Sunday, June 28, 2015

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - June 28, 2015

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my off television topic reflection on the past week in both words and photos I've taken along the way. If you're amongst the folks here for my Big Brother television show and live feeds coverage, you can find those posts at this link. That show only lasts three months; this blog is here all year and this off topic post will appear every Sunday morning. Please feel free to skip it if you wish!

Now that that's out of the way, some random happenings from my week and an observation or two:
  • I'm tired. So tired. I'm coming off having a bug that ran rampant through my workplace and the BB17 blogging hit full blast this past week. Those darn hamsters need to sleep more!
  • Maybe I need to sleep more. Huh. No "maybe" about it -- I am lacking sleep.
  • My work week at my "real job" was chaotic once again. I hate chaos. I prefer to have a plan and not be torn in a gazillion directions at once. You get a gazillion things half-done and not a one thing done well. It's so inefficient and stressful. Something has to change.
  • Last night (during pouring rain storms) there was a woman on my train home who had fallen asleep and woke up to being alone in an empty train in the rail yard. She found her way to the last station on the line by walking on the tracks and caught the train. That will teach her to fall asleep on the train! And, here I thought my taking "I see dead people" photos of sleeping people on NJ Transit trains was a punishment for sleeping on trains!
  • My landlord sent me my new apartment lease "we're increasing your rent" letter. Another $5. That's so much better than the previous crook landlord who's currently serving time for federal ponzi scheme kind of charges. He used to up it $50 a month yearly.
  • That's about all I have for you. This past week has been full of stormy weather, stormy workplace, BB17 starting off at a gallop rather than a trot and a certain cat who thinks I need to have him on me for comfort. My apologies for posting so late this week.
Onto the photos -- clicking on an image will bring it up in a larger version.

Another workday done

At least I arrived home to grey skies but no rain on this day. Yet I had to carry my umbrella as I have had to do for most of June. I don't want to hear there's any "water deficit" around here! Plainfield Train Station.

Pretty planters

Hugo's Bar on Church Street in Plainfield always has pretty hanging flower planters. I've never been in the bar, though. 

Hibiscus bloom head on


And there it is full glory

Foraging for food

The chicory is thriving

At the Plainfield Train Station.

I see double dead people

I really should have taken another photo when the dude with the eyeglasses on fell over. Feet on the seat, snoring away. I hope they missed their stop!

I see dead people still

This one was on the lawn of the Plainfield Train Station. I guess ants and crawly things don't bother him.

Puffs of color

Roses are blooming again

On East Front Street in Plainfield.

More flowers outside of Hugo's Lounge

Lookin' at Lily

Lots of orange going on here.

Looking to the west

There should be sun!

The lilies usurp the sidewalk

On Berckman Street in Plainfield.

Vincent helps me with the blog

He's a big help. He thinks balancing on my shoulder purring while I try to write up a Big Brother live feeds report is helping me. 


Russ said...

I like the hibiscus shots... a lot! Your little "Foraging for food" friend has a visible facial expression...
Also, as if you didn't know, Vincent is more concerned with his comfort, not yours. If it makes him comfortable, then you, most certainly, must be comfortable too. Cat law...

Palmaltas said...

The shot of the hibiscus bloom head on is gorgeous. I hope you get some rest/sleep but how you'll do that with Big Brother on, I don't know.

Becky said...

There is only one (no two) words for all the flower pictures... absolutely gorgeous! Such vibrant colors.
Thank you for covering the feeds and then "feeding" us. I don't know how you do it.

Nickelpeed said...

Hope you start feeling better, Jackie!!!