Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Tuesday into the Evening - August 4

The loving couple and squirrel head

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap:
  • James got his HoH camera today. He first went around sneaking up on people taking shots of them sleeping before they went to the posed photos.
  • Austin couldn't figure out how to use the camera. With those huge paws, I'm surprised he could actually hit the tiny shutter button!
  • Vanessa and Becky both complained how how messy the house is.
  • Living like pigs! 
  • Hmm ... would those be guinea pigs, a relative of the hamster?
  • Clay apparently thinks it will be Shelli going home.
  • Shelli doesn't think so!
  • As I mentioned before, Shelli has been playing a much better social game and is likely to stay when the votes go down Thursday.
  • To be honest, although she's not any kind of favorite of my own, I'd just as soon see her stay. I've been thinking about it. What I disliked the most was the one-sided winning. I hate when, in a divided house, one side dominates and wipes out the other. I like ups and downs and power struggles. 
  • If Clay stays, it will end up one-sided once again. He'd be pretty easy to boot.
  • Jason isn't the only one in the house still living with his parents -- so is John. He has heavy duty student debt. I don't believe he's living in the basement, though.
  • Austin, working for the Save Shelli cause, told Julia that if Clay stays in the house, he (Austin) will be Clay's number one target.
  • James and Meg told the twins that both Clay and Shelli want Shelli to stay because she's more likely to win the whole thing.
  • And, of course, they're so deeply in love that they'll take the after tax quarter million and ride off into the sunset on horses from Clay's mother's ranch.
  • Shelli asked Steve if he was still voting for her to stay. Of course, he is.
  • Shelli cried some more.
  • Are you surprised? It's kind of like a daily thing these days.
  • Heh. Shelli actually thinks the reset Julie mentioned might mean everyone goes to jury? She could be with the love of her life!
  • Blech.
  • No way, anyway.
  • They got to order take-out food. Or, to be more accurate, delivery food.
  • Plus they got the usual minimal amount of alcohol (when you consider how many people imbibing).
  • Tomorrow's show should be more interesting than tonight's live feeds.
  • I hate lulls in my kerfuffles!

Look! They got a booze delivery!

Who's this? No hat, can't be Vanessa!

Sneak with the HoH camera

Meg having sun issues

Oh. The Hat is back.


monty924 said...

I agree, Jackie. The Wednesday show will be so fun. I can't keep up with how certain people feel about things, and that makes it interesting to me. I want surprises and blindsides.

Sharon N said...

Of the AusTwins, the only possible one to flip and vote out Shelli would be Julia.
Not sure she'd go against her sister at this point though.

JonMD1267 said...

I'd feel more comfortable with James/Meg/Jackie talking if flipping Becky was not in the room at moment, they are laying out some really good game talk and have missed the feeds to see where she stands here of late other then narking everyone out back to Shelli/Clay. I may miss Wednesdays night show because dinner thing (damn friends lol).

monty924 said...

Becky is 100% with the Clelli side of the house from what I've seen. That is of course at the moment. She's really in hot water with most everyone in there though. I think they have her figured out.

Anonymous said...

Love your insightful comments.

Ed in Ohio said...


'will he stay or will he go now?'

'will she stay or will she go now?'

either way.......'see you in September!'

Terry is a Texan! said...

i still want a shelli bye bye.......it would be good to ee if clay can stay and play on his own

uncartie said...

Monty,I'm hoping tonight's show gives us more highlights of what went down during the nomination ceremony.

Now from the Dept of Alternative Universes comes this:

Jackie: "They know the rules that its whoever you say is out should be out.@@ But I think they are wanting to have Clay voted out."
As Bill Maher would say: "Time For New Rules"!

"James pointing out to HOH room that Shelly will be winning HOH again soon according to statistics and she'll send one of them home."
Maybe Little Caesar will start his own fantasy BB league based on "statistics"
Come to think of it,that probably would make money. I'm surprised "Draft Kings" hasn't thought of it already.

