Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening - June 28

She's too ON all the time for me!

Another day in Hamsterville. Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Confusion:
  • Since there was a group who stayed up well past 6am their time this morning, I didn't expect much action first thing.
  • And I didn't get much, either.
  • This bunch of hamsters have more alliances, side alliances, you name it going on that I'm in a constant state of confusion.
  • Austin and Vanessa talked about working together. She advised him to just let Jace go if he gets backdoored this week, not to put his game on the line.
  • Vanessa told Austin that she's sure that Clay and Audrey are working together and they're going to be hard to get out.
  • She thinks house meetings are risky and never end well.
  • She's right with that one.
  • Meanwhile, Audrey thinks that Vanessa told Austin about the backdoor Jace plan. She's brought Shelli and Clay into her web, like moths to a lamp.
  • Also going on -- Jeff and Da'Vonne talked about how Audrey needs to go but they think she has Jason and Clay brainwashed.
  • Now, we know that Jeff and Jason talked in the wee hours about how Audrey was running things and needed to be taken down.
  • Jace told Jeff he knows he's going to be backdoored.
  • Knowledge ahead of time didn't cool his reactions any.
  • After Steve saved himself at the PoV ceremony and James put Jace up, there was heck to pay.
  • He lit into James for betraying him, said he was embarrassing him in front of the world, his parents and well, the Universe.
  • James handled it well, didn't admit it was the plan from the get go and didn't implicate anyone else in his decision.
  • Jace cried to Shelli who cried to him. (It breaks her heart, y'know.)
  • Boohoo. SNIFFLE
  • For more than a few hours, Jace kept causing the feeds to go to fish as he kept deliberately singing and such.
  • Then he started making the rounds to plea his case to stay over Jackie.
  • He figures going to Jeff is a lost cause as Jeff won't go against Jackie.
  • Audrey called out Vanessa for repeating things said in confidence.
  • Like that never happens in the house.
  • Jace told Audrey he doesn't understand why she has so much pull in the house and people are scared of her.
  • "What? Little old me? I don't know what you're talking about."
  • Oh, geez. Jace wants to call a house meeting to see who threw him under the bus.
  • It's going to be a long four days ahead.

Nail polish almost gone

As Jace is laying into him

Happy their plan played out

Boohoo, Jace

Clay Candy


Cheryl Sherman said...

Clay candy....I love it...Jackie I just want to thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice over the summer for our BB enjoyment.You are the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing before bed. I hope you know how much your readers here appreciate all you do!

JOKATS said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrr Looks like I am going out in the 1st round..... (for the 1st time in YEARS :( Please don't try to resuscitate me, Jace is a putz & deserves to go!!!

JOKATS said...

Oh ps: Glad to be around again, Jackie (Jersey Girl)

Dr_Celine said...

Where has Joe been?

Chacha said...

Listening to the feeds last night was nauseating. Jace needs to go. Austin, IMO is needs to go soon as well. I was expecting him to be cool, but calling people nerds and such isn't so nice when you were a whistleblower for bullying. Besides, he and jace, along with others are here for exposure. I miss the days when the hamsters were here for game only.

Caela said...

JOKATS, yup looks like we will be out in the 1st round! I dont think that has happened to me before. But i agree Jace is a tool and he needs to go. He is just too loud and in your face!