Monday, August 31, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday, PoV Meeting - August 31

Does John know James picks his teeth?

Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House No Surprises Today:
  • James had his morning talk with Vanessa offering the deal to keep Meg safe. Vanessa nixed it.
  • She asked his advice about what to say at the veto meeting so she wouldn't hurt Meg's feelings (any more than she already has hurt them).
  • She also told him that he should try to enjoy his last few days with Meg.
  • Awww ...
  • Meg cried some more.
  • The veto meeting went down. No surprises there for us. James saved himself and Julia was put up in his place.
  • James told Meg that if he didn't have a family, he would have saved her with the veto.
  • Meg told James she thinks Vanessa wants to work with him. He nixed that one -- said he's going to be a solo act and get Vanessa out.
  • Julia claimed that she knows for a fact that Audrey was America's Player.
  • She doesn't even know what America's Player is. She was recruited because she's a twin.
  • Julia, ticked that she's on the block, a Have Not with both Meg and James and just plain grumpy started fussing about James.
  • She said he has no chance with Meg.
  • No, I don't think he has any romantic chance with her, but I imagine they'll be dear friends for years to come.
  • John and Vanessa discussed how they were going to get out Austwins.
  • Vanessa thinks it will be better to take out Liz than Julia next week (they don't realize this week is a double eviction -- the last time they were pretty set for it).
  • Well, duh. Liz is a stronger competitor that (probably) Austin and (definitely) Julia.
  • Liz and Austin spent a lot of time frolicking under covers. I didn't watch. It's bad for my digestion.
  • James told Meg that, if he got HoH, he would definitely nominate Vanessa and Steve.
  • That's about it for actual game stuff. They exercised, played chess and had many non-game talks.
  • It's going to be a long few days.

Please don't obstruct your microphone

Cap and glasses for James talk

Knit hat, no glasses for John talk

Showers with his ponytail beard untouched

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Monday - August 31

All asleep as I post this

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Let's Wait Until October for a Big Move:
  • James practiced his veto speech (in which he saves himself).
  • Meg is hoping that the upcoming HoH comp won't be physical so she can wear nice clothes for her eviction.
  • Oh, this doesn't mean they've given up trying to grasp straws so that she can stay!
  • It just means that they realize that it's probably going to take a miracle that Meg will make it through the week.
  • No one is thinking that Thursday is a double eviction. They all think that will come about next week.
  • Austin is leery of Johnny Mac.
  • As he should be.
  • Julia is still not keen on the idea of going up as a pawn against Meg. 
  • Austin told Meg that he's trying to get Vanessa to put Johnny Mac up on the block as the re-nom. He claims that John would go home over her.
  • Well, yeah.
  • But he's been trying to get Johnny Mac on the block all along. The Austwins wanted Vanessa to nominate Steve and Johnny Mac.
  • But we know why that's not something Vanessa would even consider right now. She wants to work with Steve and Johnny Mac so THEY can break up the Austwins and she remains smelling like a rose.
  • Meg and James came up with a convoluted proposal to try to save Meg -- if James wins HoH, he would put Meg up on the block with one of his targets in lieu of Vanessa, no front door or backdoor for Vanessa.
  • Of course, James isn't into backdoors anyway.
  • Meg went to Vanessa with the proposal and said James wouldn't only be making a promise to Vanessa, he'd be promising her (Meg). So, he would indeed do it.
  • It would buy her another week.
  • Vanessa listened and told Meg that she wants to talk to James in the morning before the veto meeting.
  • Austin really really REALLY sucked up to James, throwing everything on Vanessa.
  • Well, it was Vanessa's doing. But only Steve and Johnny Mac know the real scoop on things.
  • Of course, Austin ran and reported to Vanessa every bit of everything James said -- but didn't mention he (Austin) threw Vanessa under the bus to James and Meg.
  • Despite everything, I still think Julia will go up on the block with Meg and Meg will go home.
  • But the double eviction might be interesting! 

Everybody except ...

