Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - July 7

Audrey feet and Johnny Mac

The pre-eviction doldrums are in full effect. Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Last Laughs and Twisted Twins:
  • The Lizia rumors are rampant throughout the house.
  • I like how Jeff told Clay and Shelli that Jason was the first one to bring it up and "now even Da'Vonne is onto it."
  • We know it was all Da'Vonne figuring it out.
  • It's a shame she told Jason and he opened his big mouth.
  • I believe the only ones not in on the Lizia differences talk are Lizia and Austin.
  • Jeff talked about how dumb Austin is to be with her so much and not notice.
  • They speculated on who might have the Last Laugh. They do know that it has something to do with three votes at eviction.
  • Lots of talk about past seasons, most notably BB5 which had twins.
  • Meanwhile, Da'Vonne, only to the cameras is trying to figure out which three votes to cancel.
  • Of course, if they all vote like the sheeple they are, she'll still go home no matter what.
  • Audrey just can't lay low and be quiet. Once again, she's trying to stir things up ... she told Clay that the people he's working with are throwing him under the bus.
  • Why does she feel she needs to get involved?
  • It's not like she's a special friend of Clay's since they had their blow-up.
  • Steve pondered why everyone wears their sunglasses inside.
  • So do I. It's odd. That and all the winter hats indoors. Have they no control over the thermostat? Is BB freezing them out?
  • The HoH camera came out and Shelli wrote her HoH blog entry.
  • Whoopie.
  • In addition to constantly being on an anti-James kick, Austin has added anti-Steve to his repertoire.
  • Audrey thinks she's being bullied. Oh, cry me a river. 
  • It looks like Da'Vonne may have gotten Vanessa in her corner. She needs a lot more.
  • Of course, Jason was already planned to be her sole vote to stay.
  • We'll see. 

Jeff tells Chelli about Lizia

Slop has contorted Jason

Interest: real or fake?

Steve is having a ball


monty924 said...

Da isn't rolling over and playing dead yet. I think she could swing it, but she would have had an easier time if she would have kept her mouth shut (and by proxy, Jason would have kept his shut) about Lizia. We will see. Either way, the twins twist is a bust now. Sigh...

David said...

I saw Da'Vonne telling Liz/Julia that a bunch of people were talking about her being a twin, not her of course she said, trying to get her vote and by proxy help her get Austins vote to stay. So she is trying but I don't think it will help. So I guess everyone but Austin knows about the twins twist and that others know.