Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - July 15

Jeff's no bro of mine!

Jeff's been telling a spool of lies and getting caught up in each and every one of them. Jeff is the new Audrey. (Although Audrey is back to her instigating bit by bit herself.) Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of The Loquacious HOH Lassie:
  • Vanessa clued Austin in on a tale Audrey told that she (Audrey) is in an alliance with Chelli.
  • Truth or fiction?
  • After all, Audrey has started planting those seeds once again.
  • Austin went into a long talk about his Masters degree and claimed he's never been able to get close to anyone (such as a woman in a relationship).
  • Now, the Masters bit might be real. But didn't he say he had the love of his life at home waiting? 
  • He wasn't wearing his Judas hat.
  • Austin told her that his strategy was to eliminate all the guys.
  • Huh. I thought it was Jason who wanted to work with the girls!
  • Shelli thinks her name is being thrown around.
  • Well, yeah. It is. It should be!
  • More than one person is leery of the Chelli duo remaining intact.
  • Plus, you've got Audrey claiming an alliance with Chelli.
  • The Boy Toy just might be Shelli's death knell in the house.
  • Eventually.
  • It has now dawned on Austin and Vanessa that they probably can't rely on or trust Audrey.
  • D'oh!
  • Once again, they're thinking Audrey is America's Player.
  • We ain't got no steenkin' player in this Habitrail! Sheesh.
  • Now they have doubts about Chelli, too.
  • They know that John will be voting to keep Jeff. They thought Becky would.
  • But, Becky talked with Vanessa about all the lies Jeff has told and said she'd be voting for him to go.
  • Shelli told Vanessa and Clay that the Diary Room was giving her subtle hints to keep Jeff.
  • Hmm.
  • Despite Jeff's campaigning and (perhaps) Diary Room hinting, it looks like Jeff will be out tomorrow.
  • He's burnt too many bridges.
Home alone? Nope.

Pooped out party animals

Look! Her mouth is closed!

Is Steve working a strategy?

Jeff lies and I know it

What? Is the thrill gone?

Is he Judas now?


monty924 said...

I think if I were in the house and know what I know from the feeds, I'd get Jackie out of there too. Just before the feeds went to BBAD, she admitted or quite frankly told Jeff that she's not doing anything until Jury Time. She's playing the classic floater game and will not fight to win an HOH unless she wins by a crap shoot fluke. That's a person I would want out of the game. Floaters grab a life-vest, LOL

monty924 said...

Chelli in the little side room by the BR acting like they are holding court. No lie! They brought Meg in and now Jackie. They both act like they are still HOH this week. I seriously dislike those two.

JonMD1267 said...

I love how everyone gets so offended when people talk trash about them in the game. I saw Jackie say that as well and was like poor Jeff i'm sure he loved hearing that. Then everyone gets tucked when people ask them for a vote then get ticked because the person didn't ask them for a vote. What happened to the down low alliance.

JonMD1267 said...

I know Monty they need to break up the couples Id love a twiins and Clay/Shelli combo nom with one each put up on each side.