Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Into Wednesday Morning - July 8

"Some sites put up bad screenshots."

Another day (well, night) in the lives of captive hamsters. What can I say? Here's what happened in the late night and overnight hours inside that Big Brother Home for Misfit Toys:
  • Steve and Jason finally bonded some, initially over the fact that they're both such superfans of the show. Neither expected anyone else with such deep knowledge of BB.
  • Both have been dreaming about being on BB since they were ten years old.
  • When I was ten, I dreamed there was a volcano in the backyard.
  • Those things are kind of the same when you think about them.
  • Vanessa told Chelli that she's letting Da'Vonne think she might throw a vote to save her.
  • She also said, although she didn't trust Audrey the way she once did, she would be willing to align with her.
  • Steve went and told Vanessa about Lizia. I was surprised no one else had told her yet. It seems everyone except Lizia and Austin know the twins are figured out. Later he told Becky. Why am I thinking these folks already had been told? Maybe because it spread through the house like wildfire after Da'Vonne made the mistake of telling Jason.
  • Jason is the only one who's actually giving Da'Vonne credit for noticing the differences in Lizia.
  • Steve is working his strategy -- he's had more than a few other people he's played his "awkward socially" bit with and they're volunteering to help him by letting him know when he's getting annoying or too much. He now has Becky in his corner, by morning he'll have Jason.
  • Austin said he would leave the house before cutting his hair as a punishment.
  • They had the evening"podcast."
  • Most studied intently as Lizia answered questions.
  • Audrey was also interviewed. She claimed to be an astronaut, but then admitted it was only in her head.
  • So she was deemed a space cadet.
  • Lizia thought the podcast seemed very uncomfortable, like there was a different mood tonight.
  • Ha. Maybe that's because everyone was studying her and her answers!
  • Jason and Steve were the last ones up, talking show fandom until dawn.
  • Jason thinks that Jace is in sequester and BB has an extra week planned so the second twin could join in on the show. He believes Jace is sequestered to come back in if the twins go bust.
  • I believe he's wrong. Jace has been on the evicted interview circuit and those sequestered usually can't be interviewed -- they just disappear.
  • By the way, many of the interviews corner Jace about bullying Steve. He regrets that he did it.
  • That doesn't make it better in my mind.

The podcast grew restless

They all studied Lizia

Definitely not a space cadet

Yes, he can smile!

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Chacha said...

I am just shocked that these HG are still thinking of targeting Audrey instead of getting out Liz.
Jason as a super fan should know to do this.