Sunday, August 16, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - August 16

Meg goes for a new alliance

Sundays are usually the most uneventful day of the week in Hamster House. This one was no exception. Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Froot Loop Dinguses:
  • Since the yard opened again last night, Steve did his stay up until dawn bit, talking to himself and us. His latest kick is to figure a way to improve his relationship with Meg. He thinks he's in with just about everyone except her. He even has more than a few final two deals.
  • Oy. Not so good, Stevie. If it comes about through the grapevine about final two deals, you're going to have final nine deals in the jury house.
  • Live feeders voted to give the hamsters cinnamon rolls.
  • The Have Nots Could Not partake.
  • Tons and tons of small talk.
  • Vanessa and John ended up being the only ones out on the couches in the morning.
  • No fisticuffs.
  • No bullying.
  • Although Johnny Mac did seem amused that Vanessa (and some others we found out yesterday and Friday) didn't realize OTEV is Veto spelled backwards.
  • Silly recruited hamsters.
  • Liz thinks that Johnny Mac should win the next HoH so he can get Vanessa out.
  • More than a couple of them commented on how boring the house is right now.
  • Well, yeah. It's the doldrums. It won't really perk up until Thursday. We all know that Becky is all but guaranteed out this week even though the PoV meeting hasn't gone down.
  • Hey ... unless there's a BROUHAHA! 
  • That could liven things up!
  • Julia lectured Liz about her hickey from Austin being inappropriate.
  • She's right, it is. I didn't think anyone over 14 did that anymore/
  • Ew.
  • They had photo booth day. Whoopie.
  • Becky thinks she's a pawn. She's been told that. But I don't think she really believes it. She shouldn't.
  • Vanessa told Liz she threw the HoH comp.
  • Liz noted to herself (and shared with Julia and Austin) that Vanessa threw it while Johnny Mac was still in it! 
  • The Austwins gathered more information from Vanessa that made them even more wanting her gone.
  • They think that Vanessa will try to brainwash Steve and that she really will target Austin.
  • Probably right on both counts.
  • Vanessa did her tears and anxiety act once again ... even though she's not on the block and really has no reason to worry this week.
  • Steve begged Johnny Mac not to leave him alone with Vanessa.
  • I don't blame him.
  • And the beat goes on ...

Too hot for 'The Hat'

Steve isn't a comfortable Have Not

Why are there still twins in the house?

Johnny Mac contemplates his foot

I don't think I'd want Austin cooking

What if she comes back?


Sharon N said...

Jackie, thanks for the breakdown on the evening's events!
I really wish people would quit waiting for someone else to do the dirty-deed... taking out Vanessa.

There was a power outage in our area tonight, so we went to movies... which means I missed the pool party. :(

As an aside:
For those who enjoy "The Avengers" movies, I recommend "Ant-Man."
Everyone in the theater was enjoying the humor, and laughed all the way through. :D

Sharon N said...

Does anyone else think Becky tends to be a "one-up" kind of person?
Every conversation seems to turn to "all about Becky."

David said...

I have known a lot of people like that. She is not as bad as a lot I have known. I tend to tune them out. In fact, while they are all talking nonsense I was thinking what are Shelli and Jackie doing in the Jury house, it has to be more interesting than this. =)

Stormy said...

I think it is Becky, not Vanessa that is trying to control the house. She is running her mouth to everyone trying to get the heat off her for trying to run everything.

Sharon N said...

Vanessa is definitely the controller.
Becky is the "all about me" girl.

Sharon N said...

LOL David!!
Have to say that I liked Jackie... she didn't talk a lot of nonsense.

monty924 said...

I see that with Becky too, and in my experience that is attention seeking behavior. Someone who can't sit and enjoy a conversation and really listen to what people are telling you, but HAVE to interject their experience in to appear relevant. I have a sibling like that, and it drives me nuts. Always done it as well, and many times faster or more times than you. UGH I've taught myself over the years to be polite, listen and not make it about me. I often have similar stories that my friends are talking about, but I wait until they end theirs and try to not to make mine seem overly similar. The struggle is real, LOL. As smart as Becky is, I see a lot of insecurities there. Her wanting so hard to play the villain last week showed that.

Vanessa is different because she does want to control things and manipulate, but she does listen when she's not non-stop talking and running loops in her brain.

Hickeygate is about as immature as you can get and have to agree with everyone who commented on it in previous posts and this one. How 15 years old can an adult be??? UGH

Anonymous said...

OMG, how could anyone even think about eating something tha Austin cooks, he is so disgusting, something could fall out of that nasty looking beard of his YUCK. Liz is disgusting also I"m sure her family has to be dissapointed in her. Is she really that desperate for a man. Here's a man that possibly smells, looks unkept, never wears shoes or descent clothing, I would never walk around that house without shoes on after him,yikes. There are somethings that I would not do for any amount of money, like snuggle up and play kissy-face with likes of Austin. The first clue that made me realize that this group did not know how to play the game, is the fact that they allowed the twins to enter into the game, that should not have happened in my opinion. Talking about alliances, what bigger alliance could there be than sisters, and a love sick over grown puppy(Austin). Give me a break, everyone in that house should be evicted.

Witt said...

Don't know how I missed it in previous discussions, but thanks to the hickey, I've just lost my breakfast. Ew.