James: "The winner of this game is already predetermined. Who wins the $500K and $50 is already set in stone. Fate."
Jackie,I've been warning you for years. Now do you believe me? :)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the hate over what James did. The other side of the house has also lied about who they were nominating/targeting/backdooring, how is that any different. Just last week they shook hands and said they were going to backdoor Austin and then put up Jason and voted him out. I feel like people are there to win the game not make friends. I would do whatever it took to win, otherwise it would be a waste of an entire summer. If you don't like that your favorite player was lied to by a player you don't like, maybe it's time to find something else to watch. I don't like Shelli or Clay, but I haven't sat around making up mean nicknames for them. Other than Vanessa - Shelli has played the best game, even though I don't like her, I can admit that. I think if any of them want to win, they need to get her out while they have a chance.

Sharon N said...

Personally, I'm glad James put up Clelli, but I wish he had removed Clay and put up Liz... to ensure Shelli goes (my preference, even though she's my pool person).

I almost lost it over the "rules" comments. Since when do they HAVE to vote the way HOH says? LMAO
Just makes it even more clear how 'green' some of these hamsters are... and that they only watched videos from the last 1 or 2 seasons. Making them experts, of course. 100% @@

uncartie said...

Anon 1:35, What makes me angry about what James did is that he lied in order to get another HG (Shelli) to drop out of a comp so he can be HOH. He made a deal in front of the whole house and then 24 hrs later double crossed her. He's a scumbag.

As I've said before I'm not a fan of Clell,I'm with Vanessa all the way,so them going up doesn't bother me. It's just the way that he did it. To top it off he now expects people to honor any deals made with him. @@

Petals said...

LOL! I, for one, LOVE making-up names for the HGs. I think Van is Vanimal or Lady MacBeth.
Austin is obvious - Aushole. LOL Or Sasquatch, Beast, Tall Ugly Guy or creeper.
Clelli are so insignificant, the two only eqaul one lame name.
James is Bubba Chan!

Sharon N said...

LMAO Petals... you have a talent for making up really good names!

Sharon N said...

Sasquatch and Aushole, in particular, really fit the person.

Anonymous said...

There is a picture of Austin on page 8 of the July 25th issue of Entertainment Magazine along with the comment of him being a Clay Aiken fan. Just a FYI

Anonymous said...

To add to what's above, it's surprising how HOHs so often retain such a hold on the rest of the hamsters. HGs forget that, when the veto meeting ends, the HOH has no further power, and the "reign" fundamentally is over. Because the lame duck has no vote on the eviction, s/he actually has less official clout than anyone except the nominees.

I've never seen any more flagrant reneging on a deal as in this week's nominations. For that reason, if I were playing the game to win, I'd go after James next, if only out of fear. No one should feel they can trust a word he says. Still, James's bold gameplay contrasts strikingly with Vanessa's anemic waffling to gauge the "house".

monty924 said...

Dan did it to Ollie when he nominated Michelle and she was evicted. It has happened before.

Anonymous said...

So what is if James lied to Queen Shelli,if she was as smart as every one thinks she is ,she would have stayed up there along as she could, because the only person that you can really trust in a game for a half million dollars is yourself? SHe made a dumb decision now she has to live with it. She knew that James was not a part of her alliance, she knew she was getting tired and she COULDN'T hold on any longer so she was looking for the easy way out but her ego wouldn't allow her to admit that she was ready to drop so she accepted that rediculous offer from someone who I believe had but him on the block at one time. She told Jason that she was going to vote Austin out but instead she suggested to Vanessa to evict Jason why is she anymore trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

Sure, promises about nominations have been broken before, but never more flagrantly than this one. Because of it, James should be anyone's target--he absolutely cannot ever be trusted. At the same time, it's true that Shelli should have tried to hang in for the comp. She could have offered (maybe insincerely) to protect James if he would drop.