Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Big Brother 17: The Blog Pool Match-Ups!

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If you didn't make the cut-off to join in on the blog pool, feel free to just jump on the bandwagon for your favorite new BB17 captive critter!

Here's the random matchings that ORKMommy made along with a bit on how she did it:

Audrey - David, Chase, Orkmommy, Nicole K
Austin - Petals, Tammy, marthalight, Dr_Celine
Becky - Glenn, Jackie, Indiana Jane, Brian
Clay - FairieGoddess0714, QuixoticElf, DonnaNY, JonMD1267
Da'Vonne - jessica UNderwood, SueGee, Ed in Ohio
Jace - Becky in TX, CherylinNC, JOKATS
James - uncartie, Marlo, Jackie~juju
Jason - Witt, Sharon, WolfpackRed
John - Sasha, lynn1, clover
Liz - Skyriverblue, jo Chapman, monty924
Meg - Sharon S, Merrilee, MikesGirl
Shelli - Delee, Sharon N, chrob
Steve - KelseyNY, Carrie, K
Vanessa - Chacha, Heather Reyes, T-Town Chick

From ORKMommy: "All names were recorded in the order they entered the pool, then I put them through the list generator 3 times to randomize them.  I then went down the list and started assigning house guests, who are in alphabetical order.  1 in the random list went to Audrey, 2 in the list went to Austin, 3 went to Becky, and so on.  Once I got through Vanessa I started at the top and kept going until I ran out of names."
Remember ... the season premiere is 8pm ET tonight! The blog party will be AWN (as Monica Bailey BB2 would say)!


Dr_Celine said...

What about the two houseguests from The Amazing Race who will be joining the hamsters in the house???

Dr_Celine said...

And THANK YOU ORKMommy - I like who I have this year! :-)

QuixoticElf said...

Clay! Well, he's my Abby's favorite! (middle daughter age 14)

My girls also want to do a family pool! So, gotta do that this afternoon. Tried to convince them to put a dollar in for each draw, but they are savers and said "let's just do it for fun like the jackie blog!" lol

Chacha said...

I got Vanessa. One would think she could be a manipulator and big bluffer but I have a feeling she will be found out and have too loud of a mouth. I hope I am wrong!!!

FaerieGoddess0714 said...

Email from my sister
"You didn’t get us in the pool??!!?? You said you were! I cannot believe I left this up to you and u didn’t complete the task!!!!!!!!"

Sorry, Caela, I got in and you didn't. GO CLAY!!!!

Jackie said...

There are obviously two houseguests not announced -- 16 place settings, 16 Post-It notes in the promo I showed. There is a rumor that it could be Jackie and Jeffery from TAR, but no official announcement. We had to go with the 14 CBS has given us.

Oy, Caela!

Glenn said...

Thanks for putting me in the pool.

Nickelpeed said...

CRAP, I forgot. Can I be randomly put on one of them??? I'm sorry. If you can't, that's okay.

Please, please???

Thank you,


lynn1 said...

Thanks Ork. I got John which is OK by me. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be swimming solo fairly soon and that is OK too. I'm looking forward to hanging out in the BB pool for the rest of the summer.

Jackie said...

I can't add people -- it would be ORKMommy's call.

David said...

Penny, I think there were a few people also late on the original sign-up post. If there will indeed be 2 extra people, and ORKMommy is willing to fire up her Fantastical magical mystery randomizing machine again, maybe she can randomly assign those to the mystery HG's.

Just a thought. =)

Nicole K said...

Alright Audrey! Let's do this!!

uncartie said...

Ugh! I got stuck with James,a 30 yr old veteran who said getting on BB was his greatest accomplishment in life.@@ Probable hothead who was arrested 08/29/2014 for contempt of family court.

What have I done in life to deserve this?

monty924 said...

Ready for my favorite guilty pleasure. BB ROCKS!!

I've got Sloppy Joes and Ham and Cheese sliders over at the bar.

ORKMommy said...

If you didn't get in, go to the pool sign up post and leave a comment. This is for fun so I'd hate to leave anyone out!