Sunday, August 16, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Sunday - August 16

Late night hot tub

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Future Psychiatric Ward Residents:
  • As mentioned in my previous brief update, Liz won the Power of Veto.
  • It was the OTEV comp. John was out the first round, unknown if he really threw it as he had promised Becky.
  • Becky tried valiantly to win, but fell short.
  • Heh. In the comp, Jace's song clue had the line "They erased my face from the Memory Wall." 
  • Now, the comp is blocked to the live feeds. So we didn't see it. We're just listening to them talking about it.
  • Liz told Vanessa that she plans to keep the nominations the same.
  • Vanessa had a heart attack, figuring for sure she would be backdoored.
  • Okay, I made up that last one.
  • Meanwhile, Julia and James have declared war against each other.
  • No fear. It's a pranking war. They've been trying to scare each other for a few weeks now and now it's war.
  • Heck, it's better than watching Austin maul Liz.
  • Steve and Vanessa talked. She tried to pry information about what Johnny Mac might have said about her. He tried to get her to tell him her targets.
  • Neither were successful.
  • BB gave them booze. As usual, not a heck of a lot of it.
  • Becky once again told her train tale.
  • She is handling the loss of OTEV well although she realizes she will probably be out the door Thursday.
  • After Becky's train story, James told about the time he was swallowed by a great white shark and had to cut his way out.
  • Ah, yet another Sharknado fan, eh?
  • Liz is rather modest about her OTEV win -- said she had no strategy and just really got lucky. 
  • It's nice not to see gloating for a change.
  • But she sure is happy that she won it!
  • Becky's frustration did come out when she talked to her buddy, Johnny Mac.
  • He lamented that they deliberately didn't hang out together in the house trying to avoid being put on the block together.
  • Most of Becky's venom was about Vanessa, not Liz (the one who most likely will get her out).
  • Maybe they're holding onto the thought that just maybe Liz will use the veto and backdoor Vanessa?
  • Nah. They know she won't.
  • Liz and Austin talked about getting rid of Vanessa.
  • But they ain't gonna do it!
  • Liz continued to lead Austin on a bit, then cut him off. She really doesn't want to "make out" with him no matter how much he wants to do it.
  • And, she's rather blatant. He just can't take a hint.
  • They said that Becky would go out unless she spilled some major information on Johnny Mac.
  • Hmm.
  • Lots of small talk in the wee hours of the night, reminiscing about the first day or two in the house, other hamsters, etc. James mentions that he lives on $20,000 to $26,000 a year.
  • He obviously doesn't (couldn't) live in this area on that!
  • As it stands, it looks like the noms will remain the same and Becky will go out the door on Thursday.
  • I wonder if BB will mark the event with a train whistle.

Some couples just can't be unseen

Julia is really not that keen on Austin


Any hope for this one?

Fun with nominated llama and company

Watch out! Train! Er ... MILK!

Vanessa, no hat


uncartie said...

Sharon,Like you said,Jmac had to have thrown the veto comp. How else could he have gone out before Meg?

IAgirlsmom said...
Uncartie, re Anon above; I don't see how Jmac throwing the veto guarantees both he and Becky stay? If the moms stay the same one of them has to go. Either he isn't thinking clearly, or I'm not.
iagirlsmom,Jmac's thinking was that by throwing the veto it gives Becky a better chance of winning. Since he was told he's not the target he figures they'll put someone else up like Steve or Vanessa and thus both he and Becky would stay.

Petals said...

And for some reason, Aushole & Liz were saying that Aus THROW the next HoH, too (throw? He couldn't possibly win it anyway) and that Julia CANNOT win it.
I wonder if they both know that Julia may nom Aus? She really can't stand him.
Neither can we, Julia. Neither can we.

monty924 said...

That makes more sense, uncartie. I was under the impression that he was going to throw it regardless but he told Austin he would wait until Becky was out. By throwing it first out, they think he didn't throw it and was just bad at the comp. He would have been gone if Becky did win it. imo

Sharon N said...

It's frustrating that none of them want to take Vanessa out.
geez people, you gotta strike while the iron is hot!!

Fools. SOMEONE has to get "blood-on-their-hands" but nobody wants to risk Vanessa telling their silly secrets.... that almost everyone already knows. @@ Meanwhile, they are passing on those prime opportunities like they are a hot potato. In the end, she'll end up beating them all.

Sally said...

One thought is if Vanessa continues to stay and the house, and if one of the evicted already does get a chance to come back SOON..............AT LEAST IT WON'T BE VANESSA returning!!!! Then I hope to God she gets evicted quick and gone for good with no chance of coming back. I keep wondering who may make it back in and that is always having to be considered in game play. As for Vanessa , she just ready annoys me and I just don't want her to win, along with Austin. It haunts me that he is still in the house and JUST has a possibility at even winning! I have to turn the sound off at when the twins talk, their voices and how they drag out their words and the weird sound of it too!!!!!! It is like from another planet or something almost? How critical I know of these people, but guess that is what one subjects themselves to when they sign up for reality tv and the prize they feel is possibility is half million bucks? Or whatever they want, who knows???


uncartie said...

Vanessa is a great player,no doubt. But she's all by herself. She has no strong alliance.

What kills me is that the idiot squad of James & Meg want to get her out next week. Instead,they should be focusing on breaking up the Austwins. That's a three person alliance that will pick them off one by one.

Sooner or later Vanessa is going to figure out what Austin has been up too. Then hopefully all hell breaks loose. She just needs to cool it until after the veto meeting.

Anonymous said...

What have I missed? I thought this was the season of many twists and the ever "expect the unexpected."

Sharon N said...

Yes, Vanessa is a great player... which is why AusTwins should WANT to get her out this week. The heck with waiting until someone else does it!!

And I also agree that everyone should have been looking at getting out the AusTwins, particularly Liz since she's proving she can win comps. However, the AusTwins are the ones who are ruling the HOH roost this week, and they 'should be' thinking about getting out Vanessa THIS time. Not waiting for someone else to do the dirty deed! @@

If Vanessa wins the next HOH, it's my bet that she'd put up Austin and Liz, in hopes of getting out Liz. But all those sheep/twin-admirers would probably vote out Austin... instead of taking out the player who can actually win in comps!


Sharon N said...

Uncartie... just for you!

Vanessa says she didn't know OTEV was veto spelled backwards.
"I always thought it was a Russian name."

Greenhorns! LMAO

uncartie said...

Golf running over time. Set your DVD player accordingly

Sharon N said...

Golf? that's like watching grass grow!!

monty924 said...

How far behind are we? I just got home from dinner and watching 60 minutes now.

Petals said...

Aushole is disgusting...I agree with Julia - hickeys are gross. Sucking on someone's neck? YUCK!?!?!

monty924 said...

I'm guessing 30 minutes more or less??

Petals said...

no clue. I am just watching hickeygate. I am convinced that every single thing he does is for camera time. The Irish Spring, the Jace songs, the showmance - it's all to make camera-time.

Sharon N said...

Continuing on in that Aushole train of thought...
Could it also be possible that he's not as enthralled with Liz that it appears...and that he plans to drop her after the show is over, i.e., this showmance is just part of his camera-time too?

Petals said...

Probably. He seems very immature.

Sharon N said...

I would say shallow, but his sense of humor shows now and then.
He's just so.... gross that it's all lost.