Saturday, August 29, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Saturday, Power of Veto - August 29

Vanessa's smiling? Not for long.

Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Lackluster Loonies:
  • The feeds were blocked for more of their awake time than they've been running.
  • Why?
  • First, the veto players pick.
  • Besides Vanessa, James and Meg ... they drew Austin, Liz and Julia.
  • Oh my. That sounds like it should be good for Vanessa, doesn't it?
  • Heh.
  • Johnny Mac was the host.
  • I guess Steve sat around and did nothing.
  • While so many prepared for the Fold or Stay comp, it wasn't that at all.
  • Heh.
  • It was one where they had to run through the house searching for something ... thus tearing apart the house and making a huge mess.
  • I'm surprised they're cleaning up the mess. Sometimes the house looks just about that bad when they're just plain living in it!
  • The big news is ... JAMES WON THE POWER OF VETO.
  • Did you hear that?
  • Liz made a point of bragging that she deliberately took all Meg's stuff and threw it around.
  • Mean girl.
  • Austwins and Vanessa are very unhappy.
  • Too bad, so sad.
  • Vanessa thinks they planned a comp that James would win.
  • Huh? How can you even predict who would win something like that? Meg with her hurt leg could have won!
  • James told Meg he's thinking of trying to make a deal with Austwins that he'd go after Vanessa if they'd vote to keep Meg this week.
  • Hmm. I doubt that would fly.
  • I'd imagine that Meg's days in the house are up. I've really enjoyed her, but she so sucks at comps and the general cut-throat kind of game BB is.
  • She's too nice.
  • Vanessa doubts James will use his veto to save Meg.
  • I doubt it, too.
  • Vanessa wants to put someone on the block that will be a guarantee Meg will be the one voted out.
  • Gee, put AUSTIN up! Go for it, Vanessa, he's so loved in the house!
  • Heehee.
  • Julia suggested Johnny Mac. Vanessa nixed that.
  • Of course, if Johnny Mac goes up there would be the chance Meg would stay.
  • Ohhh ... Vanessa suggested to Austin that she put up Julia as a pawn.
  • Now, that's something she mentioned last night if James got himself off the block.
  • Uh-oh. Paranoid-Vanessa is starting to worry that Johnny Mac is spending too much time with Meg and James.
  • And that's where we are.
  • At the moment.
  • Things could change -- we're talking Vanessa. But, she has been talking all along since HoH about getting Meg out. She usually accomplishes her goal.

Johnny Mac sports a new look.

James sports the Power of Veto!


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling van will do something stupid , like put John up and meg will stay and john will get evicted again

Anonymous said...

Vanessa and the Austwins are not too bright. Don't they realize that only 2 of them can go to the finals?

Eventually the 4 of them, if it goes as planned, are going to have to evict 2 of their group. Thus getting lots of blood on their hands because you can't put it on anyone else. @@ I can't wait to watch them FINALLY turn on one another. Heh!

David said...

Ugggg, so frustrating. My internet connection is down to half speed this time of the evening. Constant buffering. Someone tell the dang kids in my area to get off the internet. BB is more important than their facebook. Been buffering so much I am now watching 1 1/2 hours behind.

BBAD is only 2 hour show tonight. dang.

This has been fun watching Vanessa freak out, like she doesn't anyway over the smallest detail out of place, but when a big one hits her in the face it makes it fun to watch. =)

Sharon N said...

We've reached a new low...
Austin on Johnny Mac: "He has a serial killer mentality."

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

I love it!!! They haven't done the hide the veto since S8 when Danni (Donato) hid hers in the slop bucket in the fridge and won the veto. Kudos to James!!!

uncartie said...

Monty,Season 8?? Why do I think Grodner's elves decided to go back in time and try and dig up a comp that Meg could have a fighting chance to win.

Van has to get rid of Meg. Jmac is a wild card that's for sure but Meg is a vote James controls. Since she knows that James is gunning for her she needs to minimize the votes he controls.

monty924 said...

Yep, uncartie... it was season 8 and it was the first veto of the season and Dani won it. I'm actually happy that they did it. The same old comps have been done season after season and this at least was a long time in between. I'd also like to see them bring the dumpster diving veto back from All-Stars, lol.

Witt said...

When the hamsters can predict what comp is coming, that means production really needs to create some new comps!!!

James Blanc said...

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