James teaches Meg pool

Johnny on the hamMAC

Meg proposes a deal

Meg reports to James

Lots of college, video games and home talk

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - August 30

Vanessa befuddles Meg

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misguided Malcontents:
  • It's Sunday, so it's rather quiet in the house.
  • The only thing looming ahead is the PoV ceremony tomorrow. James is sure to save himself. So, the only real action is trying to come up with the replacement nominee.
  • As of now, that's still looking like Julia.
  • Vanessa offered to give her $10,000 out of her pocket if she went up as a pawn and ended up going home this week.
  • BB dragged Vanessa into the Diary Room and pooh-poohed that deal.
  • Vanessa had to renege and reword things as it being a "gambling expression."
  • Meg talked to Vanessa, trying to get the target off of her.
  • That didn't really work.
  • Vanessa found out that James was told two things that she said to Austin in confidence.
  • Will she throw Austin on the block?
  • Nah.
  • She'll let one of her new minions do that bidding. Gotta protect her jury ratings!
  • But it does give her more ammunition against Austin. She knew she was lowest on the totem pole before. However, now she knows that Austin continues to betray her confidence.
  • Julia is a "safe" pawn as only three votes are needed to keep her. She automatically has Austin and Liz. And, Steve has a crush on her.
  • James and Meg vow to not play pot ball or take photos or anything because they're on the block.
  • Meg thinks that, as long as she does go out, she'll go out on an hour-long episode.
  • Heh.
  • Of course, all the shows are an hour, but they're thinking one eviction.
  • They are so not expecting double eviction again this week. They figure it will be next week.
  • If you hear the expression "camping," it's a euphemism for something else.
  • The photo booth opened. It's losing its fun factor.
  • That's about it!

Johnny Mac knows he's safe ... for now


Wants to win HoH
Friends fun

Big Brother 17: HoH and Return a Hamster Outcome, Nominations Show Blog Party - August 30

Big Brother 11 Blog Logo photo BB-09-smJackieMA28497852-0002.gif

Good evening! Ready for a blog party? While many of us already know the results of the PoV comp, tonight's television episode will focus on the  HoH comp outcome from Thursday evening including which jury member returns, as well as the nominations.

Surprisingly, the show is on time tonight despite the Barclays PGA golf (from about a mile away from where I live). I'll update this entry with the major happenings as it airs here on the East Coast. Refresh the page to get the latest. As always, the real party is in the comments area. I hope to see you there!

Already they've made the comp longer than it was in actuality. 

Julia out first. Steve out. Meg out. (That's by the time the show ended although they stretched it out now.) James out. Liz out. It's down to four jurors and Vanessa. Jackie out. Becky out. Shelli out. So, John has earned his way back into the house. 

Vanessa tells JM he's safe. JM says he has stuff to do. He doesn't want the others to think he might work with Vanessa. Johnny Mac is down and Vanessa is the new HoH. 

Johnny Mac knows that Vanessa is the biggest liar ever, but will work with him because she's the low person on the Austwins totem pole. The twins are super upset that he's back in.

James and Meg hope Vanessa will be ready to take out one of the Austwins trio. Steve and Johnny Mac think working with Vanessa is going to give them safety this week. 

Who wants to see my HoH room?
Not me. I'll pass. 

Talks time. First, Austwins. She tells them that Steve and Johnny Mac are a layer of protection and she has to do what's best for her own game. She wants to target James and Meg.

James and Meg think she should target Steve because he does whatever Austwins want. Vanessa reports back to Austwins that James and Meg want to target them. 

Oh, geez. Liz agrees to be Austin's girlfriend. Gag me now. 

Julia wants to prank Austin because she can't get James. He laughs more than being scared, but she and Liz declare victory. 

Vanessa pries James and Meg for info (dirt) on Austin. She gets some info, but not on Austin. She wants to know if they're willing to be a pawn (against Johnny Mac target). They argue over who should be a pawn ... both James and Meg offer to go up. James said he'd target Austwins. But Vanessa had wanted him to give her a reason to target Austwins (to see if she could work with them).

Nominations Today. Vanessa nominates Meg, then James. Game move, not personal. 

