jason said Audrey is Amanda.
  • Too late. I said that days ago.
  • Jace once again tried to intimidate/shame Clay into going to his side.
  • Maybe he does indeed need his head examined.
  • Lots of pointing fingers about who the "mole" in the house.
  • Lots of distrust.
  • As it should be ...

Cowboy Clay Candy

John's mingling more

And the claws come out

Don't save the drama for your Mama!

Bug Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday Night into Tuesday - June 29-30

Audrey and Clay whisper ... a lot

Jace needs to go home. I have had enough of Jace. He's trying every angle and he's trying my patience. Had he not been the backdoor plan before, he's pretty much only reinforcing the thought he should go. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Begging:
  • Like every other season, BB went through their clothes and took some away. I know they don't like white or clothes that might "strobe" on camera. They're also picky about anything which might be construed as advertising. That's why we so often see the college shirts from their local areas -- no product or brand names.
  • You say you want a revolution? Oh, yeah. Austin keeps working on his underground movement revolution plan -- to oust Audrey.
  • At this point, Austin pretty much considers saving Jace a lost cause.
  • Not that he's telling him that.
  • Jace is still running around to everyone all but on his knees and begging.
  • He definitely is going for the guilt trips.
  • I don't know. If someone emphatically tries to guilt trip me, I'm more likely to not do what they want.
  • His begging is coming off as really annoying and sometimes quasi-intimidating.
  • Clay and Jeff told him that they had to vote with the house (against Jace) if they didn't want to be targeted next week.
  • Jace insisted if he had them, he'd stay.
  • On and on.
  • And on.
  • They're still up as I post this. 

What? Have I got leprosy?

He's the Steve's knees

This is my expression as I watch the feeds

Not Audrey's best look

She looks like Minnie Mouse or something.

But I could win HoH and save you!

But you were my friend!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday Into the Evening - June 29

Jeff originally wanted to be on BB

Yes, Jeff said that the other day -- he originally wanted to try out for BB while Jackie had wanted to be on TAR, not BB. You can see the differences in their gameplay. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Discombobulated Denizens:
  • James had an epiphany ... he realized that Audrey was the one who leaked info to Jace about a song he planned for his eviction.
  • Well, duh.
  • He's not saying anything to her about it so she won't suspect that he's onto her.
  • He told Jason and Meg. though.
  • Clay told Austin that Liz told him that she's trying to distance herself from him (Austin). He said to watch her.
  • Of course, it might have been Julia saying that.
  • Who knows anymore?
  • Clay also told Austin that Vanessa is trustworthy.
  • But, is Clay trustworthy in saying all this?
  • The jury is still out on that.
  • Steve tried to explain Evel Dick to John and James.
  • Well, that's just silly.
  • Who can really explain Evel Dick? Is there a plausible explanation for Evel Dick?
  • Lots and lots of small talk today -- conversations about previous seasons and previous houseguests, people falling in the pool, 9-11 (as in their lives and in the BB house), etc.
  • James and Meg want to let Da'Vonne in on what they know about Audrey's talking and letting secrets out.
  • An interesting bit -- while mug shots of Audrey, Jace and James hit the internet, Jason said he didn't think he'd get on the show because he was arrested for "dumb stuff."
  • Hmm.
  • Not a heck of a lot went on today.
  • But I suffered, as you must also suffer.

Clay makes a point?

Vanessa must be cold

Dr. Demento?

Look! Becky has bunny slippers!

I think Meg is expendable

Cheap sunglasses

Johnny Mac sighted AGAIN

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight Sunday-Monday - June 28-29

