Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Tuesday Daytime - June 30

And, laying a finger aside his nose

As I was trying to wrap up this morning's live feeds report, an enhanced kerfuffle was going down. It didn't quite get to the point of a brouhaha. Here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of Nobody Likes You:
  • Jace decided to call out Audrey in front of Jason, Da'Vonne and a few assorted others.
  • "You're a manipulator! You planned the backdoor!"
  • "No, everyone is scared of you!"
  • "No, they don't like you! No one likes you, Audrey!"
  • "You need your head examined! You have no self-awareness!"
  • And on and on.
  • No fisticuffs, though.
  • Now, WE know that Audrey's "allies" are now onto her playing everyone and being the source of information leaks.
  • But Jace and Audrey don't know.
  • And, it's gotten to the point in the house that just about everybody is skeptical of everyone else.
  • I personally doubt they'll let Audrey rule from her roost as long as Amanda did in BB15. At least Audrey occasionally gets out and mingles.
  • Jeff and James would like to get her out next week.
  • I'm not sure it's going to be all that easy.
  • Jace still wants to have a house meeting.
  • Yeah, like that will solve everything.
  • It's all but set in stone that Jace will go this week. Anything that comes up from a house meeting might be used against Audrey (or others) in the future, but can't save Jace's butt this week.
  • Austin and Jeff know that Clay is telling Audrey everything she might miss otherwise.
  • That probably won't bode well for Clay's game in the long run.
  • Liz told Austin that they're probably better off in their own games without Jace in the house. She also said that they can't be the only two who vote for him to stay or they'll be the next targets.
  • Jace told Steve that Audrey is a lunatic and he should avoid her.
  • Hey, at least all this drama takes the photo off my little buddy, Steve!
  • Then came the second wave of drama. This one came almost to the point of a brouhaha.
  • Da'Vonne pretty much got everyone going calling out Audrey.
  • Shout!
  • Roar!
  • You started all the rumors!
  • Jason joined in ... you started all the distrust!
  • And then Audrey cried.
  • Well, they did gang up on her.
  • She told Shelli that Vanessa was the mole, not her.
  • But she didn't defend herself until after Da'Vonne left the room.
  • Hey ... wasn't there something about a girls alliance this year?
  • Oh.
  • Never mind. Cancel that alliance.
  • Shelli and Clay seem to be the only ones willing to still work with Audrey.
  • Hmm.
  • Jason said Audrey is Amanda.
  • Too late. I said that days ago.
  • Jace once again tried to intimidate/shame Clay into going to his side.
  • Maybe he does indeed need his head examined.
  • Lots of pointing fingers about who the "mole" in the house.
  • Lots of distrust.
  • As it should be ...

Cowboy Clay Candy

John's mingling more

And the claws come out

Don't save the drama for your Mama!


monty924 said...

The blow up between the BIG alliance happened around 4:30 this afternoon (my time/1:30 BB time). Davonne walked in on Vanessa and Audrey in the HN room and it was AWN (to quote Monica). Shelli and Clay didn't do much to defend Audrey with the rest of that huge alliance, but they later had her back again... at least to her face.

JonMD1267 said...

Well MYLANTA that sounded like quite the little dust up HA.

Terry is a Texan! said...

wow big blow ups already? long summer ahead

monty924 said...

Very long... the Austin/Liz camp has now swung over to Audrey's side. No lie! I can't keep up with all of these alliances, pairs, individuals. It's crazy for the first week of feeds.

uncartie said...

Neither can I,Monty. It's like watching a never ending game of pong. Too many people way over thinking the game.

JonMD1267 said...

Now Jace is being a d*ck to Steve trying to intimidate him like Steve is the power player in the game pulling all the strings.

monty924 said...

Yes, he's being a class A A-hole to Steve. Jace needs to go home. My fav Austin and my pool girl Liz will do just fine without him in the house. Go home Jace!!

monty924 said...

Steve has no alliance in the house and is still trying not to be an outcast with the others and Jace is being a totally d*ck to him. I hope Steve votes him out for that reason alone.

JonMD1267 said...

Didn't you love Audrey when she said to Vanessa I don't trust you lol I was like girl the whole house busted you out, she is trying to work with you and you tell her NOPE lol. Then she tells Jace about what he should do and he does it lol. I really wish Steve would have just walked out instead of listening to him, I was yelling at him to leave the room, I felt bad for him.

David said...

I also felt bad for Steve. He should have walked out or even better laughed in his face. With the "this is all about me, I am the star here" attitude that Jace has, I think it would have sent him over the edge. He is bordering on the edge now of either blowing up or breaking down and crying.

Nickelpeed said...

Thank you, Jackie, Everyone!!! Boy, their all at each other's throats already!!!

Nick said...

These girls could give Libra/Keesha/April/Michelle a run for their money before the summer is over! Lots of strong personalities plus Audrey constantly stirring up trouble...Great recipe for us!