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Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - May 1, 2016

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, that means it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken along the way. Please stop by on show nights for east coast live blogging (and blog parties) for both The Amazing Race and Survivor!

Another week gone by and now we're into May. Remember back when you were a child and the years seemed to last for years and years? I find that, as I'm aging, they go by in nearly the wink of an eye. And, after all, a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse. Or, something like that.

Our temperatures here dipped to more chilly and we had more rain this past week. But, at least, we're not back to the wintry mix realm! The weather wintry and spring fluctuations have really affected tree leaves and blossoms in the area. This coming week is also supposed to be on the chilly side (but not wintry -- just a few degrees below normal) with rain. I thought April showers were supposed to bring May flowers. I guess we're going to go for pilgrims. (Get it? What do Mayflowers bring? Oh, wait ... I'm thinking what do May showers bring. I'm stumped. Mosquitoes?)

In apartment news, until yesterday morning my upstairs neighbor didn't play his stereo. Or, he played it when I wasn't home or played it at a normal volume which I couldn't hear. Then, 7:30am yesterday ... really? REALLY? What is wrong with him? He knows people are complaining! While it wasn't cranked to his usual nerve-wracking volume, it was loud. He has to have the speakers sitting on the floor and the bass at full. I've never, with the very rare exception of an occasional outright party, heard music from that apartment in 16 years. Yet, he is the first tenant up there with wall-to-wall carpet instead of the hardwood floors and that should muffle noise some. But his thumping stereo can still disrupt my life. Grr. Plus, he's argued with the girlfriend most of the weekend that I've been home. He's quiet when she's not here. She needs to go away. 

Onto this week's photos -- clicking on an image will bring it up in a larger form.

Immortal West-Side Spirit

I took this photo because of the jacket and the guitar. But, when we both got to the other platform to wait for the train, this man played the most amazing classical guitar I've ever heard by someone in person. Absolutely beautiful! He got on the train, sat in the entry level handicapped/bikes section while I went upstairs ... and he continued to play there. The soft pretty sound of his guitar almost made me forget that some jerk with tinny music escaping from his ear buds was nearby. I took this shot at the Plainfield Train Station and edited for, I don't know, dramatic effect? 

Peachy keen azaleas

These bloomed this week both on Berckman Street in Plainfield and near the Bridgewater Train Station. This shot was taken in Plainfield.

Watchung Avenue excitement

Nearly twelve hours after an accident occurred, New York City and New Jersey news crews were still on Watchung Avenue as I headed off to the train station to go to work. More photos and an explanation after the jump.


I SO want to play with this camera!

WCBS was there

News 12 New Jersey was there

On a side note, I'm always irked at them. I pay dearly for Comcast/Xfinity cable television which includes News 12 New Jersey. Yet if I go to their website (News 12), it never accepts my cable account number to sign in to read the articles.


I never understand these kinds of accidents. It seems like either drunk driving or a medical issue could be the only explanations. The car which hit this building was a Toyota Camry -- definitely not a tank! It had to be going incredibly fast to do this kind of damage, taking out the whole corner supports to the building. The driver luckily missed the traffic light and street lamp poles and he himself suffered only minor injuries. (I'm sure the Toyota died.)

Since the accident occurred at nighttime, no one was in the office that was struck. However, the families living on the upper floors of the building had to be put up in a hotel and assisted by the Red Cross until building inspectors can assess the possible structural damage and whether it can be repaired. 

Looking down Watchung Avenue

The WABC and WCBS news vans were on either side of the street which certainly isn't typical. Thankfully, the train you see in the lower right pulling into the Plainfield Train Station was not my train and I did not miss my train due to dilly-dallying around taking photos of the accident site.

I love the light bright clean greens ...

... of spring. Although it becomes sneezing seasons, the greens are absolutely glorious this time of year! By mid-summer, the colors are darker and just grow more dull as the season goes on. I took this shot at the Plainfield Train Station.

They can't eliminate the poison ivy!

Even though workers chopped away all nature within ten feet of the fences surrounding the Bridgewater Train Station, they can't stop the decades old poison ivy from finding a way to survive! This fence post has huge hairy vines growing up it which are wider than the post itself. 

Love the azaleas!

Pretty pansies


The red azaleas by the TD Bank Ball Park adjacent to the Bridgewater Train Station burst into bloom later during the week. Of course, not ALL of them. I still don't understand why all four colors of azaleas there don't bloom simultaneously. I'm sure there's a reason. I'll just chalk it up to a mystery of nature.

Yeah, I messed with this one

It's just a very basic shot I took at the Plainfield Train Station. I played with the Google NIK Analog editor. 

White dogwood blossoms

On Berckman Street in Plainfield.

Pigeon in the sun

The sun's rays brought out the iridescent green and purple feathers he boasts. When I see such beauty in something we consider so common, it reminds me that nature is a wondrous thing indeed. I took this shot at the Bridgewater Train Station. 

All gone now

It's certainly telling of the winter/spring weather arcs we've had since March when these tree blossoms last less than two weeks and don't carpet the pavement with an inch of petals when they pass. Sure, there are petals on the ground. But nothing like in previous years. I took this shot at the Plainfield Train Station. I edited this shot with Google NIK.

Pretty pink azaleas

Oh, that Vincent!

His latest antics include knocking over sofa pillows so that he has a fluffy cushy place to nap. As if he doesn't have the run of napping places in the apartment!

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I think April turned out to be the fastest month so far this year but why I don't know. Great photos!