Late looks at the Memory Wall

As the hamsters finally sleep, I will finally post. Here's the latest from the live feeds inside that Big Brother House of Loquacious Lumps:
  • Jace, now up on the block in Steve's place, threatens that he'll expose everything if he goes out on Thursday.
  • He's still talking about how embarrassed his family will be.
  • Of course, family embarrassment didn't stop him from streaking or acting the fool, did it?
  • Austin told Jace that he thought Clay was behind the Jace backdoor.
  • Um, no. It was mostly Jason, James and Audrey.
  • Jace told Lizia and Austin that Audrey is "ruining the game" and needs to go.
  • He's kind of right.
  • It should be "RUNNING the game," though. Not ruining.
  • Jace again went around, even to James, pleading to stay this week.
  • Steve said he never watched BBAD because he had the feeds.
  • Same here. I tried BBAD but prefer to make my own camera switches to the room I want to watch. Plus, there's some seconds lag between the two. If I turn on BBAD, I have an echo-echo-echo.
  • Steve also joked that he's sure he's being portrayed as the sex symbol of the show.
  • I do like the kid. I just wish he didn't come off so Ian-like in looks with the eyeglasses and all. The hamsters think he's Ian II.
  • Shelli tried to make Audrey realize that, in their meetings, she (Audrey) doesn't give others the chance to talk.
  • "In all our talks, I don't think I've talked for even five minutes."
  • Audrey, talking over her, said that's just not so.
  • The High Rollers/HoH Group think that someone must be telling the others conversations. 
  • James thinks it's Jackie, Clay or Jeff.
  • Audrey and Meg doubt it's Jeff.
  • Lots of "rat" and "mole" talk going on. Some think they should confront Jace and see who's giving him info.
  • That was pooh-poohed by Audrey.
  • Audrey herself is the biggest mole or rat, planting the seeds and watching her minions go frantic.
  • Jason claims that this BB17 is like, "Big Brother on methamphetamine, like no other season before."
  • He's right.
  • One positive that I can say about this cast, though -- no one is coming across as close-minded or racist.
  • That's a good thing.
  • Psychotic, narcissistic, paranoid, etc. -- but not racist or close-minded.
  • Audrey doesn't know it, but most of her minions now see through her and know that she needs to go.
  • But will they act on it before she dictates her way through to the end?

Jason's skinny legs get oiled

Meanwhile, the spider sees all

Oh! Johnny Mac mingling!

Becky talks exchange rates. Yawn.

Liz. Or Julia. One or the other.

Shelli trying to make a point to Audrey

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening - June 28

She's too ON all the time for me!

Another day in Hamsterville. Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Confusion:
  • Since there was a group who stayed up well past 6am their time this morning, I didn't expect much action first thing.
  • And I didn't get much, either.
  • This bunch of hamsters have more alliances, side alliances, you name it going on that I'm in a constant state of confusion.
  • Austin and Vanessa talked about working together. She advised him to just let Jace go if he gets backdoored this week, not to put his game on the line.
  • Vanessa told Austin that she's sure that Clay and Audrey are working together and they're going to be hard to get out.
  • She thinks house meetings are risky and never end well.
  • She's right with that one.
  • Meanwhile, Audrey thinks that Vanessa told Austin about the backdoor Jace plan. She's brought Shelli and Clay into her web, like moths to a lamp.
  • Also going on -- Jeff and Da'Vonne talked about how Audrey needs to go but they think she has Jason and Clay brainwashed.
  • Now, we know that Jeff and Jason talked in the wee hours about how Audrey was running things and needed to be taken down.
  • Jace told Jeff he knows he's going to be backdoored.
  • Knowledge ahead of time didn't cool his reactions any.
  • After Steve saved himself at the PoV ceremony and James put Jace up, there was heck to pay.
  • He lit into James for betraying him, said he was embarrassing him in front of the world, his parents and well, the Universe.
  • James handled it well, didn't admit it was the plan from the get go and didn't implicate anyone else in his decision.
  • Jace cried to Shelli who cried to him. (It breaks her heart, y'know.)
  • Boohoo. SNIFFLE
  • For more than a few hours, Jace kept causing the feeds to go to fish as he kept deliberately singing and such.
  • Then he started making the rounds to plea his case to stay over Jackie.
  • He figures going to Jeff is a lost cause as Jeff won't go against Jackie.
  • Audrey called out Vanessa for repeating things said in confidence.
  • Like that never happens in the house.
  • Jace told Audrey he doesn't understand why she has so much pull in the house and people are scared of her.
  • "What? Little old me? I don't know what you're talking about."
  • Oh, geez. Jace wants to call a house meeting to see who threw him under the bus.
  • It's going to be a long four days ahead.

