Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday - June 29

Somebunny needs to go home

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Loquacious Lumpalots:
  • As I mentioned in my last report, Tiffany is getting paranoid, shades of Vanessa.
  • Frank and Da'Vonne are already a bit tired of that. As Frank said, "We're not here to be babysitters for a 32 year-old."
  • I'm just concerned that she's going to lose it emotionally like her sister. That emotion is what did Vanessa in.
  • The fans versus the recruits is a little mentioned aspect of the game. For example, Michelle (superfan) thinks that people like Paul (who knows little of the show) should be gone before jury. I'm pretty sure that, as the season goes on, we'll see less patience from the fans as they try to school recruits.
  • Zakiyah thinks Bronte is giving her the stink-eye because Paulie likes her.
  • Frank doesn't like the team set-up for HoH. He doesn't think we (the show fans) like it either.
  • He's right. I actually like the Road Kill comp, but that can't last when the numbers dwindle. But I'm not keen on the teams for HoH.
  • Gah! Da'Vonne told James that Michelle told Jozea the vote would be 7-4. What the ...?!?! She should know better! It just gives the returnees more reason to stick together. They know loose lips sink ships!
  • BB gave them alcohol again and they played "Never Have I Ever."
  • Geez, Zakiyah is homesick and started crying.
  • Give me a break.
  • She needs to get over it.
  • That's what happens when you have a houseful of adolescents playing the game!
  • That must be a rumor Da'Vonne spread about Michelle (why?) because, after that conversation, Paul/Victor/Jozea still think Paulie will be voted out.
  • Hmm.
  • Paul is sick of women undermining his game, in particular ... Bronte.
  • While Paul thinks James is the "mastermind" of the game, he yells at Bronte.
  • And Bronte yells back.
  • And Jozea decides they need a house meeting!
  • And a shot rang out. The maid screamed. 
  • Although I like James, he's more the Mastermind of Pranks than the Mastermind of the House. If anyone, I think it's more Frank masterminding things, albeit fairly unobtrusively.
  • Heh. Natalie likened BB to "high school on steroids." It certainly is with this bunch!
  • Now Paul is all bent out of shape about James. Natalie thinks James told lies to hurt her.
  • Wah. Wah. Wah. Save your drama for your mama, kiddies.
  • It shows a lot when both Paul and Bronte started referring to James being Asian as they derided him. When folks stoop to stuff like that, they knock themselves down a level with me.
  • They're all asleep now. Maybe the Sugarplum Fairy will come along and knock some sense into some of them.
"I'm a delicate flower."
Paulie will lose his pixels soon
James needs a Meg
They got alcohol again


RBennie said...

Thanks for the update Jackie. Who all is in the vets alliance? I'm a little confused on that.

Jackie said...

Of course, it's James, Frank, Da'Vonne and Nicole. But they also have Corey, Paulie, Tiffany and Zakiyah.

Jackie said...

Wait, Michelle's in there, too.

Chacha said...

The Eight Alliance doesn't include Paulie. its the four vets plus Tiffany, Michelle, Zakiyah and Corey.

I think Davonne needs to chill out a little. She is going to do herself in. When she started the tiff with Tiffany and saying she is going to be a casualty. She started it yesterday.
My opinion is that she is trying to get revenge of Vanessa.
Now Tiffany is a little nerve wracking to watch but no where near as bad as her sister.

The "revolution" is just repulsive. They way they speak.... Knocking someones ethnicity is always bad. I really wish these idiots had to watch season 15 to see how to NOT act

Petals said...

They aren't the "revolution" (eff that. That's a Prince thing, they aren't worthy. They are the Sharks from West Side Story. Hoods)

Chacha said...

good one.

Ready for a new HOH.
I like Nicole as a person but she is not a good player of BB.

uncartie said...

Chacha,You're dead on. Davonne is the one stirring up trouble. That might backfire as Tiff & James had a nice conversation. OTOH,James and Frank and others keep complaining about "baby sitting" Tiff.

Jackie:You mentioned in an earlier thread that Davonne was covering her mouth perhaps to hide bad teeth. I think it's her "tell",a strong indicator of when she's trying to deceive someone. She also touches her nose a lot when she's doing that which is another sign.

