Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday into the evening - July 6

It's nice to see Da'Vonne smile

Okay, hamster watchers! Today was a big day! The PoV ceremony was held and the Kathy Griffin BB Takeover calls came in. And, one person figured out there's a set of twins playing in the house. Let's get to it:
  • For the PoV ceremony, there were no surprises -- John saved himself and Shelli replaced him with her pawn Meg.
  • The day started off with Da'Vonne beginning to accept the inevitable -- she'd be going home on Thursday.
  • But her day improved.
  • At that point, they still had nothing on the Last Laugh. Da'Vonne didn't think whatever it is can save her. 
  • I personally would rather see Meg go.
  • She's less entertaining.
  • Even though Steve and Da'Vonne had a long game talk, Steve reported back to Shelli and told her he'd still be voting her out.
  • Sigh. I realize Steve is sort of grasping straws as no alliance has welcomed him with open arms.
  • However, I hope he realizes that he's not really in with them. They're using him.
  • Da'Vonne told Jason that she's sure Liz has a twin playing the game -- one day the face is fuller, the eyes are different, chin different, different personalities, etc. BINGO!
  • Jason passed it off to James as Da'Vonne having a conspiracy theory.
  • I'm seeing differences, but I don't know which twin is which. 
  • Later on in the day, Jason took it more seriously and thinks she's onto something.
  • Right now Da'Vonne wants to keep it quiet. She's trying to figure out how to use it as leverage.
  • Austin again spoke about James being his target. He claims James has a problem with him. But it's Austin I keep seeing talking about James, not vice versa!
  • The live feeds were blocked for the Last Laugh phone calls
  • They seem to know that the calls have something to do with three votes.
  • They don't know who got the lucky call.
  • We do.
  • Da'Vonne got call number seven.

Audrey out of hiding

Lizia and Steve

Da'Vonne talking twin swapping

John without his grey plaid pj pants

Has been made by Da'Vonne

Oh, aren't I adorable?


monty924 said...

I hope Da and Jason can use the info they have to swing Lizia over to their side with Austin and Vanessa. They would only need one more vote to save Da. I agree with you Jackie. Da is more entertaining than Meg. At least to me!

Laura said...

So what is the deal with the 7th call? Does she get to save a nominee? I saw the show but can't remember.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you Jackie

~~Silk said...

Wil Heuser has BB17 episode 2 up:

There are three Wil videos for BB 17 so far.

~~Silk said...

Laura - whoever answered the seventh call gets to prevent/negate the votes of any three other people.

Sharon N said...

The 3-vote "benefit" would be a lot more effective/interesting if we had players that would think for themselves and not be like last year's lemmings.

monty924 said...

I think it's all a total bust anyway. Jason already spilled the beans to Meg about the twins. Genius move there Jason... NOT! Meg is on the block against your girl. Duh!!

Anonymous said...

"Da'Vonne got call number seven."

Who'd a-thunk it?

David said...

Since at this point Da'Vonne doesn't know she got the lucky call I would call this takeover a total bust. If they were smart, which they obviously are not, they would tell her in DR that she was the winner and this would give her a target number to shoot for.

She seems to be resigned to her fate at this point thinking someone else won it. Lets get some action going in there and tell her so she can at least try to muster up some support.

monty924 said...

I agree David, but it was still totally stupid on Jason's part to spill the twins to Meg. They do know that "someone" will get to nullify 3 votes so why would you shoot yourself in the foot before you know if Da or even yourself had the correct call? It's just not smart game play and Jason is supposed to be a super fan. @@

~~Silk said...

They do know that someone gets to nullify three votes? Did BB tell them? If you know that, even without knowing exactly who, I would think they'd be running numbers and hoping the -3 would happen to come out in their favor.

Nickelpeed said...

When they introduced the twins, I mentioned that I didn't think they looked exactly alike. Julia is thinner and splits her hair up higher. Liz's hair is split further down on her head. If you look really close, Julia is slightly taller than Liz. She has a thinner, more oblong face. Julia also has a lower voice than Liz. This whole thing has been interesting. I figured someone would figure it out sooner or later. I noticed the thinner face right out. The voice, I noticed when watching a video of them talking.