Nail polish almost gone

As Jace is laying into him

Happy their plan played out

Boohoo, Jace

Clay Candy

Big Brother 17: Battle of the Block Show Blog Party - June 28

Big Brother 11 Blog Logo photo BB-09-smJackieMA28497852-0002.gif

Hey, there, fellow voyeurs! Later on tonight, I'll be posting the latest in live feeds including the PoV meeting results which won't surprise anyone who watches or follows the live feeds. But, right now it's time to blog party through the newest episode! I'm putting this post up on time. However, I think that the CBS programming might be running a few minutes late due to golf.

First, here's a reminder of the blog pool match-ups (thanks, ORKMommy!):

Audrey - David, Chase, Orkmommy, Nicole K
Austin - Petals, Tammy, marthalight, Dr_Celine
Becky - Glenn, Jackie, Indiana Jane, Brian
Clay - FairieGoddess0714, QuixoticElf, DonnaNY, JonMD1267
Da'Vonne - jessica UNderwood, SueGee, Ed in Ohio, Nickelpeed
Jace - Becky in TX, CherylinNC, JOKATS, CaelaXO
James - uncartie, Marlo, Jackie~juju, ML
Jason - Witt, Sharon, WolfpackRed
John - Sasha, lynn1, clover
Liz - Skyriverblue, jo Chapman, monty924
Meg - Sharon S, Merrilee, MikesGirl
Shelli - Delee, Sharon N, chrob
Steve - KelseyNY, Carrie, K
Vanessa - Chacha, Heather Reyes, T-Town Chick
I'll update this blog entry with the major happenings as the show airs here on the East Coast. Refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please stop on by!

Okay, a few minutes of recapping and we're finally into the show opening. They just showed the Phil teaser which ended Thursday's episode. All the hamsters are speculating what will be up for Da'Vonne and Vanessa.

Jace is going on about his bromance with Austin and their bro-codes.

The HoH Room reveal is for both James and Jason. Of course, it will be down to one HoH after the Battle of the Block. They chat. Jason doesn't care for Steve and doubts that John is really a dentist. James is a bit more quiet.

Takeover alert! It's Phil. He tells them of the Fast Forward in TAR -- now a BB Fast Forward Twist -- neither Vanessa nor Da'Vonne can be evicted this week. They can each take one houseguest with them, those people will be safe, too. They have thirty minutes to decide. Da'Vonne saves Liz while Vanessa saves Austin. Da'Vonne got some heat from both Audrey and Shelli because of their girls alliance.

Da'Vonne thinks that Shelli needs to be on the "edge" of the alliance because she's getting too close to Clay. Audrey wants to get in with Jason to better her chances. Da'Vonne and Audrey both want to work on the HOH's to get them on their side and target Jace.

Steve thinks he has an alliance with Da'Vonne. Not sure how that will play out. James and Jason tell Audrey she's safe. They told her they want an alliance with her and Da'Vonne. They plan to target Jace via the Backdoor.

James searches for pawns to put on the block and talks to Jackie. Jason does the same with John. They both talk to Meg. They talk to Steve -- Steve's afraid that he's a target. Steve knows the history of pawns sometimes going home. Poor Steve. He's being pressured.

Nominations Today is on the screen. The plan is for the Backdoor for sure. No key box again this year. I miss the key box. Jason nominates John and Becky. He gives a BS speech about strong competitors. James nominates Steve and Jackie, saying he's sure they'll get themselves off the block.

Audrey is glad everything worked out the way she planned it.

Volumes about Amanda, er, Audrey right there.

Battle of the Block time -- They're above the city of DuBoB, must build a new skyscraper by bringing 26 pieces across a beam and assembling it.

John and Becky win! James remains HoH and Jason is deposed.

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 28, 2015

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my off television topic reflection on the past week in both words and photos I've taken along the way. If you're amongst the folks here for my Big Brother television show and live feeds coverage, you can find those posts at this link. That show only lasts three months; this blog is here all year and this off topic post will appear every Sunday morning. Please feel free to skip it if you wish!

