Sunday, August 09, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Sunday - August 9

Taking out the queen

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Cards:
  • Y'know, eventually all houses of cards fall down.
  • Vanessa claims that production screwed up on her medication times and it messed with how she did on the PoV comp.
  • Again, I ask, much as I've asked for many seasons: What the hell is it with all these young people on various medications? When I was the age of these house hamsters I had no psych meds (although I admit I probably could have used them). I had no anti-anxiety drugs. And, if the hamsters are taking medications, why do they drink alcohol whenever they can? Maybe BB should look into hamsters who don't need Mother's Little Helper to get through the day.
  • /rant
  • More info about the PoV comp was brought to light. It was comic books, as I said before. Vanessa was the Mad Hatter in hers. Liz is a bit upset as she was "The Evil Twin." After Jace's photo was removed to make room for Julia, they were glad his face was included in the comics. Apparently Audrey's comic had her in her shroud (whatever).
  • Becky told her group (Jackie, James, Meg) that she'll take the heat for putting Vanessa up because Vanessa has nothing to dish on her.
  • Huh. Steve doesn't know who Howard Stern is. What a sheltered life the boy leads ...
  • Johnny Mac thinks Austin should be targeted as he's close with Vanessa.
  • Heh. Liz doesn't like Austin's ponytail rat-tail beard and said it! Plus, she mentioned Austin's girlfriend at home. You just know, when it comes down to it, she'll be with her sister and Austin will be tossed to the wayside.
  • Shelli told Austin that Liz doesn't like his beard. He told her his girlfriend (ex?) didn't like it either. But he just might trim it for Liz.
  • I say, don't bother. Just keep your shirt on.
  • Does Julia really like Steve? Hmm.
  • Vanessa questioned James about what Becky might do. He said he really doesn't know other than she told him she was going to stick to the deal. Of course, he's implying the deal he and Becky made for his safety.
  • But there's another deal entirely -- the Backdoor Vanessa deal.
  • Becky talked to Shelli, telling her that she is targeting Vanessa over her because Vanessa isn't trustworthy.
  • Meanwhile, Vanessa told James that if Becky backdoors her, she's going to be a bitter jury member and turn people against her.
  • Um. As Becky mentioned afterwards when James told her, the first jury member can't "poison" anyone. Everyone is already in the house and knows what's been going on. It's the later jury members who might taint others.
  • James told Vanessa he'd rather Shelli go as she bullies people into voting the way she wants. Hmm. Liar, liar, pants on fire.
  • James reported the talk to Becky.
  • Becky told Vanessa that she thinks she'll put Johnny Mac up as the replacement nominee and Shelli will be voted out.
  • Liar, liar.
  • Vanessa thinks that, if she goes on the block with Shelli, the votes might be there to keep her in.
  • Ha.
  • Becky complained that Austin and the twins aren't really playing the game -- it's as if they think they're at summer camp.
  • Steve and Shelli had a long and pleasant non-game talk. At least it was a good change over Vanessa's paranoid non-stop ramblings.

Is Vanessa cheating on her hat?

Good social game, bad knees

Keep the shirt on, PLEASE

The Meow Meow reincarnated?

Becky! Don't lie on your transmitter!

Cold without her armor, I guess.


JonMD1267 said...

I think it's time we start lighting those candles for Vanessa ha

Jackie said...

Perhaps her hat will remain.

Chacha said...

I can say that my feeds will be up while I am at work on Monday. i can't wait for the POV meeting aftermath. Should be great feeds. Austin will pretend that he is so mad. I believe he doesn't mind if Vanessa leaves with the exception that he will then become a target and by that time Vanessa will have spilled on all alliances. Shelli wont mind at all although the remaining sixth sense will look really bad to everyone else.

How Vanessa believes she has the votes to stay is amazing. She has no idea that Steve has defected. The only problem I see is that he hasn't told John about Freaks and Geeks yet. He almost told him Friday night but didn't. I hope he does today.

Vanessa has no chance to stay. I believe that Austin and the twins will vote for her to go on Thursday to vote with the "house".
If she comes back they will be able to have that as a backup.

I love how John has already put the bug of Austin next into Becky's ear to tell the others.

I just can't wait to see if Becky will go the long run with Shelli. She has to know that she would not be good to take to the end.

uncartie said...

She goes,I go. The rest of the people in that house just don't interest me. I'll miss you guys though.

Sharon N said...

uncartie, even though you wouldn't be inclined to follow on a daily basis, please join in on the Pool Parties! That's where all the real fun is anyway. :)

monty924 said...

Agree with Sharon