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 30, 2015

Good morning! Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection of the past week in both words and photographs I've taken along the way; This post is a year 'round "feature" on the blog. If you're looking for Big Brother posts, they can all be found at this link right here. If you're not interested in this particular post, please feel free to skip on by it. I'll be posting a Big Brother blog party post coinciding with the East Coast airing of the show and, late this evening, another live feeds post. Stay tuned.

Yet another week in the (seemingly never-ending) countdown to Staycation for me. Here's some random notes on the week:
  • I woke up very early one morning this past week smelling smoke -- like house-burning smoke -- in my apartment. That was one of the first nights that I had turned off the air conditioning and threw the windows wide open as the heat had lessened.
  • It turns out that two homes were destroyed and one damaged in a huge three alarm fire with 80 firefighters responding right on the street in back of my building. The fire was actually across the street from the Mexican Polka live band people. I'm so running on empty these days that I slept through all the hoopla.
  • (Side note: The Mexican Polka live band people were at it until nearly midnight last night. Grr.) 
  • In the urban jungle news arena: There I was, resting on the ledge by the Plainfield Police Annex waiting for the bus home from the train last night and this creepy drunk non-English speaking dude plopped down practically on top of me. "Ola!" I reacted with exaggerated shoo hand motions and "Go away! Shoo!" I already had plans to knock him to the ground if he didn't go away -- I'm larger and sober, he's drunk. I scared him. He stumbled away. A cop who had been sitting at the traffic light watching called out to me, "Nicely played!"
  • I find it very depressing that I'm old enough to join the Plainfield Senior Center which I don't have time in my life to join because I'm not old enough (or financially set) to retire.
  • Not that I'd really want to join. I'd probably rather do something like join a whitewater rafting club than do many of the activities they have going on for seniors.
  • In more urban jungle news: One early evening on the 59 bus, a guy tried to board with one of those personal shopping carts well overloaded with scrap metal (he probably stole). The bus driver wouldn't let him board and started screaming, "No! No! NO!" -- thus scaring an innocent dude who was paying his fare. I was looking at the scrap metal pieces haphazardly piled atop the cart and thinking it would be dangerous. I was glad the bus driver told him no and drove off forcing the guy to get his foot out of the bus door.
  • We're expected another heat wave this week.
  • Wah.
That's about it. Onto this week's photos! Clicking on an image will open it in a larger window.

I love the flowers

But I'll love autumn temperatures a lot more! Of course, autumn has its own flowers, plus glorious fall foliage.

Fireworks at the TD Ball Park

On Monday night, just as the 10pm train was coming in, they started the after game fireworks in Bridgewater.

East Second Street fire scene

Despite the local newspapers saying the fire was at 240 East Second Street, it was not. It apparently started in the attic of 640 and spread to 642. Both of those homes seem totally destroyed, with the roofs caving in on them. 644 has its siding all melted, but the building didn't catch on fire. No one was hurt. More of the fire scene photos after the jump ...


Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Sunday - August 30

Read the body language

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pancakes:
  • It sounds like Johnny Mac, Steve and Vanessa just might be really working together again ... until they're not.
  • Obviously, nothing is forever in this house of hamsters!
  • The Austwins really want Vanessa to put Johnny Mac up to replace James when he saves himself.
  • They want that so bad that they tried to convince James and Meg to go throw JM under that horribly driven reality bus.
  • When Meg talked to Vanessa, she was given false hope by Vanessa. I know from watching Vanessa all summer, that was just her jury talk -- she'll blame Meg's ouster on others, claim she had no vote and was under the impression Meg was safe.
  • Yessirree! That's Vanessa!
  • When James talked to Vanessa, he told her what she wanted to hear. He has Vanessa pretty well figured out.
  • He was honest (it seems) with her when asked about Johnny Mac.
  • He really has no clue who Johnny Mac would target.
  • Yup, Johnny Mac, Enigma Man.
  • James did his best to throw Austin under that bus, though.
  • JM and Steve have agreed to put last week's throwing each other under the bus to try to keep afloat in the past.
  • They think that they might even to bring James aboard (despite James's threats about Vanessa).
  • They also think no way would James ever work with Vanessa if she wasn't with them (Steve and Johnny Mac).
  • Meanwhile, Julia's name keeps getting mentioned as the pawn against Meg.
  • Now, she probably would be safe against Meg.
  • The two of Austwins who would be true target pawns would be Austin or Liz.
  • Both Liz and Austin seem to be on board with Julia going up as a pawn.
  • Julia, not so much.
  • We have until tomorrow, but it seems most likely that Julia will be up with Meg. 
  • While Austwins were pushing for Johnny Mac to go up, Vanessa pretty much shut them down.
  • We'll see.

