Sunday, August 30, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Sunday - August 30

Read the body language

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pancakes:
  • It sounds like Johnny Mac, Steve and Vanessa just might be really working together again ... until they're not.
  • Obviously, nothing is forever in this house of hamsters!
  • The Austwins really want Vanessa to put Johnny Mac up to replace James when he saves himself.
  • They want that so bad that they tried to convince James and Meg to go throw JM under that horribly driven reality bus.
  • When Meg talked to Vanessa, she was given false hope by Vanessa. I know from watching Vanessa all summer, that was just her jury talk -- she'll blame Meg's ouster on others, claim she had no vote and was under the impression Meg was safe.
  • Yessirree! That's Vanessa!
  • When James talked to Vanessa, he told her what she wanted to hear. He has Vanessa pretty well figured out.
  • He was honest (it seems) with her when asked about Johnny Mac.
  • He really has no clue who Johnny Mac would target.
  • Yup, Johnny Mac, Enigma Man.
  • James did his best to throw Austin under that bus, though.
  • JM and Steve have agreed to put last week's throwing each other under the bus to try to keep afloat in the past.
  • They think that they might even to bring James aboard (despite James's threats about Vanessa).
  • They also think no way would James ever work with Vanessa if she wasn't with them (Steve and Johnny Mac).
  • Meanwhile, Julia's name keeps getting mentioned as the pawn against Meg.
  • Now, she probably would be safe against Meg.
  • The two of Austwins who would be true target pawns would be Austin or Liz.
  • Both Liz and Austin seem to be on board with Julia going up as a pawn.
  • Julia, not so much.
  • We have until tomorrow, but it seems most likely that Julia will be up with Meg. 
  • While Austwins were pushing for Johnny Mac to go up, Vanessa pretty much shut them down.
  • We'll see.

James talks to Vanessa

Wearing her green hat ... again

Don't do it, Steve!

Vanessa no hat, different look


Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know why - if Julia goes up as pawn, that the others won't vote her out! It will accomplish 2 things. One, it will split up twins and two, it will take away their power and put the blood on Vanessa. It's a no brainer. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

A NO BRAINER to me too!!!! But, would Vanmessa put her up if she thought that too?
That girl has player every play in her hat on or off head over and over again and knows the ODDS and is playing them to her best advantage. The victim that goes up, for all the remaining players , at least to me, are victims of hers left to slaughter, will be to her best advantage to win that 500k pot! You can bank on that.

Chacha said...

The "house" wont go against Vanessa this week.
These idiots can't seem to realize that the days are dwindling.
They have no clue that DE is this week. They all think its next week.
Vanessa, who I have to say I don't her game play is the only one really playing.
She has positioned herself very well between both sides.
The only person she knows she can't control is James.
With John, she can control him to some point.
The smartest is to vote out Julia but these hamsters wont do it.

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie. I just finished watching/reading the goings-on overnight. It was a good night for the good guys.
I hope the Van Fans saw that she refused to come downstairs to help clean-up. Even James & Meg were helping the others get their beds straightened, their clothes picked-up, etc. Vanimal displayed such poor sportsmanship, even I was shocked at her reaction to not winning. Is that a good gamer? Really? Does she throw her cards in the air & kick the table when she loses a poker hand? What a sore loser.

Vanimal despises James because he is unimpressed by her, he doesn't give an eff about her lounge/casino skills, her 80s makeup, her beanies, etc. She only likes people she can manipulate, ie Shelli, twins, Aushole, Steve, etc. Notice that? Control issues, table for one.

Flashback to 11:30pm in HoH, and watch Vanimal lose it. She has absolutely zero self-control and comes-off like an hysteric. The meds she got after the comp made her ZZZZIP like a hornet for an hour, then brought her way down. No wonder she is such a sad person. So sad.
James came out looking awesome from that "conversation". Loved it.

If Julia is nommed, then the Foul Four could lose: If James talked to Steve & JMac and points out that that side needs to be weakened, they could choose to vote-out Julia. Only Auskiz could vote, so it'd be 3-2 for Meg to stay.

Things could be looking UP :)

Sharon N said...

Putting up Julia is the best bet....for Vanessa because it guarantees Meg voted out.
Voting out Julia won't happen because te votes aren't there. Steve's vote would be required, but his plans mean keeping Julia...for now.

uncartie said...

Petals,Comparing BB comps to poker is ridiculous. The comps can be highly emotional,especially like the one last night. Running around all over the house looking for stuff and then narrowly losing would take a toll on anyone.

Poker,OTOH,is different. You might be a 2-1 favorite on a hand and end up losing it. It's not that uncommon. If you lose a giant hand on the end you can get up and walk off the anger & frustration. You can sit down alone somewhere to clear your head before you go back into the game In the BB house you can't. That's why she retreated to the HOH room.

