Friday, July 03, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Into Friday pre-dawn - July 3

Before the live show

So, we have two women HoH to start out with this week until it gets dwindled to one HoH by the BoB. Here's what happened after the live show last night with those Big Brother House of Harried Hamsters:
  • They talked about what the "last laugh" Kathy Griffin BB Takeover might be, but none are coming close and they didn't have anything more than the teaser we saw at the end of the show. Vanessa had the closest guess in thinking it might have something to do with the votes. But the method and the actual WHAT it has to do was still in the air with her.
  • Audrey, after appearing normal during the show, continued to isolate herself from others and moped about the show.
  • I'd call her Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy, but I can't think of anything with an 'A.'
  • They also spoke of the missing BB Takeover sound clip during the show. It wasn't just us. Someone did an OOPS.
  • Jason berated himself for doing so poorly in the HoH comp.
  • Is it an act? Probably.
  • Jeff sought out Audrey and asked why she wasn't hanging out with everyone else. She told him that she's better off alone because everyone is against her.
  • Oh, sure, Audrey. Just hide away. That will make things so much better!
  • Audrey goes to tears and blamed any anti-Jeff talk on Jason (again). She also said she didn't start the (ill-fated) girls alliance. And she didn't throw Vanessa under the bus.
  • Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.
  • Audrey is a one-trick pony. Well, maybe two tricks. Instigate and deny.
  • Jason and Da'Vonne think they will be two of the nominations.
  • Ah, the screen says Nominations Today even though the two HoH don't even have access to their room yet!
  • Becky and Shelli talked about "the elephant in the room" -- AKA, Audrey. Neither want to really talk to her. Shelli doesn't want to hurt her feelings. But both think "the house" wants something done about Audrey.
  • Shelli does not want Clay to go on the block.
  • Of course she doesn't!
  • We could have predicted that.
  • It's sounding like Becky wanted to win HoH to go against Audrey because others told her that Audrey said she was a racist bigot.
  • Somehow I missed that.
  • They decided that neither Clay nor Jackie will be nominated by either of them.
  • Once again, no food comp -- the two HoH chose the Have Nots.
  • They chose Steve, Meg, James and Jason. I'm not sure the reasoning, except that none of them were Have Nots last week. I'd think it was a fairness thing so no one suffers two weeks in a row.
  • They should have put Audrey in there.
  • But I bet they have far better plans for Audrey this week!
  • Becky told Jason that she might put him up with Steve.
  • She wants Audrey to go home, though.
  • As if Audrey isn't going to see through a backdoor plan from the get-go.
  • Who wants to see my HoH room?
  • Eh, seen one, seen 'em all.
  • Jackie, like Jace, immediately recognized the hinky vote for her was Audrey.
  • Austin told Audrey she probably won't go on the block, but get backdoored.
  • Well, duh.
  • If she doesn't expect it at this point, she needs to put on her cheap sunglasses and isolate herself in bed.
  • Again.
  • Clay told Audrey that they're all flipping the house against Da'Vonne.
  • Hmm.
  • I don't see that happening even though John said he was leery of working with Da'Vonne because she's cocky.
  • Then we had fish for an extended period.
  • Oh my.
  • Nominations are indeed in.
  • Shelli nominated John and Da'Vonne. Becky nominated Steve and Jason.

After the live show

Yet another alliance?

Steve, more popular than he thinks

Becky, HoH for now

Shelli, HoH for now


jessica UNderwood said...

Audrey needs to go! She's so flakey!

ITCHY said...

Not Steve and Jason. Need my geek infusion for the summer.

Petals said...

I love STEVE !

Chacha said...

I am not a fan of Jason at all. I do like Steve! I am not a fan of Becky either, maybe because I never see her.
I have to wonder how BB will skew production and have this takeover to keep Audrey in the house.

Nancerella said...

Antagonistic Audrey!

Witt said...

Don't these folks ever learn??? Coming on so strong in WEEK ONE????

Carol Calvin said...

Anxious Audrey? Anti-something Audrey?

Dawn Scott said...

annoying Audrey...... Please take her out!

uncartie said...

Jason and Steve won BOTB. Nominees are now Da'vonne & John leaving Shelli as HOH.

Chacha,Audrey please pick up the white production courtesy phone on line 7 :)

This just in: Kristin Wiig will play Audrey in BB17 The Movie based on her character "Gilly"

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that Davonne might be leaving? I liked her I the beginning but now she has gotten a little too cocky and I believe they will want her gone as well.

Anonymous said...

I think Becky looks a little like a young Hillary Swank.

uncartie said...

Steve, Meg, and Cay picked for POV. Day'vonne is now Shelli's target.

monty924 said...

I really dislike Clay. He just reminds me of Shane way too much.

David said...

This is all about Clay wanting Da'vonne out for that stupid blow-up they had. The worst part is it was caused by Audrey but Clay can't let it go. I hope Da'vonne wins veto so they can get Audrey out as their back up target.

uncartie said...

John wins POV

Sharon N said...

Shelli tried to talk John into NOT using the POV on himself.. so she can get Da'Vonne out.
Smart man... he didn't go for it!
Now it might be Liz because 'she's popular enough that nobody will vote her out.'
hmmmm... there's a lot of time between now and then, and someone could get got!

uncartie said...

Those who will definitely not be going up R jacky clay Becky and Jeff

uncartie said...

Oh and meg

Anonymous said...

How about "annstigator" Audrey - a mash of annoying instigator?