Monday, June 27, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Night - June 27

Frankly, he doesn't ...

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hapless Hamsters:
  • Paulie is all antsy about Bronte, some comments she made and that he thinks she's hiding how smart she is.
  • Frank told him that she can't be too smart ... she's working with Jozea.
  • I say, if you want to get antsy, there are enough all over the house this season!
  • Meanwhile, Bronte wants to apologize to Paulie. She says she was just kidding.
  • Jozea thinks that Da'Vonne was evicted so early last year because the cast wasn't diverse.
  • I wonder what reasoning he'll use for his own demise?
  • Oh gosh. Paulie and Bronte had a talk and he actually ... caressed her arm! My eyes! My eyes!
  • Both Paulie and Cody are touchy-feely kind of guys.
  • Lots of weight lifting and working out today. Yawn.
  • Oh ... and chess, too. YAWN.
  • And napping. SUPER YAWN.
  • Frank told Nicole and Corey that everyone is boring today. I agree.
  • Frank and Da'Vone (and James) really can't figure out Bridgette. Frank thinks she's on Jozea's side only because she thinks he has the majority vote. 
  • Bronte doesn't want James to get HoH because she thinks he'll work with the other side instead of their team.
  • James started prank calling on the phones in the house. Yeah, there are phones, but they can't make calls to the outside.
  • Jozea is still confident he's staying.
  • Frank says that Jozea poisons the others -- they're fine when he's not around.
  • That's about it for the doldrums today.

Why oh why did he ally with Jozea?

Showmance? Bwahaha! No.

Is it the Girl From Ipanema?

A whole lotta hair goin' on.


Karen said...

Did anyone else here the story about how Corey was with a friend when he tried to light a goat on fire???? And most of the people sat around and laughed about it? And Corey was laughing when he was telling the story, including about how terrified that poor innocent goat was???? I used to like Corey but no more. Here is the link:

SueGee said...

Evel Dick was ranting on that story yesterday on FB. I thought it had something to do with a fraternity??? Don't think he will last very long anyhow...

David said...

OMG, More proof that Jozea did not even bother to watch one season and does not know BB at all. They were talking about Zing-bot and he asks "What is zing-bot?" LOL I will be so glad if they get rid of him this week. He is still clueless about it and I want to see his face. Hope they have security standing by.

~~Silk said...

Wil is back! First episode is at

He does an excellent Bronte, and Momma Da takes care of Josea.

Petals said...

Thanks Silk! Love Wil's videos!

jessica UNderwood said...

That's HORRIBLE!!!

jessica UNderwood said...

He went on FOREVER about how to play the game the other night on BBAD!!!