Sunday, February 07, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - February 7, 2016

Good morning! It's Sunday. You know what that means -- it's time for my weekly reflection of the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. This past week I was on a staycation and I really did that. I stayed inside my apartment most of the time, just taking some walks to the local bodega and around my neighborhood. I really needed the rest and cocoon time. Between the weather issues (winter) and a rather slim budget, I didn't really want to go anywhere anyhow. So, it was all for the best. I'm relaxed, rested and ready to face the work week tomorrow. Um, well. I'm relaxed and rested, anyway.

A few random notes:
  • I got my downstairs neighbor to oil his horrific screeching, squealing and moaning door hinges. I don't know. If my door was making noises like his was (for months), I would have fixed it long before someone complained to me about it. He doesn't work, yet comes and goes all day long into the night. Every time he opened and closed his door, I'd get the horrible sound and my floor near my door would actually vibrate. Heck, when my own deadbolt made noise due to humidity at one time, I took care of it figuring it would bother others. A little consideration is a good thing.
  • My across the hall neighbor Joe, taken away by ambulance in the middle of the blizzard, is back at home. I'm glad he's well enough to be at home once again. I'm sure he is, too. A hospital is no place for sick people! 
  • The weatherman says there is a chance of snow for four out of the five workdays ahead. Gah. I'm over it.
  • They demolished my favorite store, Trader Joe's in Westfield, due to its roof collapse in the blizzard a few weeks ago. They say they will rebuild in the same location. That can't come soon enough.
  • I didn't get all the things I hoped to get done this week. Hopefully, I'll live long enough to retire and really have time. I basically goofed off all week.
  • One thing I did do was start on posting for the upcoming season of Survivor. You can find those posts at this link. I'll be posting the sign up link for the blog pool later this week and should finish the casting posts tonight. That is, unless I goof off more. 
  • I'll also be posting the cast posts for the new season of The Amazing Race this week.
Onto the photos I took this week. There aren't a ton as I really goofed off! Clicking on an image will bring up a larger version.

After Friday's snow

The sun came out and made everything look like a Currier and Ives winter scene. I took this shot on East Front Street, looking through the side lot of a church to the homes over on East Second Street. That fenced area used to hold a playground for a school based in the church. That was very annoying when they let all the kids out to scream play in the playground daily. All of the playground equipment was removed and now it's much more peaceful in the 'hood. However, the church across the street has some sort of pre-school and playground. I don't hear them from here, though.

Snow fog in the rain?

On Wednesday we had rain and temperatures near sixty degrees. The combination of those and all the snow brought about a phenomenon called sublimation. I didn't know the term, but local blogger Bernice took photos of the same thing and researched it in her blog entry. She likened it to sea smoke, albeit snow smoke. I think I prefer the latter term myself. For a while I thought there was something awry with my vision as the haze covered the ground. This shot was taken on East Front Street in Plainfield.

Trees in the snow

I took this shot looking out the window more towards the back of the yard next door as snow fell. It's a freakin' winter wonderland woodsy scene.


There's been an accident

I came upon this gruesome scene in the downstairs hallway of my apartment building. Poor T-Rex is missing one of his legs. Sure, those little dangling useless ones are intact. But he obviously can't walk. So he took a car. And, he crashed it. (But the leases say no loitering or playing in common areas.)

Back on Monday ...

... we still had too much snow. This is Berckman Street looking towards East Front Street in Plainfield. I miss the people who used to live in the home in the left corner. We chatted for over ten years as I walked past their home -- very nice people. The house was on the market for a few years, yet they remained there, always friendly and greeting me if I didn't greet them first. Then, one day they were gone and the house was sold. I see work being done on it, but haven't really seen anyone who might live there. I hope whomever moves/has moved in there are nice folks. Some people on that block are really pleasant and friendly. Others, you're happy to see them go. I miss this family and hope they're doing okay.

Sunday's snow

Looking out my window at the "gnarly" tree. I didn't know we were expecting snow that day. But it didn't snow a lot -- just enough to freshen the dirty snow a bit and line the trees.

Friday morning

Looking out at the trees from inside my cozy warm apartment. It snowed steady for most of the morning hours. Yet, because it had been warm, it didn't stay around long once the sun came out and the temperatures hovered above freezing for a few hours. Mind you, despite the fact that it looks like I live in the woods, I'm just a couple of blocks away from the business district. Where I live, the actual homes (rather than my apartment building) have long, deep backyards. These trees grow inside my neighbor's yard and along our parking lot.  

Jackie's HUGE breakfast

I know they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, I do like breakfast foods. However, I'm more likely to eat breakfast for dinner rather than breakfast for breakfast. Many days I don't really have time for much more than toast or scrambled eggs with coffee before heading into work. But, on Friday with the snow coming down outside, I decided to have a HUGE breakfast which was quasi-healthy even! Eggs over easy, toast, a banana sliced up, pineapple spears and milk. After eating it, I kind of wanted to take a nap. Maybe that's why I don't eat big breakfasts as a rule.

And then there was sun

After snow coming down heavy at times and grey skies on Friday morning, by noon the sun came out and it was a beautiful day for a walk. Although this isn't the best shot as I have that pinkish sun blob on the trees, it shows how stunning the day became. Look at that sun! It quickly took care of the snow and ice which were etching the tree limbs and power lines.

Don't go back to work, says Vincent

Someone named Vincent has been incredibly spoiled this week with me spending most of my time at home. He'll go through culture shock with me returning to work tomorrow. So will I. Sigh. Who thought up this ridiculous soul-sucking notion called "working for a living"?


RSchnoop said...

Vincent has the right idea, if you are him. He is lucky enough to have you go work your butt off to support him... and he knows this all too well...

monique said...

Vincent looks so content.
He's a pretty boy for sure.
Enjoy your day and there will always be the next vaycay.