Oh and btw,she did help clean up a little. If you want to vent about someone who didn't, then Aushole is your boy. He did nothing but stand around while the others cleaned up.

David said...

I saw Steve talking to himself/the feeds early this morning and he wants Meg out. Most likely because she has not been "nice" to him. They really don't talk at all. But then he thinks he absolutely needs to win HoH this week. It would be funny if he wins another short HoH and never gets the HoH room again.

He plans on putting up Austin and Liz if he wins HoH so he does have that much figured out. I still see him blinded by Vanessa's web of lies but it seems he is learning. He also wants to pull James in with him and JMac. So the boy is growing a little but still playing with too many emotional decisions instead of what should be game play as a "super" fan.

Petals said...

uncartie - no one else had a melt-down. They all came inside, commiserated and commenced to cleaning; only Vanimal had the melt-down. And being a card shark isn't an excuse to act like that, not imo. But hey - I get it, some people out there like her. Sorry if I offended you.
Thanks for reminding me - YES, Aushole didn't clean either, but he never does anything in the house at all except grope Skiz. But see - yesterday, Van was really reaming on Meg about how she never ever cleans. I am digging the irony.

I'm just SO HAPPY that the tides are turning a bit. There is hope for the good guys.

Sharon N said...

Petals, wish I could have watch Van fall apart last night.
I was reading about it when James approached her. It was so obvious she totally lost control, but he played nice with her. Despite her apparently screaminG and wanting to throw him out of HOH, he hung in there and she finally had to climb off her hysterical high-horse. She only climbed down when she 'thought' James was acquessing to her righteous magnificence.

Vanessa is playing the game, but I can't bring myself to like her or her style.
She mentally bullies, and I highly suspect that prima dona 'does' people the same way in 'real' life.

Petals said...

I totally agree with your opinion of Vananas.
Sharon, her first point of anger is that he came in before she had makeup on @@ Then he said she "plays the game too hard, pulling things from weeks ago and nit-picking it to death". That's when she lost it! He stood his ground, always with the calm voice, talked-her-down.
She demanded he remove his sunglasses (forgetting that she always wears hers during any confrontation), then she ranted. He listened and apologized over & over & over (to soothe the savage beast, as it were), and they ended on a "good" note. LOL
James' time as a Corrections Officer really helps him deal with the loose cannons.

It's just nice to see Meg & James smiling again. Even if Meg leaves, I believe she will be fine. She had a mostly fun summer but, lately, the house is full of tension & whispering & sniping - that can't be fun.
OH! And the Twins said that they "hate" Meg, so they purposefully threw her stuff around the most (insert evil giggle), and they assumed that Meg had done the same to them, since their stuff was strewn all about. But guess who did it? Aushole!! He trashed the twins' stuff! Bwhahaha

Nickelpeed said...

IMO, all Vanessa and Austwins ousters have been easy. They'rr getting down to the nitty gritty and have to est their own. This is when the nails come out.

Sharon N said...

Petals, I was thinking the same thing about James' Corrections time... having to deal with the criminal element's loose cannons. He is also the personification of the term "inscrutable Asian." That's not a racist comment. I've worked with Chinese and Japanese men and when they don't want you to know what they are thinking, you won't. End of story.

I love Meg. Even though she doesn't do well at comps, it doesn't change the fact that she's just a very nice and pleasant person... to everyone. Even when they aren't nice to her!

The shame goes to the Twins... going rabid and saying awful things about Meg (encouraged by Vanessa, of course). I wondered who threw their things around and didn't think it would have been the too-nice Meg .. or too-awful Aushole. Of course, he would have done it to throw blame on Meg and ensure they 'hate' her.

It will actually be kind of funny if Steve actuall wins HOH and puts up AusLiz, as he's said he will do. Naturally, at that point, Vanessa will 'allow' it to happen. lol

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Last night and early this morning were feeds gold. I watched the entire hour plus Vanessa/James convo and couldn't leave the screen without pausing the feeds. There were times when I felt like she was begging James to say he'd work with her maybe even to break up the Austwins but he never committed to it or took the bait even though we know he wants the same thing. She doesn't have that one to hold over his head.

The funny thing about it being Austin who trashed the twins stuff was Liz's reaction when he admitted it. You can insert the usual Austiinn-uhh I hate youuuuu :))

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I was reading some earlier post and a there was a discussion about what certain people would do with the money if they won and someone mentionrd that Vanessa does not gamble "per se", isn't she a professional gambler, that's like saying Jmac is a dentist but he doesn't do dental work, I laughed so hard that I honestly got choked.

Anonymous said...


