Thursday, August 27, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 27

I don't have much for you. Everyone went to bed early except Steve. He walked around practicing his speech.


Delee said...

I think the "final" speech to save themselves is stupid. I doubt even one vote was ever changed from a save me speech. Dead air time if you ask me!

JonMD1267 said...

I'm still laughing about the white rice is made from flour on the last post. Oooooohhhhh mmmmyyyyy ggggggooooosssshhhhh yooouuu ggguuuyyyyss lol

~~Silk said...

... it would be easy to confuse rice and orzo ...

Chacha said...

The twins are not very bright it seems.
I have a hard time understanding how they were admitted into Loyola New Orleans. Not everyone is accepted. I live in the New Orelans area, and have had friends who weren't accepted who scored very well on ACT/SAT.

I am ready for whomever comes back tonight just to shake things up.
I read on a post that people wanted SHelli back as it would shake things up.
As much as I really don't want her to come back I do think it would shake up the
house. Vanessa and Austin seem to think that she will fall right back in line with them.
I remember a few interviews where she said they would be her targets. I would imagine after hearing info from Becky she would do that. Taking out Meg/James if she were HOH would be a waste.
To think we only have four weeks left of this game.

Sharon N said...

I'm hoping for a Jackie return. But, if Shelli returns and wins HOH, I think Vanessa will encourage her to go after AusTwins and I hope she will go after Liz/Austin with Vanessa as backup. If it's Vanessa with one of the AusTwins, we know Vanessa will be evicted (and that's ok), but that means the 3-some is still the largest voting block.

The glitch would be if Liz or Austin won POV... could be Vanessa OTB (unless she's HOH), in which case, she might name the other twin.

As David says, the HOH and POV are going to be crucial this week!!

Chacha said...

Sharon N-
I am hoping for a Jackie return as well but it all depends on the re entry comp.
If it is like last year its a crap shoot. Previous season was catching the ball endurance. That endurance was done already this season.

The worst for me would be Vanessa winning the HOH. She would put up Meg/James which is so stupid. I hope that what John told her last night about flipping and taking out Austwins sticks in her mind.
If Shelli comes in and wins HOH I believe Vanessa would get into her head and would have Shelli put the three headed monsters up. If one comes down and Vanessa doesn't win POV then she could be the replacement.

if any of the returning jurors win HOH their best bet is to talk to James and or Meg. If Shelli were to go after James that would be stupid. That would be a wasted HOH

IAgirlsmom said...

I am/was a JMac fan, but him returning could well be a replay of this week if anyone other than him (or maybe James/Meg. but only maybe) won HOH. I don't think James/Meg have thought through keeping Steve...Jmac would at least be a vote/player on their side when it comes down too it. Not too many weeks left for everyone to play nice.
I was having trouble getting my mind around Vanessa's current stance. She had to stay in good with with the Austwins until she won POV. But she has to know she is 4th in that hierarchy. And she knows now that she was a target of pretty much everyone for 2 weeks now.
I'm guessing she is just playing the odds that if James/Meg or returning jury win HOH that they'll go after Austwins in some combo of their 3 - and she will still be safe. And she thinks that she can get Steve to do her bidding way more than she can JMac.
Because whoever returns - they really should be going after the biggest alliance of 3. Vanessa could end up with the whole thing as this rate.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching because I don't like any of these house guest except Johnny Mac; although, I would not mind James or Steve winning it all. I really, really don't like Vanessa, Austin, Julia and Liz. I am hoping that Jackie gets back into the house. The problem with that is that they are all going to be gunning to evict her again. I come on here to read updates. I prefer to read then to watch. Zoe in California

Chacha said...

On the feeds in the last hour Jmac spilled to James/Meg. Vanessa came in and she is going to think things through. Vanessa basically said she may go that route but we all know Vanessa.
A few minutes later she ran up to Austwins and ratted out Meg/James and said Jmac was trying to flip the vote.

Petals said...

It's approx 3:40 CST. Vanimal has changed her mind 3 times in 12 hours. I blame her doctor - her meds are clearly not strong enough. I'm not kidding, either.
In the future, I think BB should not cast anyone who is THAT dependent on prescription medications for mental things. Sure, I understand Lipitor or BCPs or something, but if someone needs medication in order to properly function in society? No. Never.

Wil's new video is up & it's funny:

Sharon N said...

