Saturday, July 18, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Saturday, PoV - July 17

Meg with fruit

Here's the latest from today inside that Big Brother House of Froot Loops:
  • Clay is pushing a Jason Off the Block, Audrey Up Movement.
  • Shelli cries.
  • And cries some more.
  • Sheesh. If she didn't want to win HOH and have the responsibility, why didn't she throw it?
  • Audrey wants Jason out. Still.
  • Audrey cried.
  • Austin did not cry. At least, not that I witnessed.
  • Chelli is a bit leery of Austin, but don't think it's time for him to go. Yet.
  • Shelli cried some more.
  • After a feeds block, they had to get into white costumes for some sort of punishment from the Battle of the Block. 
  • BB doesn't allow them to have white clothes.
  • They're contradicting themselves!
  • Shelli cried some more. She and Clay (Chelli) talked about how "pissed" Vanessa is.
  • Hmm.
  • They said Shelli has to do what's best for her game.
  • Hmm.
  • Ah, it's because Shelli apparently agreed to Clay's wish of putting Audrey as a backdoor.
  • Commence waffling now.
  • "If you don't do it, I'll do it next week," says Clay ... as if he actually wins anything ever.
  • Playing for veto are Lizia, John and Jason along with Meg, Vanessa and James. Steve is hosting.
  • Before the feeds were cut for the PoV comp, Shelli was still waffling over the Audrey backdoor. She called it a "mob mentality" going after Audrey.
  • Shouldn't that be good for her own game? As in no one other than Audrey would be upset?
  • Finally, the feeds are back after the comp.
  • Vanessa won the Power of Veto! And, it was messy. It sounds like the blowing up bombs and get paint all over you redone.

Lizia, actually Julia right now

Are we boring you, Austin?

Waiting on a comp

I think it's Johnny Mac

Cleaning up after PoV comp


Cheryl in NC said...

Please just give me peace of mind that Jonnymac will not go home this week!

Jackie said...

I doubt he'll go home. It will be either Jason or Audrey. I'd rather Jackie go. She keeps using my name.

Sharon N said...

So, Vanessa wins POV, now let's see how much influence she has with Chelli to get Audrey gone.
Might happen since Clay wants Audrey gone now too, but Shelli is a gutless wonder.

When Van was HOH, she didn't want to put Audrey up. Funny how that works....
Always so much better when the blood is on someone else's hands! lol

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I've been so clueless since the veto players were reported and then Vanessa won. I guess that Clay didn't play in the veto. I really don't care other than hoping they go through with the backdoor Audrey plan. Tried to watch flashbacks and I'm still confused, LOL.

Shelli would get out of this week just like Derrick did if she does decide to just pull that you know what and get Audrey out of the house. Leave it up to these nimrods to keep her though and evict Jason or JMac. I'm hoping for an Audrey date with Julie this week. Just me though. :))

Jackie said...

Monty - Clay probably played for veto as Shelli's symbiote. ;-)

Sharon N said...

Looks like Jackie, Audrey, John, Becky have been named HaveNots.

monty924 said...

Can't wait to watch that whole thing, Jackie. Is anyone else freaked out by Shelli's hair routine. I guess I just don't get the whole extensions thing because I've always been blessed, and cursed, by thick hair. What a hassle that has to be... so why? Her natural hair is probably just fine.

monty924 said...

I get that most folks here are hating this season, but have to ask why? I think this is the best one for a long time now. I'll go back to S6, S10 and S11. New hamsters and they are feeling their way around each other while not making any stupid racist comments that we can all rag on. This house is divided and the 'uncool' kids will come into power sooner than later, and if they don't then the power alliance will turn on each other. I'm actually loving this season. Just me though...