But we all know that she will tell a lie and twist it up as though James told her that's what he's going to do, but if there is indeed a DE and James won he could put her and one of those twins up and she would be gone.

monty924 said...

Anon, I don't think so. I honestly believe she does want to work with James/Johnny Mac/Steve to get out the Austwins so she doesn't have that on her hands. If you watch Vanessa long enough, you can read between the lines. She really doesn't want to get to the end with the threesome unless she absolutely has to.

Petals said...

i agree, monty

Petals said...

OMG, Van just asked Julia to go on block, and will give her $10k if she is evicted. HOW is that not against the rules?

uncartie said...

Anon 3:48,It's not gambling when you have a mathematical edge,a better memory,and higher IQ than your opponents. The odds eventually will wear down your opponent and bust them out.
Btw,When Vanessa was explaining her gambling to the twins she said she doesn't do it anymore because it's not fun taking people's money and the gambling lifestyle itself is not a healthy environment. She wants to have fun. Right now she is focusing on music and being a DJ.

There is so much more to this woman than poker. You can read more about her musical backround here on the left side of her page.

Cheryl in NC said...

The person going home will be whoever Van wants.Right now its Meg but if. she decides it's tme to get out Julia...she will get steve and jmac to vote her even aushike too...She is THAT good....un fortunately..haha

Sharon N said...

Vanessa has lied so much, I have to wonder if she actually believes some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth.

Vanessa talking to Liz... I know what she's saying is for her own benefit, but can't help wonder if she really thinks the James/Vanessa convo went as she says...
Vanessa telling Liz about James: "I calmed him the f*ck down!"
yeah, right...

Petals said...

The DR called her immediately and she re-worded her bribe. See? She is the dirtiest player!

Petals said...

But uncartie - her DJ story is a lie, remember? She didn't tell anyone about her still being a lounge liz, er, "professional gambler" b/c then they'd not award her the big money.
She told all of us in her pre-interview that she planned to pretend to be a DJ.

And it really doesn't matter if she's a card shark, a DJ, a horse trainer or a nurse: she is a pathological liar and drama queen, prone to hysteria between her doses of meds. Offering other HGs bribes of gifts of cars & money is wrong, it's unethical and not "good gaming".

I don't get it. How is there still any defense of her recent behavior? Beyond "she's a great gambler", what are any other of her redeeming characteristics? Not as a BB player, but as a human being in general?

uncartie said...

Petals,How is the DJ story a lie. Did you bother to look at ?

Wasn't everyone's hero Derrick guilty of the exact same thing,lying about his profession? Vanessa has been honest about her profession. Derrick lied about his throughout the entire game.

You must have looked at her page on wikipedia. Did you see what she accomplished prior to entering professional poker? Volunteered for "Mothers against drunk driving",
founded the "Environmental club" in High School.

You keep mentioning her gambling. Think what you want but she earned her money honestly. She has nothing to be ashamed of.

I love the way she plays the game. I wish the other 16 hamsters were like her instead of spending their time engaging in high school foolishness and idiot pranks.

She's the only reason I even decided to watch this year. I've had it with the usual cookie cutter casting.

Petals said...

Well Uncartie, you make a solid case for why you enjoy Van.
Maybe Derrick's lie about his profession was easier for me to forgive because he wasn't a millionaire? Yeah.
Am I going to read her HS yearbook to search for good stuff she may have done as a teenager? No. Nor will I go to her DJ site (why add another "hit"?), because I don't like that kind of music. (I did like's Steve's music video, tho)
But no - I'm too set-in-my-ways and, frankly, too judgmental and narrow-minded to
ever find her anything but contemptible.

Uncartie, I don't want to quarrel with you over Vananas. You can love her, I can not love her and we can still exist.

Sharon N said...

I could care less what Vanessa's profession is outside of BB. I've watched her play Poker on TV and she is very good at what she does... which is playing the ODDS and gambling that she will win. She's won a great many of those professional games (lost a few too), and been fortunate to make a ton of money. Now she can live life as she sees fit.

However, I'm having trouble with the basic rationale of: she's smarter than other players, so it's not gambling because ODDS are that she'll win. By that standard, it means the few times she's lost, the ODDS weren't with her, so now it can be called gambling?

Yikes, it's all making me dizzy!! lol

When people sit down to the table and put money on the line, they are placing a BET and playing the ODDS that they will win. ODDS and Gambling are 2 words that mean the same thing. You will rarely find one without the other and they both mean gambling.

Sharon N said...

Ditto what Petals said. Everyone is allowed their hamster choice.
Uncartie loves Vanessa. I don't.
I love James. She doesn't.

That's what makes the world go 'round. :)

monty924 said...