James talks to Vanessa

Wearing her green hat ... again

Don't do it, Steve!

Vanessa no hat, different look

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Saturday, Power of Veto - August 29

Vanessa's smiling? Not for long.

Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Lackluster Loonies:
  • The feeds were blocked for more of their awake time than they've been running.
  • Why?
  • First, the veto players pick.
  • Besides Vanessa, James and Meg ... they drew Austin, Liz and Julia.
  • Oh my. That sounds like it should be good for Vanessa, doesn't it?
  • Heh.
  • Johnny Mac was the host.
  • I guess Steve sat around and did nothing.
  • While so many prepared for the Fold or Stay comp, it wasn't that at all.
  • Heh.
  • It was one where they had to run through the house searching for something ... thus tearing apart the house and making a huge mess.
  • I'm surprised they're cleaning up the mess. Sometimes the house looks just about that bad when they're just plain living in it!
  • The big news is ... JAMES WON THE POWER OF VETO.
  • Did you hear that?
  • Liz made a point of bragging that she deliberately took all Meg's stuff and threw it around.
  • Mean girl.
  • Austwins and Vanessa are very unhappy.
  • Too bad, so sad.
  • Vanessa thinks they planned a comp that James would win.
  • Huh? How can you even predict who would win something like that? Meg with her hurt leg could have won!
  • James told Meg he's thinking of trying to make a deal with Austwins that he'd go after Vanessa if they'd vote to keep Meg this week.
  • Hmm. I doubt that would fly.
  • I'd imagine that Meg's days in the house are up. I've really enjoyed her, but she so sucks at comps and the general cut-throat kind of game BB is.
  • She's too nice.
  • Vanessa doubts James will use his veto to save Meg.
  • I doubt it, too.
  • Vanessa wants to put someone on the block that will be a guarantee Meg will be the one voted out.
  • Gee, put AUSTIN up! Go for it, Vanessa, he's so loved in the house!
  • Heehee.
  • Julia suggested Johnny Mac. Vanessa nixed that.
  • Of course, if Johnny Mac goes up there would be the chance Meg would stay.
  • Ohhh ... Vanessa suggested to Austin that she put up Julia as a pawn.
  • Now, that's something she mentioned last night if James got himself off the block.
  • Uh-oh. Paranoid-Vanessa is starting to worry that Johnny Mac is spending too much time with Meg and James.
  • And that's where we are.
  • At the moment.
  • Things could change -- we're talking Vanessa. But, she has been talking all along since HoH about getting Meg out. She usually accomplishes her goal.

Johnny Mac sports a new look.

James sports the Power of Veto!

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Saturday Morning - August 29

