Saturday, July 04, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Saturday - July 4

(Hot) Tub Talk

I hope everyone has great plans for the holiday weekend! I will be posting, but it might be a bit more brief than usual. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pampered Pigs:
  • From my last update, you know that Steve and Jason won the Battle of the Block. Shelli is the sole HOH now and the nominees are John and Da'Vonne. John won the Power of Veto.
  • Yeah, all that happened in one day!
  • While many have been saying Audrey, Audrey, Audrey as the person who needs to leave, it's not looking good for Da'Vonne.
  • And, she wouldn't have to be backdoored ... she's already up on the block!
  • Audrey might still go up on the block when/if John saves himself. But then it would be an epic battle between Audrey and Da'Vonne.
  • Audrey is better at manipulating people (even though people are onto her ways).
  • Da'Vonne is pretty outspoken and plays a rather emotional excitable game at times.
  • However, it's looking more like they might just put up a pawn (like Meg, for example) to go after Da'Vonne.
  • Clay and Shelli tried to convince John not to use the veto. (They really want Da'Vonne out).
  • I don't think he's that dumb even though he might sound that way!
  • Then they talked about putting Liz up as the pawn.
  • At least they can't put Steve up as the pawn again!
  • Austin is spreading the word that he's sure Audrey is America's Player.
  • Um ... let me think about that one ... NO. She's not.
  • While everyone else napped, Steve was a bit uneasy and quite awake. He spoke to us saying that he thinks he should tell Shelli his vote will be with her decision.
  • Steve said that no matter what happens, he has a great life to go home to.
  • Of course, he's not going anywhere this week!
  • The others eventually got up and spent lots of yard time in the late night hours.
  • I'm pretty sure the yard is going to be unavailable to them for most of today's holiday as they usually lock them inside on the 4th.
  • Austin helped Lizia work out kinks in her back, then did the same for Da'Vonne.
  • Jason talked about how wrong it is that a good person like Da'Vonne may go home.
  • They dressed up the inflatable giraffe and harassed the poor thing.
  • Steve took the giraffe and dangled it from the second floor railing, threatening to drop it unless a ransom is paid.
  • James rescued the giraffe and performed CPR on it.
  • Y'see what I've been dealing with?
  • I think the PoV ceremony probably won't be until tomorrow.
  • But things aren't looking good for Da'Vonne.

Steve didn't keep his prom 'do

It's not looking good for Da'Vonne

But, it looks a bit better for Audrey

The giraffe should file charges

Austin arrests Lizia ... or not

Gals on couches


Cheryl in NC said...

If Shelli were smart she would put up Audrey and say here ya go house vote out who you want...and let the girls fight it out.haha

uncartie said...

I'm fairly certain that Liz is the one going up as a pawn.

Anonymous said...

I just understand what this game has become, in the earlier shows people thought for themselves and voted how they wanted too, now you almost must vote the way the house wants meaning to me a 12-14 people alliance. Now the game has become so predictable. Davonne, Jace, and Audrey came into the game so vocal and cocky, what made them think that, that was a good strategy. Davonne making such a big deal about someone snooping and now she is possibly on her way out. You see Audrey figured it out, to keep her mouth shut and now she'll probably get to stay.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if anyone goes up other than Audrey, DaVonne surely will know that her goose has been cooked.

Witt said...

I'd still vote for Annoying Audrey before Da'Vonne. I hope John takes himself off...don't be a Marcellas!

Delee said...
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Delee said...

Has the phone been ringing?
Davonne and Audrey on the block would make some excitement in the cage!

Have a marvelous 4th of July everyone!!!

Becky said...

Happy 4th of July, everyone. If Shelli were smart she would do exactly what Cheryl said. Put up Audrey and let the best talker win.

uncartie said...

Shelli is now thinking of putting Meg up as a replacement.

Terry is a Texan! said...

that is a good many times is the phone rang?

Terry is a Texan! said...

that was supposed to be HAS the phone rang

uncartie said...

The phone won't ring until after the POV ceremony and the final noms are set.

New Alliance formed: Shelli, Jackie, Johny Mac, Jeff and Clay.

Patti in Oklahoma said...

Does Jeff ever shut up???

uncartie said...

Welcome to the we hate Jeff club,Patti. He's so annoying with his non-stop what-if scenarios playing over and over.

monty924 said...

Does Jeff ever start a sentence without the word "DUDE"?