Sunday, July 05, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Sunday into the evening - July 5

Isn't that just too sweet? (Gag)

Aw, Clay and Shelli are sharing the headphones to listen to her HoH music. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Perplexing Planning:
  • Just a note to start -- While Clay is very nice eye candy, I pretty much resent him in the game. He was never a fan. He never even watched the show until four months before going in the house. Yet he has managed to get Shelli to do his dirty work as HE has an issue with Da'Vonne. I guess more power to him, but that doesn't make me happy with him.
  • After the rush to get all the comps out of the way before the 4th of July holiday, they've had down time.
  • They're bored.
  • I'm bored.
  • Now Jason thinks that Vanessa is America's Player.
  • I believe just yesterday it was that Austin was thinking Audrey was America's Player.
  • America ain't got no hamster in this race, silly rodents!
  • If I did, I'd pick Steve or even Johnny Mac due to his goofiness.
  • The AU-duo (AUdrey and AUstin) want Da'Vonne out this week and target James next.
  • Audrey thinks that Johnny Mac is now in with Shelli and Clay. She thinks Shelli owes him.
  • She's right on that.
  • But Johnny Mac isn't totally in with them, I don't think. He's not much of a schemer.
  • Audrey thinks that Steve is just floating looking for a place to land. But she doesn't think he realizes how deep the cliques are.
  • She's right on that, too.
  • That doesn't mean I like her. I have to give her credit, though. She totally blew it the first two weeks and landed kind of on her feet. Well, it depends on who has the power next week, I guess.
  • Audrey also thinks Jackie is the mole.
  • Um. When there was a mole, it was Audrey herself!
  • Jelli (Jeff/Shelli) are thinking of putting Meg up to replace John.
  • They're still sure that Da'Vonne will go home.
  • They also think that Jason is now okay with it.
  • I don't think he is. Perhaps resigned to it, but not okay with it.
  • They're still speculating on the Kathy Griffin last laugh. The phone didn't ring over the weekend.
  • Da'Vonne tried to convince Shelli she needs to stay in the game.
  • It didn't work.
  • After all, she miffed CLAY and CLAY is the one who is pushing for her to go.
  • Lizia, knowing she might be a pawn, tried to convince Shelli that Meg would be a better pawn.
  • And, on it goes.
  • Jeff spreads the rumor that Vanessa is America's Player.
  • @@
  • Lots of small talk.
  • Apparently the PoV Ceremony will be tomorrow.

The Photo Booth is back

Jason doesn't like being a Have Not

Not a new alliance, photo booth

Can she find a skimpier top?

Uh-oh, Da'Vonne has a knife!


~~Silk said...

Wil Heuser is doing BB17.

Promo, introducing the hamsters:
Episode 1:

monty924 said...

Hilarious... Audrey JUST NOW heard about Becky getting hit by a train. Cam 3/4 around a minute ago. She said, "I didn't know she got hit by a train"! No lie. The one thing that Audrey has NOT heard in the house. :)))

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I've come to the point that I watch whatever camera feed Jeff is NOT on

Cheryl in NC said...

I really wanted to like Austin....but if he wants to go after Steve next week then,,,we have a orablem,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Looks like Davonne big mouth and cockiness will get her sent packing.

Anonymous said...

Since Becky hasn't been told the plan to get Da'Vonne out, wouldn't she be upset with Jelli and campaign to take out Becky or whoever would be the pawn? Jean

Anonymous said...

I meant Meg as the pawn. Jean