Saturday, June 25, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Report - Into Saturday Evening - June 25

Searching for the meaning of life?

Just a note: You can tell by the number of screen caps in an entry how exciting the day was. The more screen caps, the more ... BORING. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of They Opened The Yard, Let's Laze Away The Day:
  • Frank was up and out in the yard alone for quite some time. He talked to us! Yay! That's one thing I always liked about Evel Dick -- he took the time to talk to the live feeders.
  • Overall, Frank's happy to be working with the vets, happy to be back in the house. He fussed about how uncomfortable his pixel-naked costume is and how he won't be able to work out in it. He fussed about the ants and talked to the birds. He also mentioned how the newbies hammed it up for the cameras.
  • Paulie eventually joined up, also lamenting on the pixel-naked uncomfortable costume.
  • Paulie thinks Jozea is lying to others and working to get him voted out.
  • Frank assured him that they're just playing Jozea along and Paulie is safe.
  • (If they can keep Jozea thinking he has it in the bag, this eviction will be epic!)
  • Jozea trusts Da'Vonne.
  • BWAHAHAHAHA! She's taking him for a ride ... right out the door! She's been against him since he made that "I'm the Messiah of the house" comment.
  • But, more seriously, Paul seems to be liking the vets more and more. Yes, he who spearheaded the Get Them Out Plan. Now he's finding out he actually LIKES Frank and James quite a bit.
  • Victor is still snowed over by his friendship with Jozea. He thinks Jozea is playing a good game and no one would ever vote him out.
  • Ha. I think Paul is leaning towards voting Jozea!
  • The fish are already being neglected.
  • Jozea and Victor turned on Bridgette because she went to the HoH room instead of Jozea's "meeting."
  • Oh, geez. Politics raised its ugly head. I'm not even going to go there on this blog!
  • Jozea thinks he's going to be a star or, at the very least, the next Mario Lopez. Keep dreaming.
  • Not a heck of a lot going on. Have some screen caps!

Frank talked to us

And talked some more

Paul does have a very impressive tattoo

We should all love each other and me

Girl talk

Jozea doesn't know she's his nemesis

Victor, you're known by the company you keep

Now Zakiyah has gotten into the hat craze


Sharon N said...

Thanks Jackie.
Love seeing all the pictures... and your spot-on captions!

Jackie said...

Thank you!

Cherry Pie said...

Jackie u r a true gem keeping us informed...thanks so much!