Goody goody gumdrops

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Subdued Seahorse Hamsters:
  • I forgot to mention ... half of the house are Have Nots this week. Oy!
  • John, Meg, James and Julia are the Have Nots. John volunteered, the rest didn't.
  • Vanessa thinks that if James comes off the block, Julia might be the best choice to put up. Neither Meg nor Julia seem to be able to win any comps and Julia would have the votes to stay.
  • Austin still has delusions of grandeur and thinks he and Liz are all that.
  • Wait until he finds out what all that they are!
  • He just can't get past all the cheering he heard when Johnny Mac went out the door on Thursday. He claims there's an applause sign.
  • In the evening's rather subdued Hamster House, there was no Potball, no Slingball, no bowling.
  • There hasn't been any Chocolate Wars since Meg got hit in the eye.
  • About the only moment of tomfoolery is when Steve and Julia tried to scare a sleeping Austin. Julia had foil on her head and a blanket wrapped around her.
  • I thought of Audrey.
  • Meg thinks she and James were lied about to Vanessa or Vanessa is making petty things blow up for her reasoning in putting them on the block.
  • Austwins are sucking up to Meg and James.
  • Hey, everyone is thinking of jury votes.
  • Because the yard was still open late (usually lockdown Friday evening to prep for the PoV comp), they got all confused and wondered if this weekend is Labor Day weekend.
  • Julia thinks there might be 28 days in August.
  • Mind you, she supposedly went to Loyola, if memory serves.
  • Liz did bring up a perfectly valid point -- Meg shouldn't be allowed to float until the end.
  • While she's very personable and often brings a lot of smiles in the house, Meg is basically a more likable Victoria. Those are my words, not Liz's.
  • Meg talked about Vanessa being paranoid.
  • Y'think?
  • James advised Meg to pick Julia if she gets the Houseguest's Choice chip -- because Julia can't win.
  • After all, if not for Liz and Austin, Julia too is a Victoria.
  • Meg thinks that Vanessa wants to work with James.
  • I think so, too. At least to a point, that is. She wants someone else strong to take out the Austwins so that she can rule over the non-connected bunch and hopefully win the game.
  • But, she doesn't want "the blood of Austwins" on her hands for jury vote reasons.
  • If she could work with Steve, Johnny Mac and James ... one of them could get the Out Damn Austwins Spot out of there and she'd be sitting pretty.
  • All are nestled in bed with dreams of sugarplums in their heads as I get this posted.

Liz in a blanket
In the dentist chair again
Ladies love cool James?
At least Austin and Liz are out of that bed

Friday, August 28, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds, Nominations Friday - August 28

Nominations are in

After continuous circular talking throughout the day, the nominations are in.

Vanessa nominated Meg and James, as per her earlier discussions with Johnny Mac and Steve. She also conferred with Austwins about doing it. Austin was reluctant.
But, looking at the situation, it probably is her best game move to work with Steve and Johnny Mac (and possibly whichever is left over from Meg and James) to take down Austwins. She's number four with them and, with Steve and JM, they're not bonded like Austwins and the playing ground will be more of an actual "best man win" situation.

Meg is in tears on and off. James is more calm and quiet. 

Meg is upset

James is more calm

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Friday - August 28

John's back ... I crack myself up

I should have remembered how confusing a Vanessa HoH actually is. Because she doesn't talk to us and spins her web over everyone, it's hard to tell where her mind really is on things. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of So Far, No Clue They're Heading Into a Double Eviction:
  • Austwins were ticked that Vanessa told Johnny Mac he was safe in order to have him drop in the HoH comp.
  • They want him out immediately again. Before the comp last night, the general consensus was that the returning juror would be voted out before anyone else.
  • Steve thinks it was the second shortest endurance comp ever. I think it might have been the shortest. I was trying to do so much in about two minutes that I froze my computer up and never did post a screen cap of the comp!
  • Austin is grousing about how they should have evicted Steve, not John.
  • Hindsight won't help him now.
  • Austin, who is NOT HoH nor is his twinmance, told Meg and James that the nominations this week should be the same as last.
  • Hmm. I don't think he's in charge and Vanessa just might think it's time to gather a new troop of allies. With her gaming experience, she has to realize the odds of anyone other than Austwins winning narrows each week that they're left intact in the house.
  • The circular conversations/interrogations began before long.
  • This is where it's hard to tell where her mind actually is.
  • She told Austin that Austin's Angels remains -- he and the twins are safe.
  • She told Steve he's welcome to share her HoH bed.
  • She told Steve that if they work with Johnny Mac, they can beat the Austwins.
  • She told him that working together, they could beat Austwins in any comp.
  • I'd say that's probably true.
  • Of course, I mean that they could beat them. But, will she go that route? It's hard to tell. I do think that would be best for her own end game.
  • Steve tells us (privately) that he'd like a final three with them with him and John being the final two. Would that classify as a final two deal? Heh.
  • Vanessa told John that everyone thinks she'll put him up and "no one will see it coming." Hmm.
  • Austin told Vanessa that she should do what she has to do and he's behind her 100%.
  • I ask, "What if what she has to do is break up Austwins?" 
  • Heehee!
  • She told him (again) that they're safe.
  • She tells Steve the best option is to go for Meg/James and then take on Austwins.
  • Then she went on to talk about her Trust Test strategy with Austwins. She claims that Meg and James failed it.
  • She tells them that she should put up Meg and James with the backdoor if needed will be Johnny Mac.
  • As Johnny Mac had said to Julie, the conversation keeps turning to evicting Meg.
  • Then she changes to listing the pros to getting James out this week.
  • Vanessa made Austin feel secure.
  • And, that he seems to be ... this week.
  • The Scamper Squad reunited.
  • They overwhelmingly agree to go after James/Meg.
  • Then Vanessa talks to James and Meg.
  • She gets James to totally throw Austin under the bus.
  • At the end of the talk, James and Meg were both volunteering to go on the block as a pawn.
  • She has that kind of mojo.
  • They think she's going after Austin.
  • They're wrong.
  • Dead wrong. 
  • It SEEMS that now Vanessa is back to being closest with Steve and that the plan is that she, Steve and Johnny Mac will face off with Austwins in the final six.
  • But, of course, that could change any moment. 
  • I do doubt that she would make the final move against Austwins at this point ... not when she has Meg and James who have never been close allies with her.
  • I do think the best chance that Vanessa has is in teaming up with Johnny Mac and Steve. 

