Thursday, July 02, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Thursday - July 2

Enjoying the feast

I've had some connectivity issues with Blogger trying to get this post up, so it might be a bit short and sweet. (Grr.)
  • The ants have made their way into the refrigerator. I didn't know they could survive cold temperatures!
  • Meg and James talked about Audrey. He told her how Audrey told him that Jeff is after him. She assured him that wasn't the case.
  • They decided it's all Audrey trying to create distrust and planting those seeds once again.
  • After first suggesting The Fonz for Steve's new makeover persona, they decided Stefan.
  • Jace worked on James trying to get him to vote Jackie out.
  • I doubt that will work.
  • Along with the prom, they're doing a talent show -- Vanessa and Da'Vonne do a mime routine, Liz and Jeff do cheerleading, John and Becky do a skit ... and so on.
  • Wait. Where's Audrey?
  • Oh. In bed with her sunglasses on.
  • Go figure.
  • Jace isn't at the prom, either. He must not have been able to get a date. Maybe Geek Squad McGee stole his date.
  • It was Skittle-decided that Jeff and Meg were the King and Queen of the prom.
  • A good time was had by all.
  • Except Audrey.
  • And Jace.
  • James told Jeff that Jace has been running around throwing him (Jeff) under the bus.
  • We know that's mostly at Audrey's direction.
  • Ew. John went to Audrey's room and hugged her because he knew she was upset.
  • Mind you, he's not one of her minions.
  • Stay away from her, Johnny Mac! She'll taint your game!
  • Oh ... I forgot to mention that the Have Nots could take part in the super feast that BB gave them after midnight.
  • Jace claims the only thing he's gotten out of BB is a new pair of shoes.
  • As it should be.
  • Don't forget ... the first live eviction will be tonight 9pm ET! Be here for the blog party and bring beverages!

After dinner rest

After the prom

Mmm ... tasty!

All alone while the others party down

Everybody but Audrey was there


SueGee said...

Since I have only been able to read your blog and watch one show (so far) thanks for keeping me up to date!!! Hope to make the pool party tonight.

SueGee on the LeftCoast

PS I know someone that found ants frozen into the ice in a freezer once-upon-a-time

Petals said...

I think Austin is hot. I usually don't like that big muscle thing, but he's tall and he looks European.

Chacha said...

I just can't seem to get into this group of hamsters. Hopefully it will get better for me.

David said...
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David said...

I am just sick of this all Audrey talk all the time in the house. She is my pool pick but she needs to go. I can't believe Shelli actually brought her a plate of the delivered feast and a drink. If she wants some, get up and get it herself. Steve was also there asking if she needed anything.

At least she will have no choice but to get up today with the live show, rehearsals, and HoH going on.

uncartie said...

Should we start a pool on how long before Audrey,the girl you wish you never got into an alliance with,amps up her drama and threatens to self-evict? For a while I thought it might happen last night. While everyone else,except Jace,were having a fun evening,Audrey laid in bed and sulked. There were 2 cameras on her for the longest time even though she was doing nothing but laying there and then all of a sudden both were gone.

There was a comment on Jokers about that time "Thu 1:28 AM BBT at 12:44 am John came to Audrey in bed, asking if he could give her a hug. She responded sounding upset, that she wasn't having a good time.
Shelli was nearby, and asked what was wrong. She climbed into bed. Audrey asked her to take off her mic. Hard to hear, but seems like Audrey said she wanted to quit. Shelli suggested she talk to the psychologist. BB tells Shelli not to obstruct her mic. Feeds switch. (Cam 3)"

I pity the house if she wins HOH. I pity the new HOH's if she doesn't :)

Chacha said...

Maybe if Audrey is gone I will start to enjoy the hamsters more. I am so sick of Audrey talking or being talked about 24/7.
on the flipside she really is playing this game, maybe too much

Lili said...

I hope Audrey stays in the house awhile, I find her more interesting than some of the other hamsters. But she has made two critical errors...playing/manipulating too hard too fast too widespread. And sitting out a huge house social event like the prom.

She needs to cool her jets, rebuild trust, practice some discretion, be pleasant, low key, and social, and then win HOH and sit back and watch all the hamsters offer suddenly to work with her.

The perceived house villain changes rapidly in the BB house. If Audrey can survive a couple of weeks people will turn their attention elsewhere.

monty924 said...

I'm not sure Audrey can lay low and be low key. It doesn't seem to be in her DNA. I remember Dad doing a fantastic job of it when he was the next one out the door, but Dan had help from us and help from Jerry. Jerry calling him Judas was a turn off to HGs like Renny, Keesha, Libra, Memphis, etc and it solidified that other side of the house. I just don't see that happening with Audrey. I think, at this point, only a twist will help Audrey. We will see...

monty924 said...

*Dan - not Dad :))

Stormy said...

If Production wants to keep Audrey, Audrey will stay. The "twist" as they call it is a way to control the game. They have a lot to do with the players and how long they stay. Will not take long to figure out who is their "pets".

Petals said...

Someone on some site mentioned that the game tonight is Plinko, and that Audrey will get the chips with magnets drawing her chips toward the big money.
Yes, a production conspiracy theory at work. Which Jackie hates, but kinda makes the
game more interesting for me.

uncartie said...

I agree Monty. Audrey seems to be wired for high drama or has some sort of personality disorder. Paging Dr Drew!

David said...

I have seen production let Audrey, and to a lesser extent Jace, get away with some stuff they do not let the others get away with the last few days. So let the conspiracy theories begin.

I have also noticed that Audrey still grabs her mic when she is spreading rumors, even from her bed, so production will not yell at her and bring attention to her while still creating chaos. So I am not sure how much of this "pity poor me" is an act, and how much is not.

uncartie said...

Perfect Petals! Me love production conspiracy theories.

monty924 said...

LOL, I love the last few comments. I watched RHAP last night and something came out of it that makes perfect sense to me. Evidently Audrey is quite a Reality Online Gamer and she probably thought the BB house would be easy in terms of manipulation. Problem, and a BIG problem, is she's playing with actual human being inside the actual house and she didn't account for that. Obviously! Really looking forward to tonight's show. Heading out to fire up the grill. There may be steaks involved. :))