Tiffany's has a sign of high stress,nail biting

The vets are also already thinking about which one of their alliance they want to get rid of first.@@ How about concentrating on getting rid of your enemies first before you start thinking about thinning your group!

The vets are highly overated IMO. They were brought back for their popularity,not their skill sets.

I'm hungry now after all this. I think I'll chow down on a "Paul special". That's a huge plate of misogyny and a side order of racism.

Petals said...

I hear there is a GoFund Me account for Jose's pants...

Chacha said...

uncartie- You are correct on all accounts.

I figure it will be a week or two until James and Frank actually start talking and see Davonne is instigating.

I thought she could keep herself in check but it isn't happening.

These Vets were brought back as favorites. Certainly not for their gaming skill.

I do think James needs to lay off the pranks.

Chacha said...

The only thing I am not happy about is that I am sure Jozea will be sequestered for a few weeks.
We may have to see this god awful person again in the house.

Petals said...

Agree CHaCha, about lil James' pranks. When he used to hide in the cabinets & scare people, THAT was funny. But food in the beds? Unscrewing caps on food? Ruining Nic's lotion by putting mayonnaise in it (that would REALLY fire me up!)

Something happened yesterday with a woman hygiene product, but I have no idea what...?

Chacha said...

I am unsure what happened there with feminine products.

The ants are everywhere really early and James isn't helping.

Petals said...

yeah, soon it will be roaches joining the ants

Sharon N said...

Petals, there's already a few roaches in the house, and they're on 2 legs!!
It always amazes me how so many people enter the BB house and manage to turn it into an absolute pig sty. Makes me wonder if they live that way in their own places too.

ILoveAGoodTrainWreck said...

How in the world was Da'Vonne a fan "favorite" when she only lasted 2 (or was it 3) weeks?

Good. Grief.

Judi Sweeney said...

I also don't think Da'Vonne was a fan favorite... I think she was brought back on BB because she is an instigator and stirs things up! Thanks Jackie for the update!

Chacha said...

Maybe Davonne was brought back because they couldn't get anyone else.

uncartie said...

Lol Chacha Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Finale Week vs Week 12

John McGuire 53.3% (+0)
James Huling 31.1% (+0)
Vanessa Rousso 3.6% (+0)
Steve Moses 2.0% (+0)
Meg Maley 1.8% (+2)
Jason Roy 1.7% (+6)
Liz Nolan 1.3% (+1)
Shelli Poole 1.1% (-3)
Austin Matelson 0.81% (+2)
Da’Vonne Rogers 0.67% (+3)
Clay Honeycutt 0.65% (-5)
Jackie Ibarra 0.58% (-3)
Becky Burgess 0.49% (-3)
Julia Nolan 0.45% (+0)
Audrey Middleton 0.18% (+0)
Jace Agolli 0.11% (+0)
Jeff Weldon 0.08% (+0)

I think she may have came off as sweet in the finale reunion too.

Petals said...

A lot of people were sentimental over Day last year, because of JayRoy's devotion, and the "Mama Day" moniker.
Myself, I was not that enamored of her. She was meh to me then, and is meh now.
I don't mind her this season, but only because she "with" the good side now. But I am not
sure of her allegiance...She could decide to go with the power when it shifts. NONE of us
know how Day will go, because she didn't have the opportunity to show us last year.

More drama today...Victor wanted to "punch James in the face" for the pranks, and for something else Bronte lied about. All day, he was on edge...James knew and nearly provoked him.
That whole bunch are hoods. Ghetto hoodlums, uncivilized, uneducated, unsophisticated. Paul & Jose have BOTH muttered about punching people, "kicking peoples' a**ses, etc". And now Victor has jumped on that bully bandwagon.

Thats why I call them the Sharks, from West Side Story - all those violent Latin boys, acting out and making threats. Hope that isn't offensive to anyone. If it is, let me know, I will think of a new nickname for these hood brats.

Jackie said...

Chacha said "Knocking someones ethnicity is always bad."
I totally agree.