Sunday, June 21, 2015

Big Brother 17: Get Yer Gossip on the Hamsters!

Before getting started here, I want to remind you if you wish to be in the blog pool, you need to sign up on this linked post. The cut-off is Tuesday at noon.

Okay, let's get to it!

The hamster whose Jeff interview wasn't showing, dentist John McGuire, actually did have the interview and, for some reason, it was only available if you went in through the live feeds link itself. So, I did. He's loud. I'm not sure how well he's going to get along with the others. He's another big fan of the show and not like Clay's discovering the show four months ago! But, more surprising, he does this:

Now, that I like! But, of course, he won't be allowed a guitar in the house.

Then come the mugshots ...

We know that BB17 thoroughly investigates the backgrounds of the hamsters, at least ever since BB2 Justin held the knife to Krista's neck. So, they know when incoming hamsters have arrests in their pasts. We've discovered that, even with no arrests in the past, some hamsters just go whacked in the house. 

First, let's talk Audrey Middleton. She's the new hamster with the big transgender news. My first impression of her was bad because she was chewing gum in the interview and seemed too confident. Now, had she been smoking pot prior to the interview, she might have been a bit more mellow.

Audrey - busted for pot

Then there's good ol' country hillbilly Asian dude, James. He had some contempt of court family court issues. Oy.

James' mugshot. Eek!

Lastly (as far as I know), we have Jace picked up on a disorderly conduct charge.

Chin up, Jace!

Back to good news ...

Remember I liked Austin much more than I thought I would? I like his dedication to the show even more since watching this long video from a few years back. He was the guest on this YouTube show discussing events in the BB15 house.

Your thoughts?


Sharon N said...

Guitar guy's music is enjoyable... but how will he behave without his 'equipment.' :D

Holy cow!! how did these people make it onto the show?
Maybe Grodner getting desperate and hoping for a little blood-n-guts for excitement this season? @@

David said...

I just thought of something. As has been pointed out by a few people elsewhere, they are going to have to eliminate the double evictions and have at least 2 people come back to make this 14 person cast last to the end of the season. Especially since they have indicated that 1 person will be evicted Thursday night. I am still thinking that there will be 2 more people added to the cast myself.

What will this do to the Blog Pool if we are suddenly faced with 16 instead of 14 people. Those poor 2 house guests will have no one rooting for them. I guess you could assign those whose name was drawn for the evicted Thursday HG to the new HG's if there are any. But if that HG eventually comes back in........... LOL, what a mess this could be.

David said...

Has anyone else taken a close look at the new kitchen island? They installed a Knee/shin/leg breaker in there. A steel I beam sticking out at a strange angle at just the wrong height.

monty924 said...

I like Austin too and I based it only on his interview with Jeff. Not the reason I like him, but he puts me in the mind of Dan with long hair and a beard, LOL! The rest of the cast seems dull to me. I'm hoping some big personalities emerge out of this bunch. Can't wait for Wednesday to get here.