Will Vanessa trust him?

Hmm ...

If he can survive, maybe there's a chance

Vanessa won't get that "blood on her hands"

Putting a spell on Meg and James

Workin' her mojo on Steve

Put me up instead of James!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Big Brother 17: HoH Endurance Comp live Updates - August 27

After the live feeds return, this post will be updated with screen caps and ... well ... updates on the endurance comp. Who wants to wait until Sunday to find out the outcome? Not US! Refresh the page to see the latest and feel free to join in comments below!

Steve, Julia and Meg are out before the show ends.

Gah, James is out.

Johnny Mac told Vanessa she's safe with him. She promises she won't put him on the block. It's a deal.


Quickest and lamest endurance comp ever.

Big Brother 17: Live Eviction, HoH Comp, Returning Hamster Show Blog Party - August 27

Big Brother 11 Blog Logo photo BB-09-smJackieMA28497852-0002.gif

Good evening! Ready for a blog party? Tonight either Steve or Johnny Mac will go to jury. But someone is due to come back from jury. It's supposed to be an endurance comp (again) tonight. A separate post for screen caps and updates on any of the happenings after the show ends will post at 10pm ET. I'll follow the comp and update, so please join me!

Before we get going, here's the latest update on the blog pool:

Austin - Petals, Tammy, marthalight, Dr_Celine
James - uncartie, Marlo, Jackie~juju, ML
John - Sasha, lynn1, clover
Liz - Skyriverblue, jo Chapman, monty924
Meg - Sharon S, Merrilee, MikesGirl
Steve - KelseyNY, Carrie, K
Vanessa - Chacha, Heather Reyes, T-Town Chick
Jace - Becky in TX, CherylinNC, JOKATS, CaelaXO
Da'Vonne - jessica UNderwood, SueGee, Ed in Ohio, Nickelpeed
Jeff - No pool people due to being announced late in cast
Audrey - David, Chase, Orkmommy, Nicole K
Jason - Witt, Sharon, WolfpackRed
Clay - FairieGoddess0714, QuixoticElf, DonnaNY, JonMD1267

Shelli - Delee, Sharon N, chrob 
Jackie - No pool people due to being announced late in cast
Becky - Glenn, Jackie, Indiana Jane, Brian  

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll update this entry with the major happenings. Refresh the page to get the latest. As always, the real party is in the comments area. I hope to see you there!

