Sunday, July 12, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Sunday Dawn - July 12

Not presently a target, for now

Good morning, hamster watchers! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Can You Limbo Lower, How Low Can You Go?:
  • Oh my gosh, just put him up on the block and tell him, "It sucks to be you or to be around you. You're on the block!"
  • The whole night was spent with Vanessa talking to one person after another when all she (and Austin) want to do is put Jeff on the block to replace John when John takes himself off with the veto.
  • Ad nauseam  
  • I bet you thought I didn't know my Latin, huh?
  • Lots of heart to heart full of game strategy talks.
  • Jason says that the game is a lot more fun to watch at home than to be in the house. The game is their lives while in the house.
  • Well, duh.
  • That's why most people with common sense would never go inside there!
  • While a bunch of them bad-talked each other (Audrey talked about Jason betraying her, etc.), Jeff is still the focus.
  • As people are being individually talked to in the HoH Room, Jeff continued to trash Audrey.
  • He thinks Audrey is the target.
  • She's not.
  • Jason said to others that it really doesn't make any difference to them that Audrey's transgendered -- there are a million of them around -- but her gameplay makes them want her out.
  • Steve is relieved that there's no one like Nicole this season. He wouldn't want a crush on a girl in the house.
  • Austin told Vanessa that he thinks there might be a special deal for Jeff and Jackie due to TAR.
  • Jeff is the target, yet the pussyfooting around went on most of the night.
  • Vanessa did do some strategic talking, for sure.
  • She told Clay that Jeff had been working against him while supposedly working with him.
  • Later, when confronted by Clay about it, Jeff claimed it to be a strategy move to expose others.
  • @@
  • There was a Gronk Party alert ... they had to make togas for a toga party.
  • Woot woot
  • Jason thinks he's the "straightest gay man" ever on Big Brother.
  • Oh, give me a break.
  • The questioning went on and on.
  • And on.
  • Another Gronk Party alert! It's a Limbo Party!
  • Woot woot
  • Finally, Austin and Vanessa talked to Jeff, bringing up the lies and how he's thrown Austin under the bus. And, Clay, too.
  • I don't care about Clay. He can actually go away.
  • I'm not really thrilled with Austin. I expected better gameplay from him.
  • The PoV Ceremony shouldn't be until tomorrow.
  • Although Jeff is trying to talk his way out of his woes, I cannot see him NOT going up in place of John.
  • We'll see.

Twins twist fail

I want to know how cold it really is there!

Audrey is so color-coordinated

Johnny Mac can indeed relax

Limbo party!


Cheryl in NC said...

Why does everything have to be an entire house discusion.Just put up who you want to put up already and be done with it. Besides I thought you were not supposed to tell people you were putting them on the block...geez

David said...

What is with production manipulating the twin twist. Julia is hostile to those out of power right now and Liz is more friendly to those out of power ATM. Yet Julia was in game all week until Thursday evening then Liz took over. But that only lasted almost 2 days and Julia took over again on Saturday. I know production wants to keep them both in the house but this is getting ridiculous and cost Da'Vonne a chance to campaign to the other twin.

This looks to me like an alliance manipulation. Forcing Liz to go with Julia's decisions on alliances and people they hang with. Either they should be in there for equal amounts of time or Liz, the original applicant, should be in there more. Not the dragged along twin.

Petals said...

Agree David!

I cannot stand Vanessa. I loathe everything about her, from her Bret Michaels look to her 24/4 talking(ok, it may be 22/4 since she did take a nap). She talks more than any other HG I can remember, and it is ALL game, ALL THE TIME.
Clay & his Aunt Shelli seem to still be pulling the strings, tho from their downstairs bed. Even Austin goes mincing up to them to ask "should he" this or "can he" that.
The game looks like it is not fun for Lizia - they seem confused, bored & irritated. This sure isn't the fun twin show they had originally come to LA to be on.
You nailed it with Becky - she knows she's floating, but no one wants to commit to her. Must suck for her to know that, too.
I LOVE my "geeks": J*Mac, Steve, Meg, Jason and even James. (and duh -everyone knows that geeks are cooler, anyway)
Meanwhile, Jackie is a Bigfoot. Well, no - more people have seen Bigfoot.
Yet I'll keep watching, hoping for things to change.

Sharon N said...

Probably difficult to do, but I kind of wish BB would bring in hamsters who have ZERO knowledge of the show. Don't give them access to the previous season's videos.

Maybe bringing the show back to the way it was the first couple of seasons would add the spice/conniving we all keep hoping for... instead of the mob "house wants" mentality we are getting now.

~~Silk said...
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~~Silk said...

Video by Nick Uhas on why yawning is contagious (6:37 long). It's actually pretty good.