Monday, July 13, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Monday Dawn - July 13

Chelli on the hammock

Gronk. Gronk. Who wants a party? No one, really. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pooped Partiers:
  • Y'know, I can appreciate Vanessa's game moves and her plan. I understand why she's targeting Jeff and not Audrey.
  • She also needs to stop with the "at the end of the day" phrase. If I never hear that on Big Brother again, I certainly won't miss it. 
  • Where her big problem with me is that she keeps on talking and talking. First, why bother even letting Jeff know he's a target? Just slap him up on the block. Second, when talking to people (if she feels she must), just state the case once. If there's no chance the other person will change her mind, move along.
  • Didn't I say 'ad nauseam' before? I say it again. (I love showing off Latin phrases.)
  • It was so bad that I found a teeth conversation with Johnny Mac, Lizia and Steve more interesting.
  • Steve brought his retainer, but hasn't been wearing it.
  • Don't you love all these insider bits?
  • Heh.
  • Austin has been playing the "I didn't know Audrey wasn't her target" bit with Jeff.
  • But his relationship with Jeff has broken down nonetheless as it's been brought up that Jeff talked about backdooring him.
  • Although Jeff denied throwing Austin under that reality bus, it's there. 
  • More fuel for the Oust Jeff Movement.
  • Vanessa told Shelli she doesn't think Steve knows about the twins.
  • Duh. Everyone in the house knows!
  • And, what about them taking Steve into their alliance? It shows that he's really not IN with them. (As I knew all along.)
  • The Gronk Parties partied on.
  • As decided by online fans, they played a game of Truth or Dare.
  • Johnny Mac came up with a unique strategy for nominations -- he'd set up in the bathroom and the first two people who didn't turn the Occupied sign around get nominated.
  • I'm liking him a lot more than I thought I would. He doesn't take these things so seriously and he is comic relief at times. Despite the way he talks, he does seem to know his dentistry and is generally pretty smart and observant.
  • Nothing of any great consequence happened. I think we'll still see Jeff being named as the replacement nominee for John at today's PoV ceremony.
  • I wish they hadn't decided to "tell" him -- they didn't come out and blatantly say it because that's against the rules, but they "told" him anyway. 
  • I would have preferred a true blindside brouhaha tonight!

They're still Lizia to me

Gronk Party noisemakers

Has she got a ruthless side?

Such delicate painted nails

Talking teeth

Gronk Party, dudes!

Superfan's expectations destroyed


Petals said...

I timed CSpan (van) talking at JMac & then to Becky. Mind you, this was AFTER I'd already dubbed her CSpan for her non-stop boring diatribes all. day. long. Anyway, JMac was subjected to exactly 40 minutes and 11 seconds of her talking. He spoke twice, using 11 words.
Becky made-out a little easier: 29 minutes, then when she was allowed to speak, she seemed to actually enjoy the human interaction. Becky is so ignored, she was starved, and eagerly accepted CSpan's request for a "talk". BB saved her with a Gronk.
CSpan's motor-mouthing is one for the record books. I cannot remember anyone, anywhere that talks as much - non stop - for so long. That she isn't even a little hoarse is shocking.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Lizia had to make it to week 5 without being found out....did I mis something? Are they allowed to be found out but not evicted?

Jackie said...

Anon - She/they just need to be not evicted. The rules don't seem to cover their cover being blown and being kept in the house by others. So, technically, everybody can know and, if they make it past the 5th eviction, they're both in to play.

uncartie said...

Jackie,JohnyMac has been fortunate to have built a successful dental practice where patients often have to wait up to a year to see him. @@

Unfortunately,those patients are all doing 25 years to life.

uncartie said...

Anon 9:33, All the twins have to do is not get evicted within the 1st 5 weeks for both of them to stay in the house. It does not matter if the twins are exposed.

David said...

LOL Petals. Not only does CSpan talk a lot, but she also talks faster than the average person. If I didn't know better I would say she was on a certain type of illegal drug. That must be her normal amount of talking because after that much time my Jaw would either lock up or totally drop off. My jaw hurts if I chew gum for less time than that.

Petals said...

David - her drugs are prescribed.

Uncartie, you don't like J*Mac? S'OK, vive la différence. I predict that many of the people that don't see what he;s up to are going to become fans soon enough.

ORKMommy said...

Hey everybody! I've been so busy lately with the new camper and getting Super O! off to her week long summer camp that I haven't had any time for BB! I was able to get caught up on all but the last two episodes over the weekend and I just got caught up on Jackie's awesome reports. My favorites... Steve and Johnny Mac. JMac does remind me of Bobcat Goldthwait when he gets wound up. So far, my least favorites have been evicted and I'm totally okay with Jeff going this week. I wasn't a fan of his on AR either. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up better now that I'm over the last couple of weeks. See ya around!

TinaLD said...

This is a little late, but while watching a BB After Dark from last week, Liz was talking to someone and said that she and her sister were
"on a show as twins, but it got cancelled. They told us that they really liked us, so...."
and then boom, camera switch. Did anyone see that and know what show they were on? Really curious!

Petals said...
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monty924 said...

Vanessa drones on and on in every convo. I end up switching feeds in about 15 seconds. UGH

Petals said...

Monty - it really is unprecedented.

uncartie said...

Petals,I have nothing against Jmac,it's just his speech pattern drives me crazy. If I had to guess his profession I'd pick homeless before I'd pick dentist.

Vanessa might be the smartest person ever to play BB and we're simply not used to it. She talks fast because she thinks fast. Is she a really good player? Who knows at this point. Her weakness might be that she's a little too emotional.
She was my pick to win before the game even started.

Meg won a cruise with Gronk & his family in some kind of competition they held.

monty924 said...

Waldo is on the feeds - I'm shocked!!

Sharon N said...

POV went as expected. Johnny Mac off, Jeff on.

monty924 said...

ALERT: Vanessa's talking again. This time with Liz, JMac and Audrey. Someone should fly a banner over the house, LOL. I could see a STFU Vanessa banner. Watched the RHAP podcast last night and Rachel was speculating that one of the "foam" models could have smuggled a note in to the house, LOL. It would have said, "Vanessa, please stop!"

I like Vanessa and I'm rooting for her because she's in with my pool pick and my fav right now, but her non-stop talking/gaming will put a target on her back. She needs to cool it.

JonMD1267 said...

I just have to be a smart azz and say to Jackie "at the end of the day, it is what it is dude" :)

Sharon N said...

Your Game of Thrones reference the other thread was top-notch!

Anonymous said...

As long as BoB is in effect, if the purpose of "twists" is to add a dash of unpredictability to the game, maybe it would be more interesting to hold the POV comp and ceremony before BoB. That would probably put an end to throwing the BoB comps, and actually make them pretty intense. And since, so far, it's been backdoor ad nauseam, it seems like the BoB/POV switch would bring more and longer-range strategy into play. Am I missing anything?

Anonymous said...

LOL Jackie, your posts have gotten a little more sassy, just a tad. I LOVE it. I literally laughed out loud when you wrote that Vanessa needs to shush. haha.