Cheryl, the person going home is Steve/JMac and Jame's decision. You know that Austin and Liz will vote Meg out. She would have to get Steve AND JMac and Steve is dead set to vote out Meg. He was talking to the camera in the BY this morning around 2:09 am BBT and he flat out said that he would not vote out Julia because that isn't the time to make the first hit on Austwins. He also said he was worried that James and Meg would team up with Austin/Liz to get him out and that's probably an accurate assessment. He wants to win HOH and target Austin and Liz. Steve does have a point and there is no way he'll be swayed into voting Julia out on this first vote/eviction unless the DE freaks him out.

Stormy said...

OK OK i FINALLY GET IT. I have been a Vanessa fan all the way through but after seeing her actions at losing the POV I have about had it with her. She also has a nerve trying to get Johnny Mac to go up a a pawn saying they have the votes to keep him. That is what she said last week. How did that work out for JM??? Looks like I will be jumping of the James boat now. GO GET THEM JAMES.

monty924 said...

Stormy, she has kept Johnny Mac off the table as a replacement this week. She's working with him. She's going to renom Julia as a pawn to ensure that Meg goes home. JMac is safe through the first vote Thursday night.

Petals said...

Julia is the renom (for now). Who knows what will happen by tomorrow, though.

monty924 said...

No, Julia will be the renom. Vanessa knows that JMac could go home.

Glenn said...

It is crazy that Vanessa and JMac and steve keep wanting to wait to breakup the austwins. They do not seem to realize that if Austin or the Twins win a couple more HOH's then their will not be enough votes to get them out. This week they could get out a Twin with a 3 to 2 vote.

Steve may want to get out Liz or Austin first if he gets HOH. However Austin or Vanessa could get him to change his mind. Vanessa would not be making a big move getting out Meg over a block of three in the Austwins.

uncartie said...

Sharon N said...
However, I'm having trouble with the basic rationale of: she's smarter than other players, so it's not gambling because ODDS are that she'll win. By that standard, it means the few times she's lost, the ODDS weren't with her, so now it can be called gambling?
Sharon,Just because the odds are with her doesn't always mean she will win every single time. But overall she will,because in the end it will average out.

"When people sit down to the table and put money on the line, they are placing a BET and playing the ODDS that they will win. ODDS and Gambling are 2 words that mean the same thing. You will rarely find one without the other and they both mean gambling."

In reality they are "hoping" they will win,because every single game in Vegas has a house edge built in. Simply put,every time you win you never get paid what the actual true odds are. Take roulette for example. You can bet on red or black and get even money odds 1-1. The problem is that there are 38 numbers on the wheel. 18 are red,18 are black. But 2 of those 38 numbers are green 0 and 00. If those numbers come up you lose no matter what color you bet on and thus that is the house edge that will add up over time.
I know...clear as mud,right? :)

Petals,Even though you despise Vanessa I still love you. Pool parties are always better when you're there,on fire,with your wise cracking comments.

Petals said...

*mwah* uncartie Ditto kiddo

David said...

I think Vanessa has been trying to set herself up as a middle person between two groups and thus be relatively safe from the beginning. Her problem was she bet on the wrong horse, Shelli, clay, and Audrey, as her second group. Now she is trying to establish a second group again but she has burned too many bridges for that second group to trust her other than Steve. I think she will be burned by whichever group she decides to work with now. She will be a fourth and bottom of the group. She should have jumped ship earlier but the austwins had the power and I think she was hoping it would last to the end.

Sharon N said...

Glenn, same old thing. It's still a matter of not wanting to get blood on their hands. @@
Most likely, there will be a blood bath real soon.

IF Steve or JMac win the next HOH, they'll stick with Vanessa. Steve has already said he wants to put up Austin and Liz.

If James wins HOH, I assume one he'll put up Vanessa and one of the AusTwins. James will be alone and not hamstrung by Vanessa or Austin... which only makes me want to cheer for him all the more!

If Austin or Liz win, I think they'll want to put up James and/or JMac. I doubt Austin will want to go after Vanessa yet... she's still his friend ya know. Until she isn't.

Nickelpeed said...

It's like I said. They are putting up the easy people. They do not want to target the harder people. The biggest two people they put up were Shelli and Clay. They need to go after one of the big dogs. Get them out. They're going to have to eat each other soon. That will show the real alliances. It will not make any of the top dogs happy.

Sharon N said...

yeah, the House is almost impossible to beat, especially over time. Playing the Odds and hoping for a win will never work for lousy gamblers (like me). It's never felt fun to take unnecessary chances by throwing more than $50 down the Vegas toilet. Whoop... and we all know that's below Chump Change! lol

On the other hand, one of my daughters won enough that she decided to pay for our entire trip... and had some left over. That's what us peons call a good trip to Vegas... and why I'll never be a millionaire!! lol