Now that that's out of the way, some random happenings from my week and an observation or two:
  • I'm tired. So tired. I'm coming off having a bug that ran rampant through my workplace and the BB17 blogging hit full blast this past week. Those darn hamsters need to sleep more!
  • Maybe I need to sleep more. Huh. No "maybe" about it -- I am lacking sleep.
  • My work week at my "real job" was chaotic once again. I hate chaos. I prefer to have a plan and not be torn in a gazillion directions at once. You get a gazillion things half-done and not a one thing done well. It's so inefficient and stressful. Something has to change.
  • Last night (during pouring rain storms) there was a woman on my train home who had fallen asleep and woke up to being alone in an empty train in the rail yard. She found her way to the last station on the line by walking on the tracks and caught the train. That will teach her to fall asleep on the train! And, here I thought my taking "I see dead people" photos of sleeping people on NJ Transit trains was a punishment for sleeping on trains!
  • My landlord sent me my new apartment lease "we're increasing your rent" letter. Another $5. That's so much better than the previous crook landlord who's currently serving time for federal ponzi scheme kind of charges. He used to up it $50 a month yearly.
  • That's about all I have for you. This past week has been full of stormy weather, stormy workplace, BB17 starting off at a gallop rather than a trot and a certain cat who thinks I need to have him on me for comfort. My apologies for posting so late this week.
Onto the photos -- clicking on an image will bring it up in a larger version.

Another workday done

At least I arrived home to grey skies but no rain on this day. Yet I had to carry my umbrella as I have had to do for most of June. I don't want to hear there's any "water deficit" around here! Plainfield Train Station.

Pretty planters

Hugo's Bar on Church Street in Plainfield always has pretty hanging flower planters. I've never been in the bar, though. 

Hibiscus bloom head on


Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Into Sunday Dawn - June 28

Clay candy

Conspiracy around every corner! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Audrey's Way or the Highway:
  • Just as I was wrapping up the last live feeds update, Jace streaked through the house and backyard. I included a PG-rated screen cap below. I can't get too risque, y'know.
  • Jace is so impressed with himself because he streaked. @@
  • Yeah, I'm rolling my eyes.
  • Audrey is on the "throw Vanessa under the bus" agenda since completing her "throw Da'Vonne under the bus."
  • Jason, in whispers to Jeff, already likened her to Amanda. He told Jeff that Audrey started talking strong strategy to him an hour into the house.
  • She certainly does like to have her minions.
  • But I'm thinking a minion uprising sooner rather than later.
  • Jason also told Jeff he had originally planned on working with the girls. He no longer wants to do that now that he knows the girls.
  • Steve has been trying to get into a workout regimen. He laughingly said he wants "a six-pack to impress the girls."
  • Have I mentioned I really like that kid?
  • Plus, exercising with the guys works him more into the fold.
  • Vanessa told Clay she wants to work with him and Shelli. She said she can't play her game lying even though it's BB. Clay told her that not the way he wants to play, either.
  • They got alcohol and had a birthday party for John while we got fish.
  • Not that I think that marijuana is such a bad thing (except the illegality part -- I personally think it's less harmful than alcohol), but Jace said he has a medical marijuana card.
  • No wonder Judge Judy has such disdain for people in California with medical marijuana cards! 
  • Maybe Jace should just move to 'rado where it's legal.
  • Heehee.
  • Oh my gosh ... Becky had the nerve to shush Jace about the marijuana talk!
  • "No one shushes me except my mother!"
  • Jace is sure BB put Becky in the house to be his nemesis.
  • Heh. You go, Becky girl!
  • Meg doesn't think she can trust Audrey because Audrey's out there planting too many seeds.
  • Y'think?
  • Jace and Becky eventually made up. I don't see any future showmance, though.
  • Jeff and Jason really trust James. Most people think James is trustworthy.
  • Many are speculating about Audrey and her puppetmaster ways.
  • The target is still Jace this week.
  • If Audrey has her way, it might be Steve soon. She thinks Steve's bumbling socially awkward game is an act.
  • Hmm ...
  • They're still up (the High Rollers HoH bunch) -- Audrey, James, Jason, Jeff, Meg, Shelli.
  • But I'm out.
  • Go to bed, hamsters!
Likes to be in charge, second to Audrey

Not the strongest bond

Meg gets animated

There goes a very white butt

Now being targeted by Audrey

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening - June 27

Too cool to fool?

