Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Wednesday - August 19

Late night or early morn hammock

Yeah, yeah. I was lackadaisical this morning. But, to my defense, so have been the hamsters! While this crew is quite adept at entertaining themselves, it really doesn't make great fodder for me. I'm not all that personally interested in their views on lots of things and I can only watch so much tomfoolery before my mind wanders and my bed calls me. After all, I do this atop a rather stressful full time job. I'm happy that they're entertaining themselves, but I'm not going to sit and watch it all! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Tomfoolery and Hijinks:
  • Johnny Mac said he pays about $40,000 a year to student loans. Becky said she doesn't even earn that much a year.
  • Hmm. If she's indeed a store manager for Abercrombie and Fitch, their store manager salaries certainly aren't great for a national chain of fairly large stores. She could earn twice as much at many other retailers.
  • That is, if indeed she's an actual store manager -- not an assistant or department type manager.
  • Becky hurt her toe in the OTEV comp and it's swelling more by the day. She seems to be in a lot of pain from it.
  • While Steve and Vanessa played chess, they talked about Steve's social skills issues. Vanessa thinks he might have Asperger's Syndrome. Steve says he's never been diagnosed, but it's quite possible he does due to his failure to pick up social cues and such.
  • Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. 
  • A lot of people just have problems with social skills and there's not a real need to throw labels on them.
  • From his asides to the cameras, I think he can read people quite well. His big problem seems to be that he's trying to be friends with everybody and then his conscience bothers him because he doesn't want to disappoint them or hurt them.
  • Several hours after she begged BB to see a medic, they've called her into the Diary Room.
  • James thinks they should have a medic on site 24/7 just for Meg!
  • Now you see why I was lackadaisical ...

Will NOT go on Survivor, good.

Whoop Whoop

BB1 had no washer or dryer!

Talking Steve's social woes

Once again, Larry and Voodoo on the block

Becky is in pain, toe pain

She seems to have lost the green hat


Chacha said...

What a boring day. This seems to happen when they are in an indoor lock down.

I am ready for a new week on Thursday. Who do we want for HOH?
I am hoping James.

monty924 said...

I'd be happy with James or Meg. I honestly want to keep the power with the Austwins just because. Still rooting for my pool pick. :))

IAgirlsmom said...

Boy, Chacha, I dunno. I guess just not Austin, Julia or Vanessa. I like JMac and looks like Becky will be gone. Not sure what Steve would do, but seems like his last nominations were "off" and I think would still be pretty influenced by Vanessa. So, My picks would probably be James, Meg or Jmac. Although not sure if JMac has really committed to a side. I'm all confused!!

monty924 said...

Audrey and Clay are going to be the guests tonight on RHAP. The podcast starts at 9:15 PM normally or shortly there after. I can't wait for Audrey's take on this season, LOL.

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie. I can no longer watch the live feeds. Well, I CAN, I just choose to NOT. With the Sasquatch groping (*ahem*), hickey-ing and doing other disgusting 7th-grade sex acts on Liz, it's just too much. They are on 2-3 cams, 24/7. He is so loathsome, I just can't even look at the feeds, even to chat (which I enjoy).
The new Brenchel??? LMAO Uhm, NOPE. You nailed it, Jackie, when you said they'd be more
like McCranda - disgusting, over-soon and obsolete.

Sharon N said...

I'd be happy with James or JMac winning HOH.

Tell us how you really feel Petals!!! LMAO

I rather enjoyed their cooking contest Monday night, and then the courtroom session last night. Silliness, but they were having fun and I found myself laughing quite a bit last night.

Cheryl in NC said...

haha@ petals..disguting over-soon and are soooo least he didnt try to compare themselves to sweet Jordan and Jeff

ceemurph said...

Hey whatever happened with Steve's tooth problem?

Jackie said...

I guess the tooth problem calmed down. He has also had severe canker sore issues. The kid has mouth issues!

ceemurph said...

Thanks Jax!! ❤️❤️