Sunday, August 30, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - August 30

Vanessa befuddles Meg

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misguided Malcontents:
  • It's Sunday, so it's rather quiet in the house.
  • The only thing looming ahead is the PoV ceremony tomorrow. James is sure to save himself. So, the only real action is trying to come up with the replacement nominee.
  • As of now, that's still looking like Julia.
  • Vanessa offered to give her $10,000 out of her pocket if she went up as a pawn and ended up going home this week.
  • BB dragged Vanessa into the Diary Room and pooh-poohed that deal.
  • Vanessa had to renege and reword things as it being a "gambling expression."
  • Meg talked to Vanessa, trying to get the target off of her.
  • That didn't really work.
  • Vanessa found out that James was told two things that she said to Austin in confidence.
  • Will she throw Austin on the block?
  • Nah.
  • She'll let one of her new minions do that bidding. Gotta protect her jury ratings!
  • But it does give her more ammunition against Austin. She knew she was lowest on the totem pole before. However, now she knows that Austin continues to betray her confidence.
  • Julia is a "safe" pawn as only three votes are needed to keep her. She automatically has Austin and Liz. And, Steve has a crush on her.
  • James and Meg vow to not play pot ball or take photos or anything because they're on the block.
  • Meg thinks that, as long as she does go out, she'll go out on an hour-long episode.
  • Heh.
  • Of course, all the shows are an hour, but they're thinking one eviction.
  • They are so not expecting double eviction again this week. They figure it will be next week.
  • If you hear the expression "camping," it's a euphemism for something else.
  • The photo booth opened. It's losing its fun factor.
  • That's about it!

Johnny Mac knows he's safe ... for now


Wants to win HoH
Friends fun


Sharon N said...

Meg has no romantic interest in James, but she really likes him as a friend.
They have a good time together and I can see them keeping in touch.

Of the people left in the house, I don't see many of them ending up close friends.
They will for a while... a short while.

Didn't Vanessa indicate she would try to help out Jason when the show is over?
For some reason, I can see her following though on that.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa knew better than to make a deal like that, I'm sure before and since going into the BB house they were told the rules, she is just an egotistic maniac, it's going to be her way no matter what. I think she should have been disqualified from the game for breaking the rules and if she really wants to help James she could offer to go up on the block get voted out and convince all the jury members to vote for James since she so convincing and you know she doesn't need the $500,000, since she's already a millionaire.

monty924 said...

She did Sharon and I believe she will. Speaking of Jason, he wasn't able to be on RHAP last Wednesday but he was on tonight and it was one funny hour. Love him!

Sharon N said...

Monty, do you have a link for RHAP that you could post? :)
I can't find the site.. thx.

~~Silk said...

Just a few realities: Vanessa's poker winnings have been reported various places as 3.5 to 4.5 million. That's the total of her winnings, before taxes. Taxes will take a big chunk of that. Plus, you have to buy your way into those tournaments - the bigger the prize, the higher the registration cost, so you gamble before you even sit down at the table. She registered in a lot of tournaments wherein she did not take home big purses. There are a lot of costs just to play. Plus, I forget the year she stopped, but she hasn't played pro poker in several years, so unless she is equally good at investing, her assets might be a lot lower now.

The $500K from BB usually ends up being $300K after taxes - not even enough to buy an average house in the vicinity of the BB house.

Anonymous said...

Oh so Vanessa is BROKE!

David said...

Here is the link to tonight's rob has a podcast Sharon:

uncartie said...
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Sharon N said...

Silk, good points about the high costs of the gambling profession.

Wikipedia provides a wealth of information:
As uncartie has said, Vanessa really is quite brilliant.
BB is a game that takes lying and conniving, but even knowing that, I still can't bring myself to like her. I might like her in real life, but my attitude feels tainted after watching her on BB.

Sharon N said...

Thanks David... whatta guy!! :)

uncartie said...

Silk,Gambling losses can be deducted from any gambling winnings so all those tournament entries where she didn't win can be written off along with travel expenses.

Secondly,who knows how much she's won in everyday side games where it's all cash and there aren't any records. She also played for years on-line before the gov't cracked down on it. There she was playing in 5 or 6 games at once. I'd bet she's won 10's if not hundreds of thousands that way just about all tax free.

I'd be surprised if she hasn't invested her earnings wisely. She's too smart not to have and her successful father although a little shady ( ) has probably advised her. Her conversation with the twins told me that she knows every angle there is.

monty924 said...

Thanks David. I meant to post it. You can also see on Youtube. Just search RHAP in the search box and all of his shows come up. The most recent ones are on the main page.

David said...

YVW. =)

Since this Thursday will be a Double Elimination and we won't have time to speculate on a regular post, here is what I would like to happen.
Steve wins first HoH, puts Austin and Liz on the block. Austin wins POV and refuses to take Liz off the block making her mad because you know it is all about her. Takes himself off and Steve puts up Julia. Now both girls are extremely mad at Austin and Steve. Liz is voted out and all kinds of chaos ensues with Austin and Julia gong ballistic at Steve. Crying and pity parties also ensue.