Love Wil's videos!

Call me crazy (yep, and no meds), but I think Vanessa's squirreling around is for her own planned benefit.
Nobody knows it's HER running the house, and she manages to make everyone think their own suspicions are their own idea and causing each eviction.

Meanwhile, she keeps her boy, Steve, safe as her separate ally. I think she figured out trying to ally with JMac wouldn't have worked... because he doesn't really give information to her, or anyone until necessary... like spilling to James/Meg this morning. Ultimately, it looks like he waited to long and his 'spill' failed anyway. James tends to be suspicious, but Meg is way to trusting, and he can't do much if Meg votes the other way.

JAMES needs to win tonight!!!!!!
Or the person coming in who's looking to finally spill-some-blood. @@

uncartie said...

Petals,How do you know what prescription medications Vanessa is on?

Sharon N said...

I'm not Petals, but do remember Vanessa bitterly complaining (after losing at least one of the comps) that DR didn't give her the Rx in time, so it messed her up for the comp. That sounds very much like she's taking the same kind of Rx others have been taking... to make their brains function faster/better. Before most comps, several house guests have mentioned, "there goes Vanessa to DR for her medications." So they are all aware...

Personally, I have to agree. Whether it's an Rx for 'calming' or for brain function/clarity, it's unfair for some individuals to have that kind of advantage over other players.

monty924 said...

If it's Adderall, then many hamsters in the past few seasons have taken it. Ian talked about it on podcasts during S15. This isn't new to BB or even anywhere in the country. College kids get on it all the time to improve their testing abilities. I'm of the mind that it is none of my business what medications Vanessa or any of them take for that matter. I don't see why it's such a big deal because it's not an elicit drug. But that's just me!

monty924 said...

Just to clarify, I'm not saying taking Adderall is a good thing. I just don't believe the house guests medications are anyone's business. We don't know what her meds are.

Petals said...

Adderral, Lexapro and something for acne. She mentioned it many weeks ago, Audrey was on the same thing (Lex).

The only reason I complained about the meds is because Van is very clearly not completely stable. She gets very frantic about an hour after she takes her meds - they get her really gassed. And she has more-than-once tried to blame her meds (or delay of) on losing a comp.

I dunno, you guys. Sorry, I know many of you are fans of her game-play, and that's fair. IMO, every single thing she does is sickening, I'm poisoned. But I'll try not to bash her too badly in here anymore.

monty924 said...

It's just that things like this grow wings every season and it's silly to even speculate on it or get worked up about it. Someone always thinks it's unfair and an advantage and BB should ban meds and such. Amanda in S15 took it and it didn't get her to the end. The meds won't get anyone to the end. The game play will. Not gonna beat a dead horse any longer. Didn't mean to offend you Petals or anyone else. Peace out!

Petals said...

All this cramming for the "day's comp, but they are having endurance instead! Awesome! Endurance favors all the good people.

I hope JMac or Jackie comes back.

monty924 said...

Personally, I'd like to see JMac come right back in, lol. He's got it all figured out, but I doubt that they will work with him. They should!!

uncartie said...

Petals,Vanessa does change her mind a lot. That's because she never stops thinking game.
On the plus side for you,it hurts her social game.

Sharon N said...

As you say Monty, it's none of our business who takes what, and I realize many others have taken meds (like Adderal) in past seasons. Also, I don't think it's been mentioned what Vanessa takes, but indications are that, whatever she takes, it apparently helps with her 'concentration.' If there was no 'enhancement' to her abilities, she wouldn't get so upset over not receiving them right before the comps.

That's where my inner "fairness" conflict comes in: those who are taking 'enhancement' meds versus those who don't have that perk. If a medication is something that someone 'needs' to take right before a comp - in order to 'perform' - I don't care how it's sliced, that person has an unfair advantage over the other players.

Back to my recliner for the evening, in preparation for the latest house hoopla. :)
Looks like it will be bye-bye JMac.
Maybe followed by a, "Hi JMac, welcome home!" LOL

Sharon N said...

If JMac comes back in, I think James/Meg would work with him, but AusTwins will still be the larger alliance. I'm hoping whoever comes in, it's someone willing to work with James/Meg. And one of the good guys wins HOH and POV, and puts up Austin/Liz, with Vanessa as a backdoor (if necessary). I'd rather Liz go to really split up the 3-some.