For the most part, this is yet another "stay up all night, sleep until BB forces them to get up" crew.  Most went to bed last night past 5am their time and didn't get up until past 11am. With no comps for the day and nothing really going on ... little went on. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • The Audrey conversation repeating ended up with Audrey blaming Da'Vonne. Everyone is now thinking she can't be trusted.
  • So much for the Girls Alliance.
  • Austin is (rightfully) scared that his Bro Boi Jace is going to go up on the block if (when) Steve saves himself with the veto.
  • They tend to think Steve is some kind of creeper eavesdropping on them all. It started when he was walking back and forth during their extended lock-in for the PoV comp. Audrey warned him that people thought he was either spying on them or too nervous to knock on the HoH door. He said it was for exercise.
  • Austin said he caught Steve listening at a door.
  • Don't they all do that at some time or another?
  • There was also talk that, before the feeds went live, Steve hid in (or behind) a trash can to eavesdrop.
  • I don't care. I like Steve.
  • For being such a loud dude, John is fairly quiet in the house and seems just about as much on his own as Steve.
  • Vanessa can't figure out if John would be a swing vote or a floater.
  • I'm not sure myself.
  • Vanessa and Da'Vonne think they're both outcasts and have vowed not to ever nominate each other.
  • Shelli spent too much time crying at Clay because Jace might be going home.
  • "I'll miss him so much! He's such a nice guy! I'm heartbroken!" Wah. Honk.
  • Clay told Shelli that he fits in the house because in his own life he finds it hard to trust people.
  • He should be distrustful. After he went into sequester, his home was burglarized. Wanna bet it was someone he knew who knew he wasn't around?
  • Clay doesn't know his house was burglarized. Shh. Don't tell him.
  • Clay told Shelli he doesn't trust James. I don't think I'd trust James, either. But I do find him more entertaining than I thought I would.
  • Clay was kicked out of the High Rollers.
  • He blames Da'Vonne and/or Audrey.
  • Meg was all over Clay in the hammock, not in a sex kind of way, just cuddly and agog.
  • Jace seems to be working on bad-mouthing Da'Vonne so that perhaps she goes up on the block instead of him.
  • When Jeff likened Austin, Liz and Jace to the Three Musketeers, Jason said they were more like the Three Stooges because at least the Three Musketeers showed some intelligence.
  • Ha.
  • Jace thinks they can get modeling gigs after the show.
  • Sorry, kiddo. Maybe Clay could. Cody did well last year. But, you're not quite in that league.
  • Steve and Vanessa talked about the Marcellas Move -- using his veto to save Amy in BB3, then getting the boot. We know Steve is smarter than that!
  • Audrey is a bit like a more active Amanda. She really pushes her mind control games. Now she's sucking up to Meg, telling her she's (Meg) got a great strategy because she's got all the guys underestimating her.
  • Meg buys the bull.
  • Both Meg and Audrey think Liz (Lizia?) would target them and she needs to be gone as soon as possible. Then Steve.
  • Say what? Stop picking on my Steve!
  • Ahem.
  • Steve, meanwhile, told James that he trusts him as everything he (James) said he would do, he did.
  • Steve is also worried about how being on BB might affect his grad school applications.
  • Unless he undergoes a radical personality change in the next three months, I'd say being on the show shouldn't hurt anything. He isn't saying or doing anything which would come back to haunt him in real life.
  • After James left, Steve turned to the camera and whispered to us that he doesn't trust James and is planning on throwing the HoH comp.
  • See why I like Steve?
  • They're trying to get more alcohol tonight, but I don't know if it's going to happen.
  • There. That's the day. How's them bananas?
  • Wait. Wait. Jace is now streaking around the house!
  • That ain't gonna save him.

Her future's so bright she needed shades

And then there were three

Almost Ian-like in hammock use

Oh, Clay! I'll miss Jace if he goes!

The nail polish on Clay's hand are from the nail party the other day. He keeps trying to peel it off.

Jace in all of his coolness. (Gah.)

He's lifting those weights with his stomach

I'm sure I'd break my back that way.