Vanessa gets herself involved of course since she can't help it and more chaos ensues. Now we have Julia, Austin, and Vanessa not in their right minds going into the second HoH competition ensuring a JMac or James win.

I can think of quite a few problems with that actually happening, but that is what I would like to happen. =)

monty924 said...

That would be golden, David. :)))

Sharon N said...

I like how you mind works David. :)
From your colorful mind to BB's ears....

Anonymous said...

Uncartie is absolutely correct in the fact that Venessas percentage of winnings is mostly made up from side games.Rrich millionaires who think they can play poker and are willing to lose millions trying to beat a pro like Venessa. Movie Stars are famous for having Poker parties where pros are invited and major sums of money are won and lost (Affleck, McCaulkin, McGuire to name a few) and the Lakers owner also does this regularly. Not to mention online poker. I don't know how much she currently has, but her tournament winnings mean nothing in comparison to her other streams of poker winnings. I didn't care for her much watching her play poker over the years and I don't care for her much on the show, but she is absolutely dominating the game and making everyone else look foolish in comparison. Poker players are basically survivors and she definitely knows how to do that!

Anonymous said...

These people are like the ones that the Asian Lady kept saying "ITs to soon to vote the biggest target out, Its to soon, its to soon . She walked out the door saying Its to soon. I think that is what all the ones left had done. They allowed a twin to come in when they knew she was a twin, the knew Austin and Liz were a couple and allow them to stay together. I do not claim to be the smartest BB player but have watch enough through the years to know better than to let those two thing go on so long. They just became bigger and bigger. What about it Peddles and Monty?

Nickelpeed said...

You are so right, Uncartie. They all made 2 huge mistakes in this game, adding an additional player and letting a power couple stay together.

I don't get that. They've taken out smaller players. That's it. James made the biggest play. They needed to get out Vanessa and they didn't. They needed to split up the Austwins, but didn't. That mistake has cost many of them.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone wanting to explain Vanessa's winning and loses,she is still a vile person, I know many poker player who are as good or better poker players than she is, but none are as paranoid Petals has her down to a tee. Steve winning HOH at anytime would be a total waste because he has absolutely no mind of his own he talks a good game in the DR, but does exactly what he's told by Vanessa, does he really think he has a chance to win against her, I don't care for her at all, but I would pull for her to win over Steve in a heart beat, so maybe he's playing for the $50k as my daughter would say second place means you still LOST !! And the rest of these people in the house aren't even worth mentioning.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Professional Poker players will tell you they are not gamblers. Poker is a game of skill. This is a very true statement, which is why, since online poker was made illegal, most live in Las Vegas like Vanessa. I would bet that the average ROI of a profitable professional poker player is pretty good, maybe as north of 80%. They are very good at sniffing out good games, IE - games with bad players like tourist and casual players, and really do make a ton of money. Most of which they can decide what to declare and not. This is from playing CASH game poker. The 3-4 Million Vanessa has won's is official money from tournaments, which is a completely different beast. Professional poker players play tournaments understanding that the ROI is very low. The luck factor increases tremendously because tournaments are elimination tournaments, and the big ones with the big money prizes have thousands of players. The main event of the WSOP this year for example, had north of 6000 players. The person that will win it, will probably win 6 or 7 million, but that's1 in 6000. You get the picture. So I am sure Van, who is mainly a cash game player, is doing just fine, and wouldn't surprise me if she has double those prize winnings as a net worth. I know she owns or did own a mansion in Vegas, has a really nice T-bird among some of her expensive worldly possessions. At any rate, my take is she's doing big brother for the sport of it, she doesn't need the money.

Chacha said...

Yesterday I spoke with Shelli from BB13.
She explained that in the house they can't campaign in any way shape or form with offering Money. It is against the law on a tv game/reality show.
Once game is over you can give any money, trips or extras to anyone. This is all after the taxes are or should have been satisfied.

Chacha said...


I like your thinking on DE this Thursday.
I am not sure that Steve will actually try to win in the first HOH, John wins it and puts up Austin and Liz, Vanessa wins POV and doesn't use it. Liz is voted out.
Steve wins 2nd HOH and puts up Austin and James.

The only way I see Vanessa hitting the block in the DE is if James wins HOH and nominates Liz and Austin with one of them winning POV. The problem with that is if Vanessa is a renom, Then it gets tricky, If she were up with Austin I am actually unsure how the votes would go. I am sure that Julia would vote Austin out but would she want to cross her sister?
If Liz remained on the block and went head to head against Vanessa I am positive it would be a split vote and James would decide. I believe he would take out Vanessa just so Meg could see her enter the Jury house. That would be a huge GET for him.
Once the second HOH is decided I would hope that James blends into the background and Steve/John go after the three headed monster.

How the Austwins survive the DE will be crazy.