After recap, Julie mentions that once again Austwins can't make up their minds. Now it's into Vanessa controlling who goes home every week. Vanessa is crying to the Austwins because Johnny Mac told her everyone wants her out. Liz approached Johnny Mac about him going to Vanessa about the five-person deal. Now they're all upset with him. He thinks they have a deal with James and Meg and he didn't feel safe. 

JM figures if he can get Vanessa to keep him, he'll be safe. Vanessa tells us she will only vote the way the twins vote (they want to keep Steve). Vanessa gets cornered by Steve. He's intimidated and tells us his brain freezes. She's "hurt."

The rounds keep going. Now Liz is talking with Johnny Mac. She wants him not to go after them. Johnny Mac thinks he has a chance. Yet, they don't know if they can trust him.

Next up is a segment on James.

His friends at the bar hangout at home. He pranks his friends, too. They talk about how much James loves his cat, Gizmo ... even goes fishing with him.

Onto the live vote time ...
Johnny Mac - We're biggest dorks here, always Rock Stars. Steve knows a lot of BB things, I know gas management.
Steve - Thanks people. Cool experiences, gave Meg an awkward kiss, improved social skills, lifelong experience to remember.

The votes to evict:
Meg - Johnny Mac
James - John
Vanessa - Johnny Mac
Julia - John
Liz - Johnny Mac

It's unanimous -- Johnny Mac is gone. After the eviction, it's two battles in one as the jury members and house hamsters vie.

Jury segment ... Shelli and Jackie hanging out. Becky arrives. Oh noes, they think! Her toe is all bandaged. They see the replay of Meg slamming her head in OTEV and Liz winning the veto, then Becky's eviction. 

All four are now on stage with Julie (JM is the fourth). They all go back in the house. Julie tells them that all four are back and one will return to the game. Hugs all around. @@ 

Head to the yard. Two epic competitions in one. HoH is up for grabs. Austin can't play. "Dizzyland" - holding onto a cable/rope - that have to hit giant hands as they hang on the cables and go around in a circle. It's kind of like the swing in a circle kiddie amusement ride. The hands are huge and padded and swing them around. The last juror standing (hanging on) stays in; all are eligible to win HoH.

Double eviction next week. 

Steve, Meg and Julia out already befor the show ends.

Follow the comp on my new post.

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 27

I don't have much for you. Everyone went to bed early except Steve. He walked around practicing his speech.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - August 26

Liz in a quiet moment

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Waiting for Thursday:
  • Gah. They slept in. Noon for them is 3pm for me!
  • They talked again of using Rock, Paper, Scissors for the vote.
  • I'd still be in on that if just one of them would add Lizard, Spock to it.
  • Austin thinks that Rock, Paper, Scissors would leave them blameless for the eviction.
  • @@
  • Damn, Austin. Take a real stand, will you! You're playing all namby-pamby. 
  • Vanessa is still preaching an anti-Steve sermon to whomever will listen.
  • Except Steve, that is.
  • However, Vanessa did tell James and Meg that no one should tell the nominees who they're voting for and just vote for who they want to leave.
  • (Of course, she thinks they both want Steve to leave.)
  • When cornered by Johnny Mac, Vanessa wouldn't tell him by name who she'd vote for. She talked a lot about having to work with others and watch her own game.
  • That, at this time, would mean a vote to keep Steve.
  • While the Austwins keep seeming to go back and forth over the vote, it does come down to the fact that none of them really have any relationship with Johnny Mac. They do have one with Steve.
  • Austin is trying to figure a way to get Johnny Mac out without Johnny Mac blaming him. Ah, blame Vanessa!
  • @@
  • Julia thinks white rice is made from flour.
  • Oh my. I'm speechless. Someone else comment on that, please.
  • James and Meg also talked Rock, Paper, Scissors (sans Lizard, Spock) for the vote. James wants a quarter with Steve and Johnny Mac's heads on either side for a coin toss.
  • What is going on with this crew?
  • Lots of talk back and forth only to conclude that Steve will stay (once again).
  • Yawnsers.

Vanessa's new hat

Breakfast at 1pm

As always, Vanessa on his shoulder

Should be staying ...

Should be going ...

Julia and the evil eye